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Description of Curable Pain Relief

Tried it all, but the pain remains? Let the Curable app show you a (very) different path forward.

Get started on your Curable journey for free by chatting with our virtual coach, who will design a custom program tailored to your symptoms and preferences. During your journey, you’ll learn about the latest pain science through bite-sized audio lessons, then apply what you’ve learned using 100+ science-backed exercises for relief.

Your pain experience is unique, and your recovery program should be, too. Depending on your needs, Curable can help you to overcome fear of movement, reduce health anxiety, relax the nervous system, navigate flare-ups, and more.

Hundreds of thousands of people in pain have used Curable to help them transform their relationship to back pain, migraine, shoulder pain, neck pain, knee pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia, trigeminal neuralgia, post-surgical pain, ME/CFS, sciatica, tinnitus, and more.

Curable is not a tool to monitor your symptoms - it’s a tool to help you transform them. 69% of Curable users begin to experience physical symptom reduction in the first 30 days of use. We hope that you will be next!


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URL: https://mhealth.jmir.org/2019/2/e13080

DOI: 10.2196/13080

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Free Resources & Paid Subscription Terms

The Curable app offers numerous resources free of charge. It also offers the option to access a broader library of exercises with a paid subscription. This auto-renewing annual subscription is priced at $59.99 (USD). Pricing may vary by country of residence. Subscriptions automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hrs before the end of the current period from the Google Play Store Subscription settings. You can read our privacy policy at https://www.curablehealth.com/privacy and our TOS at https://www.curablehealth.com/terms.

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lable: Medical - Apps Current Version:4.13.3 Publish Date:2022-06-19 Developer:Curable Inc.

User Reviews


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Russ Davey 2019-07-11

Whatever you do, don\'t sign up for that annual plan no matter how hard they push you during the signup process. If you\'re going to try it, pay monthly! I wish I had - now I\'m stuck with paying for 10 months that I\'m not going to use as the app is now uninstalled. They offer a 30 day moneyback guarantee, but at the same time advise on the website that the \"average person\" will see results after using the app for 6-9 weeks. So if you sign up for the annual plan and find after 6-9 weeks that it isn\'t working for you, you are stuck with the annual subscription! They won\'t let you switch back to monthly even if you offer to pay the higher monthly amount retrospectively.
Carey Cribbs 2019-04-09

Stumbled across this app yesterday, and after reading reviews, I\'m cautiously optimistic. #1 - I hate when you hit the back button, it throws you out of the app. #2 - For the people who give it one star and complain that the app teaches you that your pain is all in your head, I can relate. In their first Lesson \"The Basic of Neuroscience of Pain\" they state 6 basic truths about pain. I believe most people, if not everyone, may be very offended by \'truth #5, because I know I am. 5 - Pain is an opinion, not a fact . (Tell this to someone suffering chronic pain for years, or those who have taken their life over chronic pain) With this statement, Curable App is saying \"You may think your in pain, but we don\'t necessarily agree\". What an insult! Pain may be subjective, but it\'s definitely not fake news! I fear they got this part wrong, and how the describe it is that your brain tells your body how much pain to feel depending on how much in harm you are, or how much you are to be protected. They need to change this part, and I think they can retain a lot of people trying the free portion of app out for the first time.
Ed Hirtzel 2018-12-16

I was really excited to start this but cannot believe there\'s NO captioning or article option that i can find for the audio content, which is a huge portion of the opening experience of the app and means I literally cannot use it reliably. Deaf and hard of hearing people get chronic pain too. Would love to try this app again if it ever becomes more accessible but for now it\'s a big disappointment
Selcen Phelps 2018-12-28

Used Curable for 4 mo. The app is fun, the community supportive so long as you never express doubts. The pain science is sound - which is why I keep returning - but you can get that info faster from books. I found the exercises infantile & condescending (assuming no self awareness on part of the user), personally irrelevant with no chance to customize or build on past insights. Guided meditations particularly poorly designed. Got zero pain relief. A for effort though, & hope it works for you.
two wheels and a paintbrush 2019-04-09

This app and its founders are a complete fail. Don\'t waste your money if you are a deaf person. Inaccessible audio exercises! I then made a complaint on their Facebook community page... only paid members are allowed. They deleted that post and no one even responded. I\'m waiting to hear back from them. I want my money back!! Zero transparency and accountability with waiting time over the weekend if you run into tech problems. I sent them a message Friday... still haven\'t heard from them. Fail.
A Google user 2018-11-26

The content of this app is excellent!!! Anyone with chronic pain that is open to this approach should give it a shot. However, as an Android developer myself it drives me nuts when the back button closes the app instead of back up to the previous screen in the perceived stack. Please fix 😣 major pet peeve
Rayna Thompson 2019-12-21

An interesting and helpful app, yet a bit disappointing. It does have some great insights on how you view and deal with chronic pain. Unfortunately, it seems to think that all chronic pain starts as physical pain which then HEALS and the only pain that remains is your brain\'s manifestation of that pain. Which is kind of insulting for every person who deals with a permanent injury or disease. But I admit the psychology of how you approach and deal with movement and treatment for pain was helpful
Tash Smith 2020-03-18

The actual work to do on yourself is brilliant but the layout of the app falls short to the impressive exercises. I feel there needs to be sections to navigate quickly to your exercises. A meditation section, brain training section, education section ect. It would also be nice to show progress of each exercise and when i did them so I could see where I may need to focus on other areas. The script is a unessesary and makes the app feel cluttered. It\'s not a very professional or structured layout.
Sally N 2019-01-15

Wanted to love it; paid version seems to be nothing more than the regular app. I did the first ten or so free exercises and was like great, love it, not sure exactly how this works exactly but it kept promising all would be revealed with the paid version so I bit the bullet and paid. The app looks exactly the same and keeps making me go through the same fake chat every time. The chat function only gives you a pre-canned answer so its pretty infuriating by the third or fourth time.
E S 2019-02-07

Health insurance is a joke. Most doctors just put you on some junk protocol of medicine and surgery, this app has been the answer for chronic pain treatment, practicing self awareness, therapy. Im 34. From severe pain in every joint and muscle, fibromyalgia, autoimmune diseas, chemical sensitivies, multiple cervical bulging discs . I was barely alive. I was useless for three years. I am not 100%, but I can run again, lift weights again, returning to a normal diet, and maintaining my home again.