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Description of CubiCasa | Professional 2D Floor Plans

The only floor plan tool with no DIY steps.

Creating a floor plan with CubiCasa is really easy! With only 5 minutes of work, you will receive a beautiful, customizable and professional floor plan with room dimensions


• Create better listings with floor plans

• Easy, fast, and cost-effective

• Affordable for any listing, not just high-end properties


• Scan an indoor space (no sketching, measuring on-site or tapping on corners)

• No external or expensive hardware needed

• Download a professional floor plan with room dimensions available in metric and imperial units (or without)

• Save the floor plan in high resolution (in JPG, PNG, PDF, and SVG file formats).

• Generate a home report that includes the most important house features

• Add your own logo, wall color, and floor color

• Multiple different languages supported for room labels (English, Finnish, French, German, Norwegian, Swedish, Portuguese, and Spanish)


• Over 500 000 floor plans delivered

• Top 20 startup, TNW Conference Europe 2016

• Winner of the CBRE pitching competition at Recotech 2019

• Global Top 100 Proptech Influencer Brands

• 90% of users would recommend CubiCasa to their colleague


• Real estate listings

• Commercial spaces (offices and retail spaces)

• Smart homes and IoT applications

• User interfaces

• Interior design

Video tutorials available in English at: https://www.cubi.casa/how-to-use-cubicasa-app/

Creating a floor plan has never been easier than this.

No upfront investment, the first scan is free!

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lable: Tools - Apps Current Version:2.2.0 Publish Date:2022-06-23 Developer:CubiCasa

User Reviews


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Matthew Varney 2020-07-21

The floor plans generally turn out quite well, with very few corrections needed. They aren\'t 100% accurate, but aren\'t intended to be; the company advertises an average 6% error rate; this is also related to your scan technique. You get three fix requests with each floor plan at no additional charge. Plans are usually returned by the next morning (occasionally much later in the day), and fix requests usually between a few hours and a day. While the system could use some improvements, it is easy to use and provides a nice add-on product for my real estate photography business. I\'m revising my rating from 4 to 5 stars because the bug that caused some devices to record at 60 fps was fixed, meaning that the scan plays back at actual speed, the 2.0x playback option works as advertised, and uploads are much faster. There are still occasional hiccups with uploading, where it takes much longer than normal to complete, and a few weeks ago there was a spate of unusually slow processing (after upload) that seems to have been resolved. All in all, this gets my full recommendation.
Ng Chee Seng 2020-09-03

This apps is so waste of time. First, you need to go to their website to register account. By registering account, you need to bind with your credit card. What a waste of time, I didn\'t even get a chance to go into it and try.
David Reed 2020-05-30

No issues so far like some have seen. Improvements to the app seem regular and designed to help you be successful. Floor plans are really good but do take awhile, so if you\'re providing these to customers make sure they know it\'ll be next day or maybe even the day after that.
Ken Thelen 2020-08-18

As a professional real estate photographer, offering clean, detailed floor plans are an important part of my business. Cubicasa fits the bill perfectly. It\'s incredibly easy to use, surprisingly forgiving of poor scanning technique, and delivers a beautiful product. Their customer support is excellent. I had an issue preventing me from uploading a scan to be processed. They solved the issue quickly letting me keep my client\'s deadline for delivery of their finished floor plans.
Panoramic Studio E 2020-04-25

Impressively accurate, but not accurate enough. I\'ve been thinking of using this for my real estate photography business. The measurements were off too much. I could work around this by laser measuring all the rooms, but there was also some mistakes made of the walls. I think this software could work great with more work, but you really need to have a preview so you can see live what it looks like as you draw and make corrections along the way.
Mike Caprarola 2021-01-16

AMAZING! If you gave it anything less than 5 stars you\'re nuts! I\'m a professional real estate photographer. I provide photos, video, drone images and video, floor plans, 360° tours, and this has made my life so much easier! What took an hour or more on site and hours at home to finish now takes around 8-12 minutes total.
Kevin Mckay 2020-08-10

I have recently started a real estate media company, and Cubicasa was brought to my attention as a great app to be able to offer floor plans. This floor plan app is truly amazing, the accuracy of the app always amazes me! From cluttered spaces with little to know view of the floor and wall, to very dark spaces. The scans have always come out accurate. This app makes offering floor plans much easier and faster! I would highly recommend giving this a try!
Citec Evo___ 2020-05-22

Got stuck at login page at first launch, why not put signup link at first page of app. No instruction what to do next. Useless App. Deleted
Brian K. Brown 2020-07-28

As a professional real estate photographer I\'m thrilled to have this floor plan creator tool at my disposal! It\'s simple to use and the completed 2D floor plans are delivered back to me typically within 24 hrs. It takes approximately 5-6 minutes to scan a 2-3,000 sq ft property. If there\'s an issue with the completed floor plan, I have the ability to make minor edits myself, such as relabeling rooms. If the edits are more involved or technical, I have the option to send it back for a revision or two. The completed floor plans also can be downloaded in a variety of formats..jpg, png, etc. Highly recommend!!
John Blausey 2020-07-30

CubiCasa produces a fantastic product. The customer service is helpful and encouraging. They even added a garage to the floor plan that I was not able to scan, and with 100% accuracy. I measured the room after getting the floor plan back and it was dead on. The support, videos and email from them is very responsive and helpful for me to produce a product for my clients. They also supply sales info so I know how to sell and have the stats to back it up. I don\'t know how they do it but it works and my clients love it as a sales tool for real estate.