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Description of Cupixel – Experience Art Creation

Paint an amazing work of art. No art experience or skill needed.

Spend some quality time on an artistic activity that is relaxing, meditative, and empowering.

Cupixel® includes a physical Art Box with a unique app experience.

The Cupixel Art Box contains all the art tools you need to paint your artwork. Canvas, paints, brushes, frame – EVERYTHING.

The Cupixel App walks you through the painting experience, step-by-step.

Use Augmented Reality (AR) technology to accurately draw an outline; detailed videos simplifying complicated painting techniques; color blending made easy.


STEP 1: Download the Cupixel App.

STEP 2: Choose a personal photo or an image from our art gallery.

STEP 3: Order a Cupixel Art Box. It has EVERYTHING you need.

STEP 4: Use the interactive guide to sketch on a real canvas.

STEP 5: Choose your coloring styles and learn how to paint them.

Assemble the provided metal frame and show off your creation with pride.

When it comes to making art, most people believe the job is reserved for trained artists. Most people are afraid to even try. Cupixel was designed to reduce that fear and guarantees anyone can complete a stunning and accurate work of art they are proud of.

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lable: Art & design - Apps Current Version:5.4.0 Publish Date:2022-06-22 Developer:Cupixel Inc.

User Reviews


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Elise Haynes 2020-03-28

Real life product is great, app...isnt. The real kit has very nice acrylic paints, pretty good paint brushes and pencils, a nice eraser and device stand, and good canvas. However, the app itself isn\'t that amazing. If your screen happens to shut off while the app is on you usually need to restart the app because it just shows a loading screen. It also wont allow me to play music on a seperate app even if it\'s not showing a video. Please update the app! Overall fun project but needs work.
Pratik Mistry 2020-08-05

Really satisfied with the app and also final painting. Great use of technology to make the lives of novice painters like me very easy. I really felt like I am a professional painters even I didn\'t had any prior experience in this artwork. Using AR in the fielding of painting is something out of the box. App has superb user experience and well guided steps for creating a masterpiece. Thank you Cupixel 😊
kei cres 2020-01-05

I love it is vary cool
Ron Kindler 2020-04-27

Great experience! Apparently I know how to sketch and paint. Amazing artwork mad by me (: Creativity in a box
josie brown 2021-03-14

I\'m looking forward to being totally entertained by this product and if you should come out with the second addition I\'m sure it will be just as enjoyable and entertaining.
Janis Andersen 2021-03-10

Love this, but requires a lot of practice. I think when I get the hang of it, it will be more enjoyable
Gary Lebowitz 2021-03-01

Amazing app, love the experiences, great family fun
Yuri Baril 2021-01-24

Very cool app and idea, great work
Joe Coxey 2020-09-28

Art that i did not know i could do!
Hayley\'s Phone 2020-12-14

Awesomeness in the making!