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**As seen on the Today Show!**

From the team that brought you Words With Friends comes Crosswords With Friends - the first daily crossword puzzle that’s written for today’s world! Test your brain power with a new puzzle every day that’s relevant to entertainment, pop culture, and sports news happening NOW!

Enjoy fresh puzzles daily with a new themes every day of the week - Movie Monday, TV Tuesday, Wayback Wednesday, Top 40 Thursday, Sports Fan Friday, Smartypants Saturday, and Sunday Funday!

Crosswords With Friends presents the world’s BEST crosswords for you 365 days a year. Led by co-editors Trip Payne (co-star of the crossword documentary Wordplay) and Amy Reynaldo (author of How to Conquer the New York Times Crossword), our daily crosswords are created by some of the world’s most published crossword writers. Get ready for a top-notch crossword experience!

Game Features - English Only Game


Exercise your brain and expand your vocabulary by solving crossword puzzles created by crossword champions and writers from top newspapers!


Play a new crossword for free every day, and enjoy unique, fun themes! Access thousands of additional puzzles in the calendar archives!


Challenge your friends and check the leaderboard to see who solved the daily puzzle the fastest!


Test yourself with new goals each week to earn great rewards and collect badges as you go!


Movie buffs, sports fanatics and nerds of all kinds, rejoice! Add a pack of 5 themed puzzles to your collection. Solve them all to collect badges and become the ultimate crossword master.


Stuck on a word? Use hints to move ahead faster.

Playing Crosswords With Friends challenges your brain, improves your pop culture knowledge, and lets you compete with friends. Download and play the all new Crosswords With Friends for FREE!

Additional information:

The game is free to play; however, in-app purchases are available for additional content and in-game currency.

Use of this application is governed by the Zynga Terms of Service (http://m.zynga.com/legal/terms-of-service).

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More Information Of Crosswords With Friends

lable: Word - Games Current Version:50.0.55 Publish Date:2022-06-20 Developer:Zynga

User Reviews


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John Wright 2019-08-04

Since update today, I cannot access my game either as a guest or on my facebook account. Lost my streak status last year from a glitch that you were constantly asking for my patience in fixing the problem, so much for that! Now cannot access the game at all. If you don\'t want people to play the game, why put it out there at all?
A Paul Muller 2020-07-27

They finally fixed their crashing problems, so I\'m changing my rating to five stars. Changed my review again. Crashing problems are back. Be sure to exit puzzles often or you\'ll lose progress when it crashes. Crashes seem to be eliminated, but now, sometimes, \"hints\" don\'t come up with correct answers. One hint was \"LGBT advocate Bono, who\'s Cher\'s son\". Well, Cher never had a \"son\".
Kim Spicer 2019-08-06

You apparently did some sort of update to this game & it now will not let me access my account & this has been going on for several days now. I have a user name that normally works for the Zynga games I play but it keeps prompting me to sign in through Facebook or as a guest, no other way. I have lost EVERYTHING that I\'ve done over time, this is NOT COOL!! I see I\'m not the only one with this issue so WHEN is it going to be fixed? And trying to contact you about issues now is a joke!! Fix this!
A Google user 2021-01-04

I realy enjoy this game. Exciting, My most favorite game! Always anxious for the next Crossword to appear! l am getting better at it too. I am learning new words all the time! You should try it! Great game! Join me! Trust ME,
Bob White 2019-09-26

Was great until something went wrong with the app a few weeks ago. At first, it just wouldn\'t open. When it did finally open, my profile was completely gone, AND it no longer has an option to log in to my Zinga account. The worst part is that the app cleared out my coin balance. Three weeks ago, I had 2,058 coins. Now I have none, and apparently no ability to change that 0 balance without my profile. :( Sept 26 update: still broken. Still no coins. Even deleting and reinstalling didn\'t work.
Mike Sheehan 2019-08-13

Update: Reinstalled, worked for 3 days but now back to error when loading. Goodbye CWF and Zynga. Not worth my time! Have been playing this game since it was Daily Celebrity Crossword. The latest update 3.8.5 will not allow launch, keeps saying \'Cannot connect to server\' during loading. If I\'m lucky, I get to choose how many pictures have street lights or crosswalks before the error occurs. If it\'s not fixed soon, time to move on and uninstall.
Christopher Heidorn 2020-12-24

Daily crosswords are good. The UI is terrible, there\'s basically no interacting with your friends despite it being call \"with friends.\" It would be cool if you could work on puzzles with friends at the same time... But instead all you can do is compare completion times. Additionally, the game automatically turns on \"Show wrong\" for you, which eats 20 coins a game, and I\'ve yet to figure out how to turn it off where it won\'t eat the coins automatically.
Candice Duff 2019-05-21

I used to love playing this but for whatever reason now it continuously crashes. I will be just about done a puzzle and the whole app will reload and lose all of my progress. I started over the same puzzle twice today and then just gave up, which in turn makes me lose my streak and lose rewards. VERY frustrating!!
Emma Wylde 2019-08-02

Can\'t get into the game since the update. I\'m asked to sign in with Facebook (I don\'t have or want a Facebook account) or sign in as a guest. When I sign in as a guest, I get a message \"can\'t contact server\". Can\'t find any way to contact Zynga. Have been playing this game for months and enjoying it but am frustrated by this.
Patricia Leach 2019-04-20

As a senior citizen Crosswords with friend keeps my brain active. Also, it helps move the time along especially at night when a lot of foolish is on the television. I really look forward to the challenge of completing the puzzle each night.