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Description of CVS Specialty

Please Note: This app is for CVS Specialty® patients only. You must have a CVS Specialty prescription in order to use this app

Your health is our greatest priority. That’s why at CVS Specialty, we make it easy to manage your prescriptions at home or on the go.

With the CVS Specialty mobile app, you can:

· Order refills

· Choose to pick-up your prescriptions at any CVS Pharmacy® where allowed by law, or have them delivered to another location of your choice.

· Track your order status

· Make fast and easy payments

· Communicate with your CareTeam using the Secure Messaging feature. Ask a question and get answers from CareTeam members trained in your condition. All messages are secure and confidential

You can sign-in securely through Android’s fingerprint scanner.

We’re always just a tap away. CVS Specialty – specialty medications with personalized support.

We release updates to this app regularly and base our roadmap on your feedback

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lable: Medical - Apps Current Version:2.40 Publish Date:2022-06-07 Developer:CVS Pharmacy

User Reviews


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Jose Aguilar 2020-06-30

This app is the worst. If I could give it no stars that\'s what I will do. I downloaded the app a few years back and it gave me a hard time logging in with a message saying \"a problem has occurred please call customer service at...\" This totally defeats the purpose of the app. I have gone through several phones, dozens of passwords trying to reset it and the problem persists. Customers service said they will try to work on it but I doubt it.
Brandi Sunshine 2020-07-09

Overall app is terrible. I get to the end, to submit my order and it gives me an error. I call the number to report it, they take the information and then transfer me to someone else that has to verify all of my information again, only to be told that it\'s too early for to reorder and I need to call back in a day or two. (This is after I have received multiple emails reminding me to reorder.) This has happened to me multiple times over a couple of months and nothing is fixed. Don\'t bother.
jane brent 2020-04-07

Second time trying this and you get so far then an error pops up. Fix it already
Daniel Nichols 2020-06-02

The app bumps me over to my system permissions at least once every time I use it. I won\'t want to activate location, fingerprint, any of that. I want my refill sent to the address I entered in manually, using a password that I save in my phone. That\'s it. Any feature that a user is repeatedly pressured to use after declining is not a feature. It\'s a flaw and an annoyance.
Jen Widrig 2019-04-23

Excellent website. Easy, i like that you dont have to speak to anyone unless you chose to. Also you can text and they will get back to you. Really convenient.
Rob T 2020-03-19

Awful. Seriously the worst app I\'ve ever seen and it is absolutely worthless. All the CVS apps are like this, and I hope you do something to better the experiences you\'re giving people with such a low ball product.
Dean Fisher 2020-06-03

Only reason it is 2* and not 1 is the fact I don\'t have to call in a refill. Every time I refill my rx it wants to change my system settings to turn on key vibration. I have never used any app where this was needed and after reading several other reviews of people complaining about the app constantly wanting to change settings it is apparent CVS and the app developers don\'t care. This has been an issue the entire time I\'ve used this app which has been a couple years.
Nancy 2020-03-04

Used to love this app because of the convenience but now I haven\'t been able to sign in for months and the last time I ordered a refill it was delayed for a reason I still don\'t know and I played phone tag with CVS Specialty customer service while my insurance and savings card distributor said everything was fine on their end. It was the most disappointing experience.
this.user.name. is.unavailable 2020-07-04

DONT GET THIS APP! It says it cant find my info no matter what i try... I would love to my original app on my new phone, which is the same but a newer version of my old lg phone, but my new phone doesnt support the old app... I use my old phone with USEFULL APP THAT KNOWS ME to manage my scripts....
Brenda Cook 2020-07-19

App just disappeared from my phone and when I went to download it again , it says it does not have a match for my information but I can sign in on my laptop. At the moment this app is rendered totally useless. The recent update from the developer has a lot of issues.