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Description of CVTz50

To verify CVTz50 compatibility with your ELM327 adapter and vehicle, please use CVTz50 DEMO: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cvtz50.cvtz50demo

Main features

- Read and clear CVT diagnostic trouble codes

- Read and clear engine diagnostic trouble codes

- Read and clear CVT fluid deterioration

- Adjust engine braking level

- Adjust Idle RPM and Ignition timing; Idle air volume learning (only for Murano Z50 and related vehicles produced before 2010)

- CVT Data Monitor: real-time monitoring of CVT parameters: temperature, pressures, trouble codes, gear ratios, step motor position, torque converter lockup

- Collecting and displaying monthly statistics on temperature conditions, pressures, milage, fluid deterioration

- Supports Nissan Murano Z50/Z51, partial support of other vehicles equipped with Jatco CVT – Nissan Teana, X-Trail, Qashqai, Juke, Note, Tiida, Sentra, Wingroad; Mitsubishi Outlander, Lancer; Renault Koleos and others

Hardware requirements:

- Phone or tablet running Android 4.2+

- Bluetooth or WiFi adapter ELM327 revision 1.5 or lower (functionality might be significantly limited if used with not genuine adapters of revision 2.0+)

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More Information Of CVTz50

lable: Auto & Vehicles - Apps Current Version:1.53 Publish Date:2021-04-24 Developer:cvtz50.info

User Reviews


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Me Andme 2019-06-08

This is very interesting. I find it far more usefull that the Consult III. The application was tested on a high quality ELM 327 Bluetooth and WiFi model. This application should have a 10 out of 10 in my opinion. To measure a customer vehicle, I set it up on \"record screen\" and play it back when the tablet and interface returns. Very well done and impressed.
Brian Stone 2018-10-03

If you have a Nissan with the Cvt transmission this app has plenty of useful data. The only recommendation I would give is to include maybe a guide or way of letting the users know what the numbers are telling them so to speak, as in what does it all mean to the layman. But I was able to understand enough to really enjoy this app more than most. Thank you
Alex PR 2020-12-27

This software is a gem for Mitsubishi owner who\'s car has CVT transmission. It shows all specific parameters and allows in-depth diagnostics and reset. I needed it to complete full transmission maintenance and fluid deterioration reset. Worked awesome! Please keep it this way.
Philip C 2019-07-16

App is great! I had a WiFi OBD2 Adapter and WiFi didn\'t make the app work, nothing worked. I purchased a bluetooh OBD2 Adapter on Amazon for about $10 and it worked perfectly! I changed my 2016 Altima S\'s transmission oil and I just needed to measure before/after temps. The temps now work with bluetooth. I love how I can set engine braking and set idle rpm\'s which improved my cars idling as before it would tremble so bad. Better UI would be nice, but it works! Thanks.
Joey Sanders 2020-04-10

Great App! Did exactly what I needed for my 2015 Nissan Rogue. I changed the fluid and was able to monitor the temperature and reset the DTC. Thank you for making this App. The price is well worth it.
Daniel Berend 2018-11-21

I\'m a pilot and general gadget geek so I love lots of info. Even though the demo did what Torque + Nissan Adv Plugin couldn\'t, CVT temp for my GF\'s 09 Sentra. I bought this to say thanks and love the extra features. Don\'t know how you managed what the other apps couldn\'t, but awesome work. Ok after some use here is my wishlist. 1) Can we have the option of imperial units? 2) A torque plugin? I\'d be willing to pay a few bucks more. 3) Clean up the menus and make navigation a little more intuitive.
Assad Niang 2019-04-14

Best money spent on google play. Also the developer is very responsive. He responded to my email right away and provided me with a solution. No other tools I used could do it... I noticed the speed is off by 3-4mph in monitor mode, I tried all 3 methods, and still was off from the digital speed on the dashboard. Highly recommended...
Mohammed Hnoosh 2019-02-22

Great app. I set up the engine braking to off and it worked as a charm. Used it with my BFAX Bluetooth dongle. It also provides valuable info about CVT pressures, ratios, temperature and other parameters. Highly recommended if you own a Nissan with CVT.
Daniel Humaj 2018-01-17

Many thanks for great software, very informative, helpful and most importantly reliable
Gehad Qaki 2021-02-16

Wow, just wow. This app with my Viecar Scanner did something that my $5,000 Mac tools shop scan tool was not able to do on my 2018 Nissan Altima. this app was able to properly read my CVT fluid temperature. My Mac tool scanner have been giving me incredibly high readings of 240° F and higher even though the ambient temperature is 0° where I am, so I knew there was no way that my CVT fluid temperature was that high on startup and then only going up while driving. Amazing app for Nissans.