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Description of Curvy Singles Dating

Our Dating app is open to singles who are curvy or like to meet and date curvy girls, super-size big, beautiful women (BBW), and chubby guys. Install the app, complete the registration process, and dive into a world of true love.

Search for curvy singles nearby

In our app, everyone is open to chatting and getting to know new people.

We maintain a very friendly attitude and allow women to rate their dates and recommend particularly gallant men. Start chatting with the person you like and have a great time. We’ll select the most stunning beauties in your area just for you. If you are planning to travel or looking for someone in another city, then we’re happy to help you do that too.

Go on a date today and be your best!

Our online dating means:

- A free database of curvy girls and guys who are hungry for a real date

- Only verified profiles

- 24/7 support

- Join FREE - an online dating service for big, beautiful women

Our dating site is perfect for anyone who wants to find an active new community of people to chat with. With our app you can start dating and look for a serious relationship, flirt, find a quick date, or just find someone to go to the movies or grab a cup of coffee with.


Keep in mind that if you have any questions at all, we're always ready to chat and help you solve any problems 24/7.

Our app is not just another dating site – it’s your own personal database of truly beautiful people who are looking for the same as you. If you’ve been looking for love for a long time to no avail, then you’ve come to the right place!

Lovely curvy ladies and guys are already waiting for you to go on a first date and have a great time!

Welcome to the new world of dating!

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More Information Of Curvy Singles Dating

lable: Dating - Apps Current Version:1.0.16 Publish Date:2021-05-18 Developer:Evermatch

User Reviews


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josh Gibson 2020-09-14

This is a great app if you enjoy browsing through fake profiles of women who probably have no idea their pictures are on it. I uploaded a picture and was immediately liked by someone who, after a 15-20 min. conversation, was asking for money. Also, a lot of the pictures you\'ll see are either pornstars or pics of amateur/professional models from various adult websites. Download now!!!!
Jaime Dru 2020-10-21

Awful!! There\'s no way to sort anybody by location so you get inundated with a bunch of messages from people who are nowhere near you, but everybody says they\'re in the same city as you are. Not to mention that everybody on there is asking me to move to Whatsapp or hangouts or to give them my email address. And it\'s incredibly slow, on top of all that.... Nope.. Stay clear of this one.
Ageded Unser 2021-01-06

I am glad I can look at pictures. That is all I can do in this app. Hit the ba k button or any button and geg spammed with ads. If you want to just like a picture, pay for premium. Back out, get an ad. Wanna chat, pay for premium. What am I supposed to do? Nice girls there, not a fan of the app.
Tara Sly 2020-10-12

So, pretty much every profile is a bot. Ages don\'t match the photos, and most DMs are worded weirdly, not normal HUMAN chatting. So weird. Saying the same phrases over and over again or repeating a strange word. Just real weird. I\'m deleting.
Ryan Gillespie 2020-10-28

The app is full of scammers. Not one message from one real person. When I looked through the profiles of locals, it was all scammers and fake profiles. Maybe one or two people were real, but so many scammers wanting to immediately jump to WhatsApp (huge red flag in case you didn\'t know. WhatsApp is really easy to hack and they will steal your money. )
Derek Greene 2020-12-22

I love the app but I wish there was a search option where you can enter a person\'s name and find them also if someone else likes you one should be able to connect with them without having to provide any payment I mean the app is for dating after all so why keep the one\'s unable to provide payment from connecting with that special someone
Amanda Price 2020-12-06

The worst by far dating app. All the scammers that message you is beyond belief. The profile intake is pathetic. You offer very little to fill out .I\'ve had to put the profiles of everyone on block to clear the list because you do not have a delete feature or swipe left for no or right for yes. Something that can remove unwanted profiles. You really need a new format to this site. I did cancel my membership in less than 24 hours after receiving 100\'s of scammers messaging me.
Melinda Harlow 2020-11-26

Horrible experience. I immediately canceled my membership with all the fake profiles and scammers. I was overwhelmed with in an hour of scammers. There is no logout option. You have to uninstall it.
Angela 2021-01-18

I felt totally unsafe. I was messaged by guys who had no pictures. The \"block\" feature did not work. The profile information listed on most of the guys that were there was very limited. It was extremely creepy. I would not recommend this site for any self-respecting woman looking for love.
Anton Arenko 2020-12-07

Way too many ads - literally every three swipes. Hardly anyone is on it too. Spending more time dealing with long arse ads then the app itself. Justifying it shows how unsuccessful you are...