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Description of Darkness and Flame 3

There is no one in the world who could return from the Dark Side inviolate… Going there is the only chance to light the fading flame, though.

“Darkness and Flame. The Dark Side” is an adventure game in the genre of Hidden Objects, with plenty of mini-games and puzzles, unforgettable characters and complicated quests.

Having blown up the dam and poured thousands of tons of water onto the army of the Darkness, Alice and her companions were absolutely sure that they had won a victory. But it was by no means the end. The Dark Warrior managed to survive and he sent after them a hurricane so powerful that the three were nearly killed!..

Alice recovers consciousness and finds herself behind the Great Fissure, on the Dark Side, where regular people have not been able to get for a few decades already. Now, when the girl has to find her uncle and Farador before the Darkness finds them first, the power of the burning flame, which the tender girl got in her childhood, is fading for unknown reasons…

Will Alice manage to find her closed ones before the magic power leaves her forever?..

Travel together with young Alice about dark lands and deserted settlements, caves and oases of the Desert of Death. You are to get to the very heart of the deserted lands and cope with numerous challenges, avoid the traps and hide away from the Darkness. Are you ready for a difficult, but so thrilling journey to the other side?

- Do not be afraid of dangerous journey to the Dark Lands!

- Get acquainted with the lucky survivors on the deserted lands.

- Solve lots of incredible puzzles

- Get help from new friends

- Gather amazing collections and find dozens of morphing-objects.

- Enjoy stunning locations, magnificent graphics, exciting mini-games and puzzles.

The game is optimized for tablets and phones!

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lable: Adventure - Games Current Version: Publish Date:2022-05-30 Developer:FIVE-BN GAMES

User Reviews


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Monique Nomicos 2020-05-10

I really enjoyed this game!!! I couldn\'t put it down. With regards to the \'forth\' key... Don\'t follow online guides! I had the same issue as most people and went online for some guidance and landed up assuming the game had a glitch in it. I contacted the support team and got a little help. I just used my \'hint\' options and found the key. The support team is great and get back to you really quickly, which is great.
Karen Smith 2020-07-12

I absolutely loved this game. Graphics excellent, story excellent and the puzzles are excellent too. I don\'t understand why people need to buy coins. I completed the game, didn\'t use hints and didn\'t skip puzzles. These games are ment to get your brain working. Spend time thinking and you can do them. Consentrate.. It\'s a really good brain workout. Keeps the brain healthy. The hardest part was the 3 rings but it is doable without skipping. These are the best games out there.
Realtester1984 2020-03-10

I love these games , but sadly I am experiencing a glitch where I do not receive 2 keys after a puzzle. I see I am not the only one, and it\'s quite frustrating. Will re-install and give it one more try. I really do hope it works, because I would like to finish this story line. Edit: have uninstalled and re-installed twice now, and still the same glitch. I will unfortunately not be coming back to this game for some time. Shame, really was enjoying it. Hope it is fixed soon, great story.
Jon & Tracey B 2019-08-26

**Disappointed FiveBN - you need to sort this problem. I tried to play this game again and reinstalled it, but on reaching the bonus chapter it does not recognise that I have already paid to purchase the extra content and asks for more money! I would not have paid the extra for the bonus chapter if I had known it was only for one play through of the game 😭 (Previous comment) It\'s only free to play main game, you will need to pay to play the bonus chapter
Fatemeh Khazraie 2020-03-22

It is a really good game I love the series but there are some things that should be reconsider: 1)losing important items when you use them while you need them again just few more scenes later like ropes, shovels and ... which is so annoying. 2) I have played lots of the games of this company and many of the puzzles are the same , I know it is hard but please try to think about new mini games and puzzles
Iiro Wasén 2020-08-27

Good game. I noticed that I had horrible memories of other Five-BN games because of their back and forth action. In this, you can go all the way from the end to the start but most items are regional, which is a good improvement. Other than that: no \"energy\" system. Only bad thing was that you couldn\'t use other items for things that could clearly be done with another item.
raz m 2019-11-30

I love the games iv played by five bn 10/10, the graphics & sounds are brilliant the story lines are amazing, the games are very entertaining & I have been hooked😀. i have played the complete free games & competed so far, lost lands, the legacy, Darkness and flames (waiting for part 4) & New York mysteries. I have thoroughly enjoyed myself & now I plead for more free games like the ones above, I\'ll be on the lookout for the next line of games 🤩 Thank you so much !!!!!!!
Miera Sheighani 2020-06-14

So where is number 4?? Usually love these games, although there have been a few times in the games where it\'s difficult to track what\'s supposed to come next. Not necessarily a bad thing in a game encouraging you to think creatively, but it can be discouraging to try something and have it not work...but be the solution after all. Or have the necessary item from the environment look exactly like everything else. But overall, amazing games! Fairly balanced mix between cutscenes and game play.
El C 2020-10-19

The gameplay seemed to have been designed by creating a puzzle and just randomly scattering the required pieces. I don\'t agree with the reviews mentioning the gameplay is relatively self-contained in each area. I seem to recall going in and out of the dark territory (lever for the chest in the dome city and the bracelet from the fox after obtaining a rubber glove). The puzzle that really annoyed me was the pattern in the desert which anyone can memorize at a glance requiring a charcoal print.
cindy Johnson 2020-09-09

I finally found one of these games that doesn\'t overwhelm me by having to go back several spots trying to remember where a new found object goes. I like the way it stops you from going back until you have a needed object (if you can\'t go back don\'t fret, you will be able to when needed). I may finally be able to find all of the collections and morphs to play the bonus games. Hopefully there will be some kind of warning that you\'re about to finish the game to get all the bonus objects.