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Description of CSR Classics

FROM THE MAKERS OF CSR RACING! Drag-strip legends from the last 60 years come to life in CSR Classics.

RACE OVER 50 OF THE GREATEST CARS EVER MADE including the Shelby Mustang GT500, Ford GT40, Plymouth Superbird and other classic models from BMW, Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, Mercedes, Plymouth, Pontiac, Shelby and more!

RESTORE YOUR RIDE and transform your cars from rusty unloved shells into gorgeous icons of driving!

CLASH OF THE TITANS! - Cobra vs. Mercedes 300SL, Dodge Superbee vs. Chevrolet Camaro, Ford Mustang vs. Skyline GT-R!


Take on the gangs that own the city and face off against the toughest drivers out there. Have you got what it takes to own the streets?

Requires 1GB of RAM and Android OS 4.0 and above.

PLEASE NOTE! CSR Classics is free to play, but it contains items that can be purchased for real money.

To prevent unauthorised purchases, select "Set or Change PIN" from the Google Play settings menu, create a PIN, then enable the "Use PIN for Purchases" option. You will then be required to enter your PIN before every transaction.

CSR Classics is published by NaturalMotion Games.

WHY NOT TRY CSR RACING 2 – The next chapter to the #1 drag racing series of all time has arrived!


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More Information Of CSR Classics

lable: Racing - Games Current Version:3.1.0 Publish Date:2022-06-22 Developer:NaturalMotionGames Ltd

User Reviews


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Robert Broxmeyer 2019-03-18

I Love old school muscle cars and this racing game has plenty of them. If you\'re looking for a great drag racing game, you need not look any further than here. Do yourself a favor and buy some unloved cars. It\'s awesome to see the car improve little by little for both looks and power. Lots of fun. Great Job Guy\'s
Jane Roxanne Beamon 2019-11-10

Great fun for any gear head. The graphics are highly detailed, and the cars are realistic and look great. I am a classic car person, and do own a classic myself. To me most of the fun is buying a clunker and fixing it up, making something old new again. Game play is simple, but entertaining.
Cobalt Storm 2019-07-21

This. Game. Is. LEGENDARY! The gameplay is top quality, alongside the crisp, clean graphics. I\'m personally a bit of a gear head, so getting to gradually restore and upgrade the car in just about every aspect makes me insanely happy, and the customization options make the sky the limit. My only issue is the limited gas. It lasts a good long time, but when you run out it takes what seems to be forever for it to recharge only one bar. All in all, this game is an absolute essential. Keep it up guys
Daniel Gessel 2019-11-29

Fun game cool cars but don\'t spend real money on the game because the game could glitch and you will lose all of your cars, money, and progress on the tiers but you keep your acheivements and then refuse to refund your money even with it being their fault,excuse is its not connected to servers,if thats the case then dont accept money for purchases.
Kodey Temples 2019-04-19

Game was really fun then I got so far and it wasn\'t reloading my gas tank, it wanted me to pay real money for it, so i uninstalled it and reinstalled it thinking it would fix it, i was signed into Google play, when I uninstalled it, I reinstalled it and i had to restart the whole thing and I had worked really hard on getting my cars to the way they were. So whats the point in signing into Google play.
Eli Jordan 2019-03-02

I am very disappointed in this game now. I used to be on teir 4 and then decided to restart the game for better decision making. Then i made an account and i took all of my progress away. I went to achievements and it still shows the levels ive made and the cars ive bought. But then i try to play the game and it says i havent even done the tutorial yet so i am very displeased.
DANIEL GARBER 2020-07-15

Pretty fun, I\'m only giving it 3 stars because a lot of it is pay to win and locked behind microtransactions. For example, I\'m tying to do a tough race, and it says I can use \"super nitrous.\" OK, I thought, this won\'t be too bad. Well, lo and behold, it costs $3. If they could cut down on stuff like this, I would give it 4 stars.
Drew Engles 2020-04-28

This game is a good time killer, the graphics are good mechanics aren\'t bad. Tuning is straight forward. However, if you are in it to complete the levels you can\'t do it for free. In order to complete some of the challenges at the end of the levels you can\'t using winning and have to use rewards earned but you can\'t earn enough rewards to buy the car without spending actual $$$. Shady app price gouging.
T-Roy 2020-08-07

This game is a very well constructed game. It is very fun and addicting. The only real problem I have are the controls or gears can be unresponsive and cause it to register as late when you press it. Also the game can be very laggy at critical times for low end phones. Other than that the graphics are incredible and the customizations are great!
Christy & Rodney Spearman 2021-02-13

It would be nice if you added in more classic trucks with chrome rims thank you for listening to my review.