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Dark Days: Zombie Survival

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Description of Dark Days: Zombie Survival

Earth is different now. An unknown epidemic nearly wiped out humanity, dooming it to an eternal struggle for survival. Almost the entire population was turned into bloodthirsty zombies.

The apocalypse struck and cities were overrun with the walking dead. The military dropped nuclear bombs in the most infected areas, but it was too late. The epidemic was out of control. All hope was lost.

People fled their cities to find shelter from the walking dead.

They started building shelters to survive their last days in the new post-apocalyptic landscape.

Fight. Gather resources. Build your shelter. Survive!

Dark Days is a tactical survival shooter!

Dark Days combines the best parts of shooter and survival games in one.

Your mission? Build your last shelter, gather resources, craft weapons and equipment, and wipe out hordes of zombies starved for human flesh in a post-apocalyptic world.

Survive to the very end and give hope to build a new world!


- Build and upgrade your shelter

- Gather resources

- Craft weapons and equipment

- Original graphics style

- Massive world

- Intuitive controls

- Sophisticated item creation system

- Unique rewards for beating bunkers

- Tons of weapons and equipment.

And hordes of crazed zombies to kill roaming a post-apocalyptic world!




Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AzurGamesOfficial

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/azur_games

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/AzurInteractiveGames

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lable: Action - Games Current Version:1.7.2 Publish Date:2021-08-09 Developer:Azur Interactive Games Limited

User Reviews


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Govindsing Patil 2020-03-15

Awesome game. I was really looking forward for such kind of game since a long time, thanks for making it. Graphics are great, runs smooth!!!!!! But what I hate is the speed at which the Equipment wears out, them getting worn out so quick, after a point of time it gets boring, as your main concern is on equipment repair and not on story, make them more durable
Tyler Breaux 2020-08-01

It needs some work. Things need more info, like how it works or what it\'s used for, stuff like that. The hunger/thirst system needs to be toned down a bit or at least have it stop going down when in a menu or looking through the inventory and whatnot. Some people like me take our time searching through stuff and by the time I\'m done, I\'ve got to start eating/drinking again. Hunger/thirst shouldn\'t be such a huge hindrance/issue as it is. Game has a lot of potential, just needs some fine tuning.
Rino M 2019-12-11

First of all, I managed to get passed the 25% loading freeze by switching to 4g. Second: you cannot costumize where the button layout is on screen, wich ducks when you want to use triggers. Second it\'s not truly open world and you have to spend \"energy\" to move around the map to difrent locations. The controls are sluggish. And don\'t get be started on auto shooting.
Markus Mouse 2021-02-13

Love this game it\'s awesome! Definitely a step up from the Last Day on Earth. I only have one problem though. When you you can\'t spam the button because it(the pop-upat the bottom) sends you to your inventory. Even if you slightly off click the build button it opens inventory and it gets a little annoying. If you don\'t mind could you please fix this?
Jacob Oberg 2020-05-06

This game is awesome. They fixed the prices, much more reasonable, but nervous to buy because I don\'t know if I\'ll receive the full amount of what is shown or if it is just a spin the wheel type of thing. I\'m not paying for a chance to win something. The game still needs to rework the thirst, hunger and durability of items. Crafting has been tweaked slightly and there are now events. No such thing as blocking and if you back up (clearly out of range) you\'ll still take damage. Good luck.
rico arrindell 2021-02-18

Things that are missing:character customizing, garage vehicle customizing, control customizing, fishing and no storyline. The good: graphics, locations, timed event, build from chest, vehicles, getting gold from zombies wel balanced. Sinds last update all text has turned to numbers and I can\'t play the game. Rei talked now all progress is gone and restore purchases button is not working.
blazer Mettro 2020-07-10

The game is really good and has alot of potential, there are a few things here and there that could use some work or you could add: Being able to use Gold to Repair damaged equipment. - The durability of weapons could be buffed a bit. ( It is REALLY hard to get some of the items needed to make weapons, It would be nice if they could last a bit longer) But your game is SUPER awsome and I\'d like to see it develop more story Elements. PS. I love how similar the art style is to BORDERLANDS🔫👑😆.
Milocinia 2021-01-23

One of the better mobile survival games. You actually feel like you can make meaningful progress without investing real money. The 3D cell-shaded graphics are attractive and well done. Ads are optional and you actually get valuable resources from watching them. The only problem I have is their price and discounts are arbitrary and seem a little predatory. Some of the prices are reasonable but their pricing scheme and fake discounts can be a turn-off. Other than that it\'s a great game.
Julian Blanco 2020-09-07

Pros: new twist on survival. 3rd person shooter, cell animation a la bordelands. Free ad chests are generous, but only drop common items. Cons: typical model. Gear wears out quickly. Anything better than mid level is a long grind to find materials for. Unless you\'re willing to buy high end gear for cash, expect the game to reach grind plateau by lvl 20.
Taco Liberator 2020-07-14

To begin with I saw the ad for it and it looked like the usual mobile game ads where they don\'t show actual gameplay. But in this case it does! Looks easy to use and graphics similar to borderlands and walking dead. I was hooked! Gameplay is good. Controls are fairly easy. The only problems are the tutorials. Right off the bat you are only given tasks to do this and that. Then you\'re on your own. The only downfall is the hunger system. You get hungry and thirsty way too quickly.