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Description of Cyber Era

🔥Welcome to Cyber Era! 🔥

The story takes place in a futuristic cyberpunk world where humanity is in a fierce war against AI threats, criminal syndicates, and greedy megacorporations alike. As the Overseer of your own cyber-city, you must restore order to society, research both new and forgotten technologies, and train an army of future soldiers to protect your civilization. Assemble legendary heroes, develop their unique talents, and battle the rogue Artificial Intelligence threat! Defend the future of humanity in this thrilling Cyberpunk world!

▶Real-Time AI Wars

AI battles happen in real-time on a dynamic world map. You can send your troops to join the battle or leave it at any time. Has your ally been attacked by a strong player who is going to steal their resources? What are you waiting for! Send your troops to support your friend! Plan a night-time counterattack alongside your allies to surprise your enemy!

Explore and conquer on the world map

Explore the mysterious world of Cyber Era. Expand your territories on the world map. Conquer enemy Gates to gain access to new, more lucrative regions. The further you explore, the richer the resources you’ll find. Take over and command Apex Headquarters and show your power to the entire world!

▶Build your Cyber-city

Become an Overseer and manage your cyber-city. Collect rare resources, enjoy free-building gameplay, and train the strongest soldiers! Prepare to battle against Artificial Intelligence forces! Use our unique “zoom” feature to leave your city and go to the world map instantaneously.

▶Unrestricted army movements

Enjoy unrestricted army movements on the world map! Unite your army with allies to destroy the enemy. Fight the AI and Apex forces on your own terms to find and secure rare resource facilities. Use different Heroes to command multiple sets of troops at once!

▶Command RPG Heroes

Dozens of legendary heroes from 7 different factions await your command! Each of them has a unique background story. Assemble legendary heroes and use talent trees and skill systems to unleash their full potential. Match up your heroes and create powerful teams to fight through an exciting campaign against a mysterious AI threat!

▶Team-up with your friends in the Mega.Corp

Create your own MegaCorp and team-up with your friends. Find allies in the world of Cyber-Era!

👉Facebook https://www.facebook.com/CyberEragame

👉Discord https://discord.gg/g7mK6nt

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More Information Of Cyber Era

lable: Strategy - Games Current Version:2.200.636.1239 Publish Date:2021-05-26 Developer:GOAT Games

User Reviews


What's new with you? Please tell everyone.

MaesterTasl 2020-10-13

Actually quite a fun game. Like all games of the army strategy genre on mobile it is shamelessly pay to win. It does have some cheap flat out good purchases though like 5$ to unlock a 2nd build queue permanently. It has a very similar system to kiss of war with its own tweaks on a couple things beyond just the aesthetic being futuristic. It has a ton of hero units to unlock, though many of them feel like no name brand overwatch. Worth checking out but didn\'t have staying power for me.
Fitness Meets Nutrition - By Joel Castillo 2020-09-27

Work in progress. Please double time in fixing obvious lacking content of the game. The game looks promising with its concept although the game play is exactly the same as other war games. Urgent urgent urgent fix please. Updated review: Now I declare that this game officially is dead... I have spent time waiting for devs to fix obvious problems but still no response. Well guess what, if you don\'t care about your game, why should we?
Dmytro Zasheyko 2020-10-12

I don\'t see how this game is any different from Lords Mobile that\'s been around for years. Except for this one is actually way more expensive. And has bugs.
Marshy 101 2020-09-08

Great game I love the heroes the graphics is good but may i suggest to make the game less laggy and also add a new hero every month. I hope this game will be famous.
Marjonel Delacruz 2020-10-31

i give it 3 stars because i see in the ad that is a like a war game but you need to build like your own city, and it so lag even my tablet is for gaming and the graphics is quite nice i hope you will post on your ad that there is builiding towns wse for them to know, thanks I appreciate your hardwork
Romel Ofalsa 2020-10-30

Nice game new so far but not pay to win
Kenny Couling 2020-11-25

Not happy with the compensation for the 4 day rollback. A day of maitenance is understandable but 4 day rollback wish I never made a purchase my time is more important could have at least provided speed ups to catch up to where I was everyone seems pretty mad players are dropping how do you expect the game to take off like this?
Hai 2020-11-25

Edit. Was able to play the game, not sure about the graphics since my phone\'s new, it\'s a bit laggy, and there are times when you search a monster, nothing pop\'s out, so I had to click the ground.
Mel Fernan 2020-12-03

the is fascinating... but earning power isn\'t enough... taking 1 year to get 1m power... please fix it.... i know what im talking about so fix it ... slow developer
Kingson Gem Cantonjos 2020-09-20

I really love the game but in the chapter mission 10 and 11 there are some missing mission\'s description and even if you click it, it will not direct you to the quest, I hope you can fix this issue cause it troubling the players to level up