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Description of Cyber Dead: Super Squad

"The dead arises, and mix with cyber"

"You mean Undead Cyborg"?

“Nah, It's Cyberdead's”

Emergency, zombie squads - crazy machines are destroying humanity. Right now, we desperately need the help of super soldier to save the world. It's time to join an intense battle, finish the dangerous missions by picking up your weapon and fight back ZOMBIES !!!

Immersed in the endless fight of one of the new generation 2D action platformer game and become the best mental soldier. Cyber Dead is a combination of the metal slug genre, also known as the dwarf rambo and the 2D platformer game.

As you probably already know, platformer games are side scrolling shoot 'em up games. Contra is the most famous side scrolling shoot 'em up game.

After years of absence, this game has been revived with a new version called Cyber Dead on mobile platform. New story, diverse worlds, supreme arsenal, ferocious monsters and many amazing rewards in the arena promise to bring about new experience to attract players.

Mission: Use play button to run and gun pits gunman's against a large numbers of enemies and big bosses with extremely powerful weapons pick-ups. Try to upgrade moves to avoid contacting with the enemy or you will be damaged. Therefore, amazing run, jumps, and guns will lead you to win various levels, unlock new worlds and wipe out the zombies squad from humanity.

Gunmans, be aware of dangerous traps and hurdles in this 2D platformer game: become an ultimate action hero combining bombastic skills of defense and attack to save humans from the dead. They also have best upgraded metal slug weapons. Watch carefully as the enemies are fast and smart too. Try your best to avoid the hurdles and traps in this fast-paced 2D action shooting game to complete your intense missions.

What are you waiting for? Choose your super soldier, pick a modern weapon and fight those epic nasty bosses for this ultimate action game. Are you ready to join the squad military and become a bombastic super hero?

In Cyber Dead, you will experience:

- The 2D retro run n gun gameplay

- Build your own base

- 9 default heroes with different combat styles and mechanics: Bombastic Shooter, Snipers, Metal soldiers, Robots, Gunman, Bomberman, Ramboat...they’re all yours.

- Epic battle against 50+ types of enemy and 10 bosses.

- PVP - online shooting games

- 150+ rounds until you take back the Earth.

- 70+ guns and many more to come in the next update.

- True side scrolling platformer shooting game with modern gameplay and art.


- Use the movement buttons to control the super soldiers, run and gun zombies to pass the levels. Remember "Run fast, shoot faster"!

- Tap jump button to avoid obstacles.

- Use coin and gem to power up your metal squad.

- Collect puzzle pieces to unlock new super soldiers. Metal squads will be extremely formidable.

- Perform daily quests and events to unlock items in side scrolling action game.

It’s your time to fight like a real super soldier!.... Enjoy the thrill of metal gun shooting in Cyber Dead action game.

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lable: Arcade - Games Current Version: Publish Date:2022-05-27 Developer:Angles Game Studio

User Reviews


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Woo Waa Fii Schaa 2020-12-16

Horrible controls and some serious issues made me stop playing before spending a penny more. The human hands are anatomically not built to play this game with success. Game gets ridiculous frustrating due to shoot/nade instead of jump and vice versa. Sometimes hero shoots in a straight line below or upwards (no one there) instead of enemies in front direction. Beeing 1 point below \'required\' strength is like you left the entire gear at home + controls = uninstalled. Developers way to greedy!
Ismail Hossen 2020-12-13

Excellent game I\'m loving this game and enjoyed the game, so mony friends interested the playing the game,,but one thing short stage and hero\'s gear level need to be more than powerful or upgrade system need to be something changed day after day by day maximum one day its perfect another one thing rewards gifts price too much could you please is it possible to lower amount fixed. Afterthen I\'m said overall this game very very funny and entertainment games once time playing better understood me.
Rolly M 2021-01-19

I played a game called something like \"bomb-tastic brothers\" or some such. This game is EXACTLY like that! It\'s time consuming, pay-to-win and holds little to no regard for free players. Uninstalling. Not spending money on THIS game like I made the mistake of doing with the other game.
Enan Louise 2020-12-08

Great action shooter game for those older gamers who liked going to the arcades in the 1970\'s and 1980\'s. It\'s a classic style platformer with new graphics and features. Fight aliens, and weird creatures!😁
Aragon Alagao 2020-09-16

After the update, phoenix event was gone. The duration is Aug. 21 to 28, I have a lot of unused keys on that event. Bug still exist. Bring back the old way of making materials in workshop. In new update The cost of making an item is too high, compared to disassemble that gives only very little amount around 1 percent. Can\'t even make legendary item now.
Alex Green 2020-10-11

Add watching game. I spend more time watching adds than playing. Fun in the beginning and impossible to win in a while. Arena enemy\'s became a way stronger. Game has potential, but uninstalled.
an-d-rew 2020-11-15

Fun game. Would love it if upgrade took less time or the difficulty curve (+1k gear rating per level) was a little less extreme. Makes it hard to keep up gear wise.
Alexandros Sellinas 2020-07-06

Very nice and enjoyable game. Pretty straightforward and with exceptional graphics. Only noticable issue is the fact that since the last update, everytime I try to watch a video to receive some additional rewards, the game force closes. Could you please fix this issue? Update: The aforementioned issue has been successfully resolved. Well done to all of the developers. When should we expect to see more levels? Finished all on normal and hard mode and now I\'m only doing the various challenges.
Sonick Lara 2020-07-25

This game is really fun and the first to be addicting for me but since the newest update all the reward ads keep saying ad is not available,it was working fine till the last two updates,please fix i love the endless rewards even if u need to watch an ad
N3 MAFIA 2020-09-27

Yeah it was fun for a while but got boring after unlocking 8 out of the 9 characters on grind. Strike mode is rigged after upgrading characters 4rom drill you will find out that u need a further 9k points to complete some of the b4 they refresh