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Description of Dan the Man: Action Platformer


Wait what?! That's right! MULTIPLAYER has finally come to Dan The Man: Action Platformer!

Our most requested feature of all time comes in the form of a classic "beat up a horde" style coop mode. Grab a friend and relive the glory days of retro coop split screen... online! Don't have any friends? Dan the Man: Action Platformer has you covered. Just search for a quick match and get an instant brawl buddy!🤜💢

We are sure you'll agree that two Dans are better than one, as you both co-operative take down an Army of Soldiers, Robots, Bats, and even Epic Bosses to clean up the streets of fury. Just make sure you take all the coins!💪

With a cracking funny story, action, an awesome upgradeable fighting skills and an epic arsenal of weapons that will make even the most heroic of heroes envious, Dan The Man's arcade fight fest has enough enemies and boss fights to satisfy every hardcore Action Platformer enthusiast and every indie game lover.


🔥Campaign Mode: Follow the adventure of Dan in a new stage to this epic series. Get ready to kick foes in one of the most epic retro platformer games to date!

🔥Endless Survival: Reach the top of the rankings and show the world who is boss fighting in this endless action game mode.

🔥Adventure Mode: Test yourself in tons of epic challenges and different kinds of games and unlock exclusive skins and prizes!

🔥Multiplayer Mode: search for a match or play with a friend in this coop format.

All of them for FREE!


Upgrade your favorite character to make them the best in this platformer game, unlocking new abilities and longer super epic combos to give your enemies a hard time!


Customise your own character with all kinds of epic skins and clothing that give you extra advantages in combat. Play your character the way you want!


Retro pixel art graphics bring back the best of old arcade games filled with action, platforms and lots of fighting.

What are you waiting for? Join the action! Be legendary! PLAY NOW for FREE!


Catch up on the story that precedes the game! Watch each stage of the web series: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLuNyw_z6mVdXCUK05PYmwYQ3Yozs9hsGs


This game contains optional in-app purchases. You can disable this feature in the settings menu of your device.

View our privacy policy at http://halfbrick.com/pp

Views our terms of service at http://halfbrick.com/tos


Permissions used in the game:

- Check your network, WIFI and Internet availability:

Ensures your game is kept up to date, give you access to online/cloud save options and serve ads where applicable. Game can be played offline.

- Avoid the device falls asleep:

This prevents the device from going into a sleep state while the game is active.

- Allow IAP items purchases:

This allows you to make purchases from our in-game store.

- Receive push notifications:

Gives us authorization to send you messages and notifications for events, features, etc.

- Bind_Get_Install_Referrer_Service:

Used to track and measure Dan the Man application installations.

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More Information Of Dan the Man: Action Platformer

lable: Arcade - Games Current Version:1.10.12 Publish Date:2021-11-29 Developer:Halfbrick Studios

User Reviews


What's new with you? Please tell everyone.

Big Dredwick 2020-10-31

Thank you for correcting the issue with ads being displayed after paying for premium. Question: is it possible to include in the options menu the ability to move the controller position to the player\'s liking? The direction pad is spaced very far apart and it would be so much better if we could adjust the position of the direction arrows. Thanks for a great game!
Ismail Rabie 2021-02-14

My favorite game, feels like I am playing a bunch of retro games together, nice graphics, good gameplay, so challenging, a very good time killer and very nostalgic. LOVE IT! EDIT: The multiplayer mode is fine but it really needs an \"add friend\" feature or a chat of some sort so that when two players have fun together they can play together again, right now if I get randomly matched with someone and I want to play with him again it is nearly impossible because there is no way we can communicate.
K T 2020-12-21

This is a great game, and what makes it even better is that you can play it offline without wasting data. However, the amount of ads is ridiculously many and they are all very long. I understand that the developers need to earn money, but seriously, this is way too many ads. Give us lesser ads WITHOUT BUYING PREMIUM and I will give it 5 stars.
Gus Hayabusa 2021-02-06

Don\'t know (yet) what the nagging is about. Ads last 5seconds and if you don\'t want them you can just buy the damn game! What\'s up with all the window shoppers? They give them a free choice and still they nag. Developers make a living out of this, like your daddy makes a living with his work so you can have a device to play this on!!! As far as the game, they succeeded with the retro feeling and the joyful atmosphere. This one is a keeper. (So far)
Levi LaFrance 2021-01-26

Overall its a great game However there are some things that should be done. First of all there should be accounts, i had this game on an alt device and lost all my progress which at the moment, isn\'t a big deal but just to ensure that someone can save there progress is a big deal. Second they need to implement a PvP mode, i dont know if they can or if the combat system would work but if they can it would be fantastic. And make no ads purchasable option. Overall great game.
stephen kierein 2020-10-28

I really like it. Its simple, but in a creative sort of way. Id definitly recomend it. Edit: so they did a big overhaul on the game recently where the game speed seems to have trippled. This does make the game better in my opinion, however the change has forced me to relearn how to play because my timeing has been thrown off. If you are new to the game, it wont be an issue. Its just a bit annoying. Still 5 stars because of how awesome the game is! Definitly consider getting it. Youll love it!
Abraham Joby 2020-12-31

Entertaining and Challenging !!! I\'ve been playing this game for only one month and Ive completed it in Normal mode and hard mode. This game keeps you entertained for hours !!!! I have to say the adventure mode is not too good but the story mode is so good that I can play the same level over and over again and still not get bored,In multiplayer you get to fight with all sorts of players. sometimes noobs sometimes Pros it\'s just the best
Pamela Simonetti 2020-10-25

My bf started me on this game and I have been hooked ever since! It\'s not necessary to have to spend money to go further or upgrade.also I love the little cartoon that sorta explains the game and what the objective is.i like the story that the game is based on alot it\'s very funny and kinda cute at the same time.cant wait to try multi player with my bf I know its gonna be alot of fun!I would recommend this game to anyone .I have told alot of people about it already and will continue to do so.
Stelios Gr 2020-12-15

The Best Game Ever!!! Please add wall jump and a way to get Fright Zone for free. Also, add more stories and stage 9 or something Edit: Forget stage 9, this game just got the awesome-est-est-est! Multiplayer mode, more frequent updates, cool events, and so many ROCKING changes! A lot of people thought that you gave up to this game, because of the rare updates, but not me! I knew that something I huge was coming, and (thankfully) I was right ∞⭐ from me. Kick their butts, Dan!
Benjamin Sachakov 2020-12-29

The new multi-player came out and I really love it, but there\'s one big problem that caught my attention. In some multi-player battles when there is a boss fight, the boss is able to fight before the players can move causing us to die before we can even move. This always happens with the machine gun boss. Also, there needs to be a balance change with the jump boss. He is incredibly easy and beaten in a matter of seconds. I love that the devs are still working on this game! Thanks