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Description of Daily Expenses 3

Daily Expenses is an application designed to organize your income and expenses, your movements of money are recorded by date, you can review the reports daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.

Organizing your expenses allow you to have a better control over your money.

• Track your income and expenses , classify them by category .

• You can modify or delete the records that you have created.

• The application will show reports grouped by periods , along with your balance period.

• You can also schedule recurring records , so the application added by you that are repetitive movements in fixed periods.

• If you need it you can password protect your information .

• The application lets you create a backup of your database to restore your information if necessary .

• Available translations: Spanish, English, Portuguese, German, French, Russian, Chinese, Italian, Ukrainian, Indonesian, Korean, Catalan.

• Widget 3x1 with the summary of the month.

• Available reports: daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly and yearly.

• Create graphical reports

• Horizontal screen for tablets.

• Choose the currency format and the date format used in your country.

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lable: Finance - Apps Current Version:3.585.G Publish Date:2022-06-13 Developer:Michel Carvajal (encodemx)

User Reviews


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sri nath 2019-08-17

I have purchased Pro license, Recently My mobile is dead and lost all the data when I checked the Google drive backup there was only one backup found that was very old all my recent backup has been notified as backed up but actually it\'s not present can you please help me retrieve my recent expense backup file
Tony Lewis 2021-01-22

Recently, I purchased the full version of this app. Can\'t live without it. You don\'t need to be an accountant to use this app. I\'m glad that they added different colors or skins. I can accurately manage multiple accounts from one app. Works better than my actual bank apps. Plus, it keeps me from having to sign in to my bank apps multiple times each day, lowering the risk of being hacked.
Let\'s Discuss with Eliza 2019-10-26

I love this! All I want is to put down all my information in one place without attaching bank account information or having artificial intelligence give me budgeting advice. This app does that for me. I love the pie chart of my expenses. It\'s a clear, concise way to keep track of how much I\'m spending and how much I\'m bringing in on a regular basis. I am so glad I gave this app a chance!
Matekwo Akpem 2020-08-16

This is a SUPERB app for keeping track of incomes and expenses. You get to see exactly how much you spend on what (in % too), record cash incomes and expenses, card incomes and expenses and savings incomes and expenses. You can do all this even when you\'re OFFLINE. There\'s the currency option (you choose your currency; I\'m writing from Nigeria [₦]), the colour themes and icons. Useful for personal use and small businesses. All this for the free version! The paid version has even more. Kudos!
Sarath V 2020-12-04

I am using this application for the last 5 years. Yesterday i upgraded my phone. Its One Plus 8T. Its android 11 version. I back-up the app and license from my old phone, and tried to install the Daily Expenses app and licence app in my new phone. But its failed, i can\'t install the app. Don\'t know why. Can you help me to install it? I already sell my old phone, and i only have the 5 years backup files and app file. I want to be installed all backup into my new phone. Thank You..
S P 2019-09-26

Excellent for getting all income and expenses in easy and make budget. I\'ve tried others and I don\'t want to put in my bank or attach to bank or credit card. Great been using about a year. It\'s easy to change things around and add/subtract cats and account
Boaz John Jose 2020-01-29

Best app to keep track of cash flow. Helps to maintain budgets and expenses. Purchased Pro license to get full access to manage accounts and other features such as exporting into Excel sheet. One thing I\'d like to be added to the app is a feature to generate movement list between specific dates. For instance, an option to generate a statement from Jan 20th to Feb 20th. Hope it will be added in the coming days. The app is otherwise perfect, simple and easy to use. Pro License cost is economical.
Benny Victor 2020-08-07

Its an awesome App. Recommend to use everyone. One thing i feel missing is a CATEGORY GROUPING FUNCTION. It could be better if we can create some \'Category Group\'. In a \'Category group\' should can add multiple categories. It will be very useful for those have using the app with more categories. So they can easly chcck the income & expens status of each Groups, same as using now with Categories. Waing for that CATEGORY GROUPING OPTION through your coming updates.
H.S. L 2019-11-27

When open new tabs, then back open this apps, the apps is transparent and no need to login again. Please fix this
Michael James 2020-11-11

Exactly what I was looking for. Was up and running to track personal spending quickly without having to connect bank accounts and spend hours setting up elaborate budget. Easy to add new categories. 4 stars only because I haven\'t used it long enough to utilize all features.