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Description of Cyclemeter Cycling Tracker

Cyclemeter is the most advanced application for cyclists, mountain bikers, and runners ever designed for a mobile device. Built from the ground up for Android, it makes your phone a powerful fitness computer — with maps, graphs, splits, intervals, laps, announcements, zones, training plans and more.

Experience core features and dependability for free, then upgrade to Elite to add advanced features.

Android Powered

• Records an unlimited number of workouts — years of workouts only take up the space of a few songs.

• No website login required.

• Swipe across the stopwatch to see pages of stats, maps, and graphs - completely configurable.

• View your workouts on a calendar, and by routes and activities.

• View bar and pie charts summarizing all your workouts.


• Exclude stopped time with automatic stop detection.

• View terrain and traffic maps with Google Maps.

• Record heart rate, bike speed, bike cadence, and bike power with sensors.

• Automatically record the weather.


• Supports cycling, running, walking, skating, skiing, and many other activities.

• Keep on track with extremely configurable interval training, zones, and targets.

• Set up repeating intervals, pyramid intervals, or tempo workouts.

• Hear announcements that keep you in the zone.

• Analyze your split, interval, and zone performance.


• Select from more than 120 configurable announcements including distance, time, speed, elevation, and heart rate.

• Hear stats automatically at time or distance intervals, or on-demand with your earphone remote.

• Listen to comments from friends and followers on Facebook, Twitter, and dailymile.


• Compete against your previous workouts along a route.

• See your virtual competition on a map and in graphs.


• Includes 5K, 10, half, and marathon running plans.

• Design your own training plans.

Analyze Online - See abvio.com/explorer

• View the Workout Explorer on your computer or on your phone.

• Share by email, Twitter, Facebook, Strava, MyFitnessPal or dailymile.

• View within the app on any Info page for a workout.

• View your graph, splits, intervals, zones, and more.

• Select a zone to see your map path drawn with zone colors.


• Use email, Facebook, Twitter, Strava, MyFitnessPal and dailymile to share your workouts online.

• Automatically keep family and friends notified of your location and progress.

• Hear replies from family, coaches, and friends spoken using text-to-speech.


• Import by tapping on a GPX, TCX, FIT or KML link or file in mail or browsers.

• Export detailed CSV, GPX, TCX, FIT or KML files for use in maps, graphs, and social fitness sites.

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More Information Of Cyclemeter Cycling Tracker

lable: Health & Fitness - Apps Current Version:2.1.24 Publish Date:2022-03-27 Developer:Abvio Inc.

User Reviews


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Meekay 2019-01-26

OMG thank you, i had this app on my 4S MANY MANY years ago, now that its on android im SOOO HAPPY. THANK YOU!!!. i really never liked iphones but this was my go to. the fact that you can race against your previous times makes cycling fun :D SO HAPPY!!!!!
Gerald Guevara 2020-11-05

I was just looking for something to act as a cycling computer because I don\'t want to buy another expensive device. Not only did this app fill in the role but it surpassed my expectations. You could customize size, colour and placement of the stats you want to display. In my main screen I put speed, cadence, heart rate, calories burnt and total distance. If you\'re a data nerd. There\'s GPS tracking your ride as well as graphs for all the data from sensors being collected.
Alan Budge 2020-08-24

Have been using this since March 2020 after trialling Strava. This one I much prefer but purely a personal choice. The best experience I have had so far is the support from the developers. I moved from Apple to Android and expected to pay for the elite version again. I contacted Avio prior to downloading and received a long, well thought out reply containing full step by step instructions in how to transfer my data from iOS to Android. This worked first time. Fantastic service.
Siddharth Deswal 2020-09-02

The app is great, but the developers need to add a user account system so that your data is automatically synced to their servers and isn\'t dependent on your device. My Android phone malfunctioned and I lost all my rides and my paid Elite plan because the data was not saved on cloud. Edit on 02 September 2020 after getting a power meter: this app is insane! The amount of features they\'ve got are incredible for the price and are perfectly suited for training.
Happy Killmore 2020-06-06

Weasel-ware. Instead of simply selling the program, like a comapny with integrity, they shamelessly beg for subscription money, even though you aren\'t subscribing to anything. They basically want you to pay double the purchase value of the app, every month for a \"subscription\" .. Remember before every developer was a sniveling weasel? I miss integrity...
Jeff Westmoreland 2021-01-06

Great app with great support! My iPhone died and I switched to Android but needed help restoring my Elite purchase. Ronnie answered my email in less than 24 hours, answered all my concerns, and got me back up and running in record time! I use the app for cycling, walking, and will start hiking soon. It tracks everything I need and more! I definitely recommend it!
David Brewer 2020-07-10

New to cycling. Tried many other Apps, but came back to Cyclemeter, as I found it easy to use and gave me all the information that I needed. Purchased the yearly subscription, which is better value than the so called leading cycle App!
H M 2020-05-20

Great app and had everything I\'m looking for but a few things are totally off. I just cycled and in the splits screen my highest speed was 70mph, which just wasn\'t possible. But in the Laps/intervals screen my highest speed was 38mph. In the stopwatch my highest speed was 45mph. So, I have absolutely no idea what my speed were. Also, the stop detection doesn\'t seem to stop the clock when you stop. I have no idea how to set timers for interval training. Love it but needs a bit of work.
John Harwell 2020-11-01

The Cycle meter ap is fantastic. Here are some things I like about it. The history function helps me keep up with my annual riding goals. I like how it times each ride and stops when I stop so that riding times are more accurate. The ap keeps weather conditions and calorie counts. This ap is the best.
Joao Michel 2020-09-13

Trully a great app with all the riding data necessary for an amature to a serious cyclist . One feature that is greatly missed is the ability to select a safety contact and that that particular person cannot follow you on your ride. This is a great safety feature for both road riders and MTB riders. Accidents can happen - and this feature could save ones life. Other competitive apps carry this feature however not the detailed metrics of cyclemeter. Please take this under consideration on your next update.