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Description of Crossword

750 professional Crossword puzzles for your coffee break.

These are casual level puzzles suitable for all.


- great to play on tablets

- pinch zooming grid

- clue list view

- cheats and answer checking

- share a clue (via email, Twitter, Facebook, etc)

- no ads

- Resume button

- extra preferences (jump letters, highlight mistakes, grey out completed clues, etc)

- 3 keyboard choices

If you're after a bigger challenge, our Cryptic Crossword will stretch you.

Or maybe you're looking for American style puzzles, with no hanging letters? If so, then try our Crossword (US) app.

Permissions used:

- Internet permission to allow updates about other Teazel products

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lable: Word - Games Current Version:Varies with device Publish Date:2022-06-16 Developer:Teazel Ltd

User Reviews


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Franklin Adshead 2016-12-27

Great app This app has given me a lot of pleasure bot here in UK and abroad. There is only one thing which niģgles me. Perhaps it may be fixed in future. And it is when a wrong letter is entered and it is highlighted in red. It would be good if the red highlight could be deleted without physically moving the cursor.
Justin Moody 2016-04-17

Great crossword game I\'m new to crossword puzzles and pick up a new game. This fit the bill. It increases in difficulty as one progresses through the game. Keeps you on your toes mentally and is great way to pass the time instead of playing something mindless. UI is pretty decent with options to reveal a letter or word. I liked it enough to purchase the full version.
Howard Campbell 2016-05-15

Enjoyable I paid for it, small price to pay for lack of annoying ads. Works well, reasonably challenging so far - 4th game, interface is simple and effective. Best tried so far.
Steve Ward 2016-07-28

Started okay... It seems that some of the words are made up because they are never in common use! The clues need to be clearer... don\'t be a dick and purposely make them as difficult as possible. Going to get rid of this one!
Gale Murphy 2017-03-24

Bought the full version right after trying out Crossword Lite because it just plain works. I had tried out other crossword apps that were just ridiculous. This one delivers. Thanks chaps! November 2015 have loaded onto my Samsung Galaxy 4 now. Still the best! 2017: still loving it. 🐜&🐝
Stan Stacy Jr. 2020-06-16

Better than average puzzles, new words, clues sometime stilted but I\'m learning.
My-Own-Best-Friend 2016-03-03

A-PLUS FUN Challenges the brain, but not overly so. An option to reveal letters, words, or even the entire puzzle relieves stress :) Tried the trial version for awhile, liked it enough to buy full game. Update 03/03/16 I understand this game is designed by our allies across the Atlantic, and to a certain extent this keeps clues more challenging. However, it would be very helpful if clues that are Brit specific were clearly indicated as such i.e. state that it\'s a British slang term or word spelling, or custom :)
Jerry Tracey 2019-11-27

Easy to use quick crossword app with English, rather than American, clues and solutions. Completing American crosswords can broaden the mind, but some of the cultural references are hard to get. This app uses British idioms and cultural references and is so much better for UK players. The controls are intuitive, with a good range of preference settings, and the ability to backup progress and continue on a different device makes it all the better.
A Google user 2018-11-23

Could be a great way to improve vocabulary. But the application is perfectible. The definitions are sometimes approximate. It would be nice to have less grids included by default, but being able to download new grids on Google play, with various difficulty levels.
A Google user 2021-02-08

If you live in the UK, great puzzle. For those of us in the US, it\'s filled with places and slang we are not unfamiliar with. The slang is particularly frustrating as I couldn\'t possibly guess them. Fair amount of repetition of words choices. Surprised to see some words pop up over and over. Getting a hint shouldn\'t be such a chore. Should be listed above the puzzle, shouldn\'t have to dig for it. That\'s my biggest complaint. Especially since it\'s full of slang.