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Description of Crowd City

Become the biggest crowd in town!

Gather people accross the city and crush your opponents with your overwhelming leadership!

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lable: Arcade - Games Current Version:2.3.8 Publish Date:2022-06-19 Developer:VOODOO

User Reviews


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Larry Evans 2020-10-15

Improved as of 09/24/20, but in less than a month, we\'re back to the sad interim version. The annoying Half-Time interruption is back, time-wasting Extra Time option is back, accumulated followers is back. The original game was awesome, you started with as many followers as your level allowed. Now we\'re back to starting with one guy. Paying to go ad-free is worth it, but the game itself is not.
Peaches 2020-11-09

It\'s a fun game, but all these games keep getting worse and worse because they add more ads, the halftime? Why? The other players are robots, I don\'t understand why it can\'t be online anymore? However I put two stars instead of one just because I used to like this game, before the new update, and I still like the gameplay, but all the reasons I listed is what makes me leave out the three other stars and just not like this game as much anymore. Edit: the game has gotten worse. 1 star.
Ripsa Mitra 2021-01-08

Advertisements were not the problem for me. It was the CONTROLS!! At one point, my crew kept moving in circles, and not responding to where my finger moved. The developers completely ruined the game. It was so laggy! And the half-time feature makes the game worse. Loved the game once, but now I hate it because of the updates. Do not download! Complete waste of time.
Vic P 2020-12-30

I just got back into playing this game after a few months and I must say that the new update is utter garbage. The whole \"halftime\" feature ruins the game by forcing you to watch an ad in the middle of a game. There was also an ad right towards (what I assumed to be) the end of the round. It was trying to get me to buy more time. Really? I can\'t even restore my skins either. Uninstalling for now. Will change rating later if the game improves.
Shaghayegh SF 2020-11-21

it\'s fun but sometimes freezes and It would be more fun if it was online with real players. Also in the recent updates, you can enable special powers such as magnet and etc., and you can upgrade the powers using your scores. It works until level 5-6, but after that you should just watch videos to upgrade them and still it won\'t work!!! I\'m uninstalling the game because of its various bugs
Larry Powers 2020-12-30

Don\'t download this game. This game used to be great, but the developers ruined it. They added a rampage ball, which is difficult to control and gets stuck in corners. It\'s probably the worst feature of game because it\'s broken and the developers refuse to remove it. They also added a half-time feature, which slows down the action in the middle of the game. And they added an overtime feature, which is pointless, unless you like watching ads.
Autumn Steinmetz 2020-12-11

Used to have a 5 star rating on this. But now it\'s 3. Even if you pay for the \'ad free\' version, you get prompted to watch ads in order to play longer, and the games are definitely shorter than before. Even if you do watch an ad to play more, it gives very little extra time. This is the AD FREE version. That\'s just ridiculous. Game is still fun. Just more annoying now.
Minna Blagoeva 2021-02-19

Fun but very (very is an understatement) glitchy. There hasn\'t been a round for me where it doesn\'t glitch and lose all my progress. Not only that but I have to wait 3-5 minutes before it goes back to normal even though it always loses my progress as I have previously stated and then, not only all the glitchiness but there is wayyyyyy to many ads so pls take what I have said into consideration and please fix it so I can enjoy my time. Overall, it\'s fun I love it but it\'s madly glitchy.
A Google user 2020-10-06

When I first starting playing this game, you could collect people and use them to buy upgrades like magnets or a bigger start crowd. They recently updated it and now you can\'t \"buy\" upgrades, there\'s no running score to increase, no way of making any changes at all. The challenge is gone! Now it\'s just running about collecting people so you can do it all over again. No ads now though which is definitely an improvement.
Rossy Naik 2020-11-20

Very interesting game. It will never let you to become bore , graphics are also too good . Everything is just perfect but there\'s only problem that when there is a big crowd of players the game starts glitching . But after all it is one of the best game I have played . One must download it . 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍. Lastly I request the developer to fix the glitches .