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CryptoTab Browser—world's first mining browser APK

CryptoTab Browser—world's first mining browser

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Description of CryptoTab Browser—world's first mining browser

We have combined leading web technologies with a unique built-in mining algorithm. And now you can enjoy a fast and safe browser on a daily basis on all your devices. Browse the web, chat with friends, play games, watch videos, and increase your income at the same time. Get your money anytime without limits in just a couple of taps.

Add bookmarks, check history, keep a favorites list, open multiple tabs at once—everything you used to do. You can easily switch to the new browser without losing any of your data.

Everything you are used to, plus mining features:

● Unlimited withdrawals

● SDP function: server-dependent mining saves battery power

● Quick access to the account

● No commissions and fees

● Separate profiles for different users

● 24/7 technical support

With CryptoTab Browser you get a fully functional control panel: check balance, withdraw funds, monitor statistics easily. Keep mining on all your devices, be it a computer, mobile, or tablet.

Experience fast, safe, and convenient web browsing with CryptoTab, and you will never want to switch to something else!

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lable: Communication - Apps Current Version:3.1.66 Publish Date:2021-03-28 Developer:CryptoCompany OU

User Reviews


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Jonathan Okon 2021-02-11

An absolute great inventions. First of its kind. Fastest loading and easy feature easy for use. For the mining experience I ain\'t have difficulties before. The only thing I feel bad about the mining is the hourly time frame. While you may be away busy it\'s stopped. You have to enable again time after time. Something should be done about that. But cryptotab browser is an excellent great development.
eric fernandes 2021-02-16

It\'s very interesting to see cloud mining feature in a browser. But if the Dev\'s increase the period of mining to 5-6 hrs, the broswer will get triple the downloads it has now. In addition to that ,I\'ll give 5 stars and recommend it to all my friends who started mining and who haven\'t to give it a try. If the mining period isn\'t increased . It\'s just wasted potential. Thanks!
netia Jordan 2021-02-19

So far I\'ve had zero difficulties with this app. I keep reading about people complaining about having to use either a FREE VPN or upgrading to the very inexpensive pro version (less than $4 on either android or iPhone). I think that is a lot better than the other mining apps out there that take what you mined leaving you with nothing. I have pro on one device and the free vpn on the other and yeah, the ads on the free VPN version can be annoying, but come on, you can\'t just mine for free, right?
Ruben Jean 2021-01-23

Hello, withdrawals take too much time than before. Try to fix this on the future. The last version is missing something, i don\'t like. With the old version i could see all my devices connected and the total of the hash rate, i mean the mining speed, but with the last version i can see nothing, neither the devices connected nor the total of hash speed. Try fix this.
Thriving Tame 2020-12-24

I really like this browser so far. Only problem is I use a split screen app to also farm location data with the coin app and the browser seems to freeze up after a minute or 2 and won\'t display whether or not it is still mining while the coin app has no problem. Would be nice to know if its still mining or if its pointless to do both at once. Thanks.
Ezra Maga 2021-03-08

This is a great app, thumbs up to the developers. I wish I can give this a 5 star, but that will be determined by the services offered especially on withdrawal speed. Its not encouraging to boldly display that withdrawal usually takes around one business day, and end up taking forever to do that. I waited over a week to withdraw but to no avail. I ended up cancelling it because I accumulated more. Am back on the waiting list for my re withdrawal 😰😰 Make this 2hr clicks be worth please.
Shiro Amakusa 2021-03-04

My only complaint on the app is that I need to enable mining every two hours. I would also like to comment on the desktop version, because the current version eats too much memory when I maximize my mining speed (I am using a laptop). I hope you will also utilize cloud mining on the desktop version so that I will be able to use the browser every time I surf the net, just like what I used to do a couple of years ago. I hope you consider my suggestions.
Jhony Jaimes 2021-03-13

Was the mining time reduced to one click per hour? Do you want people to quit your app? I have been promoting this app,but people would get sick of so many clicks for less than a dollar a month. This was my previous review: It\'s a great app! It\'s been working great so far. Thanks!
Roberto Scagliotti 2021-03-14

Now they again changed! Instead of 2 hours you need to click every hour!. They force to install they nonsense VPN because it redirect everytime advertising. They earn by this. Imagine for example to have an average CPM of 2..$/1000. If they have 10.000 customers using mobile, everytime they want to use an app or surf the web they force to see the ds and they earn 10.000 (customers)x8 (average restart of cryptotab mining) x0,002 =1600$ not so bad. Not only the app doesn\'t mine anything! It is by Google Play policy not allowing mining. Only they use your unused data (or maybe all is fake and they only share a small % of their ads earnings!). They are mining Monero and paying out in BTC (very starnge due the high costs of blockchain!). Everytime they show you new imprvements but in real, everytime all is going more bad. If you buy boost it will be a nonsense because what you will earn will cover what you spent! It is a pyramidal scheme only, where at the bottom, customers will not earn anything. Not only, they introduced a captcha. This force everytime to see their ads (before you could use an autoclick!). Their core business seems to be ads! Stop this 1 hour forcing restart, stop to force to see ads!. One star is too much, now!
Michael Ellis 2021-01-01

Can\'t put multiple devices on one account, very confusing interface, mining turns off after a few hours, I could go on and on about the problems with this app. Starting mining on devices sends you in a dumbass loop that makes it impossible to turn on the mining without having to jump through 50 flaming hoops. Developers have a LONG way to go with improvements