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Description of Daily Yoga: Fitness+Meditation

Multiple yoga asanas, pilates, fitness&corepower yoga for weight loss.

Would you like to get an energetic and efficient online yoga studio? 

Would you like to find both the yoga fitness pose video and meditation in one app?

Daily Yoga is the platform that provides health benefits for both your mind and body with multiple yoga poses, various guided yoga classes and weight loss yoga challenges. Start your day with a yoga workout, increase flexibility and balance, improve performance in daily activities, keep good posture, and get fit and healthy!



⁃ "Top Developer", "New and Noteworthy", "Essential App Collections and Editors' Choice" ; 

⁃ "Best Yoga App" since 2021 by Healthline;

⁃ The Wall Street Journal – "5 Addictive Fitness Apps";

⁃ Evening Standard – "the Best Apps for Londoners".



Daily Yoga challenges, Weekly New classes!

If you're a beginner, join the yoga challenges and see the result. Daily Yoga provides easy yoga classes to help learn the basics before diving into more advanced classes, sequences, and flows.

If you're advanced, there are plenty of the world’s class coaches. New courses will update weekly which won’t make you do the same yoga workout over and over again.


Yoga for Weight Loss and Fat Burn!

Daily Yoga provides different courses & yoga asanas for weight loss. There are easy and efficient full-body yoga exercises that help you burn fat and get visible results in a few days. 


Personal Yoga Studio At Home!

Daily yoga offers different yoga challenges according to your fitness goals. Get in shape, weight loss, stretch, increase flexibility, - even the busiest person can find 7-15 mins to complete the home yoga workout and get visible results just in 30 days.


Smart Coach to Keep You Motivated!

The Smart Coach feature helps you from the hassle of repeatedly searching for the right class. The Smart Coach feature creates a 28-day schedule of classes to help reach your one-month goal. It will be surprising to unveil a new class every day. 


Download Your Favorite Classes!  

Download yoga class for offline use and take it with you anywhere. Practice in your living room, in a hotel, on the beach, and anywhere. 


Personal Yoga Plan to Adapted to Your Needs!

A personal yoga workout planner in your pocket! Daily Yoga offers 500+ yoga poses, 500+ guided yoga classes, pilates, and meditation sessions plus the largest yoga pose library. There are multiple yoga poses to reach your needs, Vinyasa, HIIT, Hatha, Restorative, Yin, Ashtanga, Yoga Nidra, Sun Salutation, and soon, 500+ yoga asanas can be selected. 

Track and Record Your Progress!

Personal data can be tracked if you use different devices. With the smartwatch, you can track the exercise duration and calories burned and heart rate to contribute to your activity rings and meet your daily goals.


Meditation for Mind and Body!

Specially designed meditation classes to find inner peace. Boost your energy quickly, release your stress with the 10 mins meditation class, or follow the gentle voice into a sweet dream. 


Join The Worldwide Yoga Community!

Connect with 50M yogis around the world. Discuss your experience of each class, tag, and encourage each other to finish yoga challenges. It brings yogis from all over the world closer to one another.


Daily yoga is a health and fitness app to give yogis around the world a better yoga experience. Join this best yoga app and start your day with morning yoga stretches or practice yoga for bedtime. You can practice anytime and anywhere. Take control of your health and practice in the Daily Yoga App every day!



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Privacy Policy: http://api.dailyyoga.com/web/privacy.html



Feel free to contact us anytime!

· App usage problems and suggestions: support@dailyyoga.com

· Business Cooperation: business@dailyyoga.com


Come to Life, Come to Yoga!

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User Reviews


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Katarina Mila Sutton 2021-02-07

Amazing classes and great app ! I started like a bigginer and find so great programs for everyone. Everything is so well done and on the right place. Voice coach is a good and useful tool, also grafics are amazing, shown and explained clear a repited during exerc. Chalinges are inspiring and blog - Hot topics are interesting and useful. Community is extra supportive and friendly. So we have a great app, making Yoga our everyda life stile! Also pro, Gold membership is my best spent money in 2020
Karan Gala 2021-02-25

Must have app on your device if you plan to keep yourself healthy, fit and flexible. Positive vibes! Been doing this for almost 3 months and I am seeing changes in terms of stretching and flexibility. Everyone should follow yoga, especially in today\'s world where people are more mentally and physically stressed!
Patty Malloy 2020-11-26

I had this st a 5 star but I feel the need to down grade. I paid for this membership and don\'t see a benefit in doing so. Currently in July,, the app has special articles or yoga strategies for July. When I touch the picture nothing happens. I can\'t access them which is frustrating. Even more frustrating is there is no \"contact us\" option where I can ask for help. Not worth the money if you are intending to purchase the membership. stick with the free version.
Olya Land 2021-01-29

Enjoying the app so far. Great instructors, good choice of workouts and meditations. The thing I like is when I can check out the exercises and poses before I start a session. Previews during the video are helpful as well. I wish all the videos had this option. Also I wish that when using a Smart coach option for the goal of your choose there was an information about where a session comes from, or at least to mark it to add to your favourites.
Angela spence 2021-01-28

Fantastic, I love this app, classes are easy to follow with each pose fully explained, there\'s enough classes for all aspects, I\'ve being doing yoga on/off for 20yrs and this is very enjoyable and I\'m eager to do daily classes, if tracks every classes to show hours spent/calories used/class repetition and so much more. I\'ve never paid for a yoga app before and I\'m very pleased I subscribed to Daily Yoga 🙏❤🙌 definitely recommend
S Setia 2020-11-27

This is an app that provides a large variety of brilliant yoga and meditation sessions. To support this there are guides and different facilities, and DY actively work with us to make this even better. I have tried other apps, but this one is the best 🥰🙏
Tova Holmberger 2021-03-06

A pretty good app if you use it for free, very good introduction to yoga in general. Good videos that are easy to follow and good voice instructions too! There are lots of great things if you pay, but you can try them out sometimes for free in exchange for watching ads. Costs are a bit higher and smart coach is unavailable for silver membership now(which seems to be gone unless you already have it) so that would it back a bit
Kris Gonsalves 2021-03-04

They renewed the app and did not refund me when I asked for one. I basically have to pay for an app for a year....that I am not using. I used it for a year. It autorenewed. I asked them on the day of the renewal for a refund and they refused. Super shady business practices. They will literally make you pay for something you will never use. Would not recommend this app based on their refund policy.
Namrata Jain 2021-01-22

Beware of getting urself enrolled in gold trial as you download the app. I had no idea that I got enrolled. I used the app once, didn\'t like it and forgot about it. I get a charge of 69$. Freaking out I reach out to Google. They say the funds have been transferred to the app. I contact Daily Yoga, apologetic, begging them for refund. Even though they allow refund within 7 days, they claim they can\'t & only Google can. At the end, a customer suffers. 69$ is lot for me. In these times show some 💛
Vesal Vojdani 2020-04-28

Excellent! Gets the essentials right. The sessions are perfectly conducted for beginners to follow. I think the (English) audio deserves particular praise: the instructions are clear, the voice is pleasant, and the audio mixing is outstanding. This is critical if you want to be able to do the exercises and not just watch the screen all the time. I also appreciate the fair pricing model. There is an intermediate tier (silver), perfect for casual users like myself. Highly recommended!