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Crypto Park: DEFI, NFT,  Solana, Cardano, Bitcoin APK

Crypto Park: DEFI, NFT, Solana, Cardano, Bitcoin



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Get Ready for a new Crypto Experience with synchronising through all your devices, Multi Favorites, Multi Portfolios, Multi Alerts and a customisable experience with your own content!

Current features:

- Crypto news

- Multiple favorites

- Multiple portfolios

- Multiple alerts

- Scam & Hack reporting

- Heroes/Zeroes

- Educational content from well known professionals and respectable people in the space of Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, Economy and Finance

- "Where to buy" cryptocurrencies

- Line & candlestick charts for crypto prices and volumes

- DeFi - Decentralised Finance

- Calculator/Converter - multiple concurrent conversions of Crypto (Digital currencies) & FIAT currencies

- Crypto data from multiple crypto providers

- Coin events

Coins supported: Solana, Cardano, Ethereum, Binance coin, Dogecoin, Shiba, Polkadot, Luna, Polygon, Fusion, Algorand, PancakeSwap, Crypto.com coin, Enjin coin, SushiSwap.

Stay up to date with Dopamine to know the INs and the OUTs:

- https://t.me/myDopamineApp

- www.instagram.com/mydopamineapp

- www.facebook.com/myDopamineApp

- www.twitter.com/mydopamineapp

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lable: Finance - Apps Current Version:9.0.2 Publish Date:2022-05-27 Developer:Cortex AG

User Reviews


What's new with you? Please tell everyone.

Léon Zeer 2020-11-01

Yes, requires email to get started. I would reevaluate the value of that \"feature\". Perhaps even a temporary trial version to get people hooked. I will return to CMA for now.
Michalis Sofokleous 2021-02-01

Sorting options in favorite coins and all coins should not affect one another. Meaning, that I for example would like to always have all coins sorted by market cap, while at the same time having my favorite coins always sorted by 24h change. Like it was on CMA. Also the all time high is not accurate in many cases since you may see a higher price if you click on the 7D or the 1M chart compared to the All chart.
Jesse H 2020-09-06

The All Coins and Favorites sections look like a mess because of overlapping elements. It\'s almost unreadable. At least it doesn\'t crash every time I open it like the old app. The news section looks to be an improvement though. I hope that this app improves, the entire reason why I loved the CMA app was that it offered everything I needed in one place. This app currently is only good for the news as far as I can tell... But again, at least it doesn\'t crash constantly.
Jason Sas 2020-12-25

Was a bit clunky at first, but really loving the new interface. Looking forward to new features and it\'s my new go-to crypto app!
Jon Murray 2020-09-13

Was going to give it a try. But it wants your email address before using it. No thanks!
Mustafa Cinarci 2021-02-24

Update: Thanks to developer to listen to me. They fixed favorite issue with latest update and response.Great application. Highly recommend!
G S 2021-01-14

Now it loses my favourites. I want to love it but it\'s getting annoying. Done, doesn\'t work at all now, gone to Crypto Market Cap.
Carlsson林 2020-11-29

Tried out Dopamine because no longer can back up to google on my coinmarketapp (CMA). New Dopamine app\'s portfolio page no longer can record and track every single transaction with aggregate value data as like what CMA did. Why can\'t the developer just improve the CMA version instead of shifting to this so called evolutionary new CMA Dopamine app which is not useable? MISS the workeable old CMA portfolio (Beta) so much!
Kevin Lopez 2020-08-04

Unusable, stuck on loading GDPR and won\'t get past this screen.
elemoro tawa 2020-08-17

CMA beats this app. I expext it to work flawlessly than CMA