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Description of Curious Cat: Paid Surveys

Earn real money taking paid surveys with Curious Cat. No funny business. Just cash and cats.

Withdrawals from only 100 points (£1/$1.36/€1.19*) and instant payment to Paypal. Curious Cat is a fun way to get paid for your opinion and earn extra cash in your free time.

New for 2022! Our new matching algorithm is the cat’s whiskers, helping you earn points even faster by finding you the most interesting paid surveys, opinion polls and market research.

“Nifty app where you only need to earn £1 before it pays” Money Saving Expert

● More interesting - wide range of paid surveys, polls and questionnaires

● More rewarding - the average task pays between 20 and 200 points

● Real cash - withdraw your earnings with an instant Paypal transfer

● Hassle free - our smart matching algorithm finds you the highest paying tasks

● More smiles - when screen outs happen, we’ll show you cat pics

You must be 16 or over. Not available in all countries. *No hidden fees. Latest exchange rates. We love cats. For more information visit curiouscatapp.com

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lable: Lifestyle - Apps Current Version:0.41.0 Publish Date:2022-06-17 Developer:curiouscatapp.com

User Reviews


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Lucy Edwards 2019-10-30

This app was great for the first few weeks I had it, but now I get screened out of every survey even though surveys are supposed to be matched to you. It takes forever for new surveys to appear and most of the time there are none for me to do. Very disappointing as I enjoyed this app to start with but now can\'t earn any points.
Erik Prins 2021-03-04

I decided to try this one as my wife was doing it and she said it is rather good. My experience is different in my history it show 42 attempted and 13 completed. These faiked attempts can be that you are already answering questions and then told the survey quota has been reached. They can also be that after a couple of questions I do not meet the target group. A 70% failure rate is to much hence I be removing it. The payment is also poor
Keith Townsley 2020-06-21

Once you get the minimum payout, grab your money. The new system is broken and is locking accounts for no reason. Complain and nothing will happen. As long as more mugs sign up and allow themselves to be cheated, this situation will continue. App used to be good, but now it\'s next to useless! Don\'t hesitate to drop them a line.......and be ignored.
Natalie Peters 2021-02-22

Completing surveys is never going to get you a good income, but in comparison to other survey sites this one is one of the better ones Once thing to note though - it would be better if personal questions were completed at the start of surveys. A few times I\'ve spent 10-15 minutes completing a survey, only to be asked personal questions at the end and be told that my demographic quota has been reached and I dont get the points. Can be frustrating
Kym Lambeth 2020-07-30

Used to be so good, but now I can spend half hour on a survey and be screened out with no monetary gain. Many surveys are actually multiple surveys in one link, and you could complete 3 of them only to fail the screening questions on survey 4, and lose out on the pittance the link promised you. Half hour for 8p, but then screened out and receive 0p. Save yourself time & effort, go download a different app. Update: generic response not even addressing the issue of multiple surveys posing as one.
Dynosaurus Rex 2020-07-24

Used to be a great app. Now all surveys you take you \"don\'t qualify for\" and you are timed out. I don\'t even recieve the 1 point after any timed out ones anymore. To make matters worse, one survey had me spend 20 minutes on it to time me out. You can\'t possibly think 20+ minutes is worth my time for nothing. Do yourself a favor and skip this time wasting app.
Laura Randall 2020-12-26

I do a lot of surveys and this is the worst survey site/app I have ever used. On multiple occasions I have thought I\'m coming to the end of a survey, sometimes after around 15 minutes of questions, only to be cheated and screened out. Even if you do get the points the reward is low compared to others so it isn\'t worth the bother considering you\'ll probably get screened out after wasting your time.
adam whiles 2021-02-06

The concept and app design are great. Really respect that they makes it easy and simple to withdraw your earnings through PayPal. Earning coins is simple and straightforward and the app lay out is clean straightforward. It could be great ... but man they need to update the screening system. Currently I\'m getting screened out of nearly 80% of the surveys I start and its getting to a point where it doesn\'t feel worthwhile. Serious work needs to be done to put the right survey, its getting tedious
Emma Springett 2021-03-13

DO NOT USE! Would give zero stars if I could! Was going to actually rate this app quite highly, as it was turning out to be one of the best survey apps I have found, and then my account got locked, for no reason, with no explanation, just as I tried to withdraw my money. I had been answering surveys and withdrawing what I\'d earnt with no problem up until this point. I cannot get in to my account to withdraw money that is mine. I\'ve been scammed and I\'m not happy! AVOID THID APP!
Oo Oo 2019-12-20

Really great app! Surveys everyday even if you don\'t qualify you still earn a point, every point is a penny so every 100 points is £1. It\'s great that you can cash out after 100 points straight to PayPal, it makes it easy to make a little bit of extra cash towards online payments. A lot easier than other survey sites. Definitely recommend 😊🙌