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Description of Currency Converter

Currency Converter for over 170 currencies with real-time exchange rates. Instantly convert any currency amount to other currencies.

With over 170 currencies from all over the world sourced from 15 reliable financial data providers and banks, including the European Central Bank. Featuring multiple currency fields, historic rate charts, and a built-in currency converter calculator.

Supported currencies of the "Currency Converter" include the dollar, euro, franc, krona, krone, leu, peso, pound, the rial, riyal, ruble, rupee, shilling, som, won, yen, zloty, yuan, Malaysian ringgit, and virtual currency Bitcoin! You can access live and historical information about gold (XAU) and silver prices (XAG).

Download the app for free now and convert foreign currencies at real-time FX rates, anytime, anywhere!

Do you want to calculate your currencies on web? Now we have a web page that you can visit for any calculator you can imagine: https://calconcalculator.com

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lable: Finance - Apps Current Version:2.5.5 Publish Date:2022-06-15 Developer:CalCon Mobile

User Reviews


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Agoe bobby 2019-10-22

I really love the app.. It has helped me to see alot of new kinds of products and alot of different accessories.. In fact it has taken me to the world.. I really it
Natalie T 2019-04-09

Brilliant app! Using it on my current travels through Europe and it definitely makes things easier. Gave 4 stars due to frequency of ads popping up when I\'m in the middle of using it. A widget to make it quicker and more efficient would give this 5 stars! 👌
Steven Campbell 2019-12-17

Noisy intrusive ads every time it\'s opened. Otherwise it\'s OK but uninstalled
Dat AU DUONG 2019-04-10

please fix, MYR wrapped around., not working on second device where already purchase(ad appear)
Paul Adams 2020-12-30

This app used to be okay with only a few ads, but now it has a lot of ads and they are timed so you are always waiting. The pro version is outrageously expensive.
Expendables Fighter Wing 2019-10-09

Easy-peasy! The app is very easy and simply, straight forward to use. Come ooooon, give it a try.
Cliff Bell 2020-09-13

The app does what it says it will do. Nice. You can select what currencies and see the exchange rate, as well as graphs depicting the fluctuations of each. It is easy to use ...once you get past the annoying ads ...for each and every function.😬 These are the kinds of ads that you have to wait for it to finish playing. So for at work or simply on the run they waste time and annoy. I prefer a one time payment for apps and ad free.
Evapro Lumz 2020-11-08

Best currency converter I have ever used that is constantly being updated on the. And it shows the exactly currency exchange world wide. Try it , you will see how good it works
Dave McGregor 2020-03-20

The ads in the newer versions are completely intolerable. 30 seconds of ads just to check the exchange? I don\'t mind paying to eliminate them...
marzulie 2020-09-08

This used to be good but now it\'s ruined. the screen is so covered with ads it\'s hard to see what you\'re doing, and you have to wade thru so many bullsh#t games to even get to the screen that\'s covered in ads.