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Description of Cthulhu Virtual Pet 2

Have you ever dreamt of raising a Lovecraftian God from infancy to glorious monsterhood?

No matter if you are a fan of Lovecraft or you just read this name for the first time, this pixel art retro virtual pet game will be in your pocket to fill your days with fun.

You will be a new student of the Miskatonic University, and your mission is to take care of the great old one Cthulhu ^(;,,;)^.

Key features:

⭐ Feed, clean, destroy and make him sleep

⭐ 4 stages of evolution from infant to god

⭐ 6 different scenes depend of the day

⭐ 6 groups of food to satisfy his big stomach

⭐ Dress him up with 90+ pieces of T-shirt, pants, hats, wings and glasses

⭐ Invoke other lovecraftian monsters and receive special gifts

⭐ Play mini games to gain souls for his daily routine

⭐ Accomplish missions to collect seals and golden skulls

⭐ Name your own Cthulhu and his witnesses

⭐ Opcional retro filter for your nostalgia

⭐ Cloud save keeps your progress in sync on your different devices

Wake up the sleeping Cthulhu and help him to resume his rule of earth!

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lable: Simulation - Games Current Version:1.1.37 Publish Date:2022-06-15 Developer:Neurocreativa

User Reviews


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Ian Hopkins 2019-07-21

Invasive privacy policy. Lists the details they collect then states \"other statistics\" without explaining and provides links to 4 other partners who collect data on you with no way to withdraw consent. Edit in response to developer. I\'d only reconsider if you stop blaming the system you use and either a) use a better system or b) more importantly update your privacy policy to give explicit details of what is being collected not \"other statistics\" c) provide a way to opt out of data harvesting
Allegra Estrada 2019-07-02

I was so excited when I found out you guys where making a sequel to my favourite game of the app store \"Virtual Pet Cthulhu\" because I played it until there wasn\'t really anything left to do and it felt a little stale. I think this game is amazing! The graphics are gorgeous and a breath of fresh air while also keeping the retro feel I really like the new mechanics such as using the health of the witnesses to play minigames, clothing, etc. You guys are wonderful, keep up the good work! ♡
Oliver Doing Things 2019-08-01

Cute, endearing, easy to play game with a lovely concept, I\'m really enjoying it! A nice casual experience to slot into your daily routine. Only possible downside is all the ads you have to keep watching if you lack patience, but even then they\'re short, non invasive and work well if you don\'t want to spend money! (I never write reviews this lengthy so this game is special to me.)
Snipits N 2019-12-14

The game just works for me, it hits every point that I want in a virtual pet game. Customizations although it could use some more, only one pet which makes it feel more personal instead of juggling a bunch of pets at once, pet growth, balance and consequences. All in all a really good game, looking forward for further updates Edit: the games are pretty fun to play too
H. Wonderheifer 2019-07-19

I loved the old version, and i love this one too. Everything about this game is great. There are many ways to earn currency, so you can always take good care of Cthulhu with the best human sacrifices money can buy. There are no forced ads, only optional ones for upgrades. There are plenty of things to do and Cthulhu is so cute!!! Thank you for such a great remake of an already awesome game.
Kara Nicole de Guzman 2019-08-31

Fun little idle game. It\'s cute to watch Cthulu grow. Execution of the game is creative and thoughtful. I like the Cthulu followers praying to Cthulu, and the mini games that you play to collect souls. Adventure Cards is my favorite. But the FEVER in Witness Stick blocks the stick! 😤 But I feel like there is a disjunct between the part where you take care of Cthulu and the mini game parts. I wish there was more of a connection; maybe you can gain more followers, or more games, or backstory.
Calista Pinette 2020-03-12

I NEED MORE!!! This game is great, and I had a lot of fun with it for a few weeks. But after you grow him to adulthood, unlock all the food, clothing and items, and achieve all the goals, what do you do? I keep levelling up, but nothing changes or is added. It\'s so great, just wish there was more...
Samcam Bolt 2020-01-31

A nice art style and interesting premise, however there isnt much lasting appeal. Also, the needs are far far to quick to drop. If you go to bed an midnight, and wake up at six, odds are, he\'s already eaten one of the witnesses. This means a permanent drop in growth speed unless you watch an ad to revive them.
Rod Ziegler 2019-07-21

no way to play without accepting their terms of use and privacy policy which cannot guarantee the safety of my personal information.
Xavier Hunt 2020-01-13

Ok so have been playing this for a couple months now and at first it was great but now 99% of the time the pill that is supposed to maintain all 4 stats for 24 hours DOES NOT WORK. The potions that are supposed to cure ailments DOES NOT WORK! And by that I mean that the second I close the app and reopen it the status ailments have returned or changed to another ailment. Please fix these issues