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Description of Currency Converter Plus

Simple currency converter and exchange rates calculator for up to 15 currencies at once!

We've seen it all - various currency converters, exchange rates lists with charts and historic data. But who need all that fancy stuff, when you simply need to find out on holiday how much does that thing cost, right?

This app will do exactly what you'd expect of it during the vacation in some country. It's main advantage is that you can choose up to 15 currencies that are visible on mainscreen.

Conversion will take place right away - just as you start to type the numbers.

Do you wish to do some math with the numbers? No problem - use built-in calculator. Result will be automaticaly converted to all currencies. Can't find your currency? Just add it as a new currency code and simply run update. App will download it's name and fresh exchange rate. From now on it will always auto-update.

Main features of this currency converter are:

- nice graphics, also suited for tablets and android wear.

- ease of use - convert up to 15 currencies at once!

- offline usage - roaming prices are no longer a problem now - all the exchange rates are cached!

- filter of currencies - just press search in list

- various preferences that allows you to change all the small things

- online update is provided via European central bank, Additional sources, RSS feeds or you can manually add any custom currency

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More Information Of Currency Converter Plus

lable: Finance - Apps Current Version:4.8.1 Publish Date:2022-05-27 Developer:Designer Calculators

User Reviews


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anthony tan 2019-07-02

I like the app. But can you make the comma to appear when we input the amount? It would be easier to look at the amount.
Mark Ryhold 2021-01-18

I love this app. Comes with calculator. 👍🏻 11 currencies fit on my screen. Fantastic currency converter. Highly recommended.
Anthony C 2020-07-07

Well looks like there\'s no email support (-1★). I requested a refund, and [no reply (-1★)]. Keep that in mind if you get this app. It actually rates 3★, thats because there are free and less costly apps that can (bottom line) give the same results... (=1★) And it\'s time for an update...
Nick T 2020-03-29

Absolutely love this app, have had it many years, absolutely recommend this app, 100%
Victoria H 2018-08-24

Please add a calendar option to check past dates. Often I need to find the conversion for a previous date and I don\'t see that capability on this app and for payment of invoices this is very important. Thanks!
A Google user 2017-06-02

Very helpful for adding multiple currencies TOGETHER. Feedback:. The calculator keypad is not standard....Please make standard layout or have option to change layout. 2nd. Bug in calculator that after clicking plus, then the first time I press decimal it doesn\'t register. I have to always press decimal twice. I have Google Pixel with all updates. Update June 1 2017. Terrible bug in calculator function that resets the number when typing a decimal. No joke. If you type 420.64 in the calculator, you\'ll end up with .64. frustrating.
sanky sankaman 2019-09-28

This converter really needs to be continuesly updated
Grant Raymor 2020-05-13

The in-app calculator has no X (times)symbol...
bel bel 2018-11-12

Still the best one in the market!
JOHN LAWRENCE 2017-05-09

Love this App. It\'s fast and quick, instant results. Great when travelling to see how much things cost and what your spending. You can just have a few currencies on screen or lots, it\'s up to you. Well worth the small fee I paid. Actually checked yesterday in town against several exchange rates and could see how much you get ripped off my buying other currencies. I wouldn\'t be without this App, espeacially as I live in Thailand part of the year. Only thing I would love is a Text Alert. Great. Update on my review. Been using this app a while now. Excellent app. Would not be without it. Accurate when I was exchanging money in Thailand. Great app and worth every penny. 5 Star.