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Description of Dash till Puff 2

Jump, fly, bounce and dash your way through geometric worlds and music beats!

Are you ready for the challenge? Dodge random obstacles following the rhythm of the music and reach the impossible game modes where only the most skilled survive.


• Dash through 9 colorful endless procedurally generated worlds!

• Unlock new avatars, colors and trails to customize your character!

• Find hidden secrets and avatars with special powers!

• Simple controls with one touch gameplay

• Dash through a ton of different obstacles with unique geometry, shape and behaviour!

• Choose between 3 increasingly difficult game modes, from normal to impossible!

• Play offline without wifi! No need of wifi or Internet access!

• Are you low on disk space and need a light game? The game is under 25MB!

• Compete against your friends with Google Play Games Leaderboards! (need Internet access)

• Enjoy the amazing soundtrack from top artists Waterflame, DJVI, EnV, F-777 and BossFight!

Download Dash till Puff 2 now and add it to your collection of geometry dodging skill games. Be warned though, it's highly addictive!

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More Information Of Dash till Puff 2

lable: Arcade - Games Current Version:1.7.8 Publish Date:2022-06-23 Developer:Rifter Games

User Reviews


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Zman 2019-07-11

I love this game because there aren\'t to much ads and there are a lot of levels and the characters, they are adorable. this game is addicting! I love the BEATS and my favorite is Dance violin But the thing is, it is taking me forever to get one hundred points again. Though I still enjoyed the game! I just tried the first one and it is amazing too! It\'s just that the first one, there not my favorite choice of songs, =/
Josh Connor 2016-08-02

Pretty good Yeah, I still to have it on my tablet and I have everything on the game so...well, I guess you could say I\'m pretty awesome at it. But now I\'m trying to get everything that I had on my tablet into my phone. Let\'s play......
Nathaniel John Tuazon 2020-06-08

*sigh*.... This is an awesome game and it\'s just like.... Geometry... Dash.... Ugh. This game is sweet and awesome and is very inspiring... Except it\'s like my fave game geometry dash.... I was such a pro at geo..if your asking what happened to it.... It... It.... It... It got uninstalled.... A bug.... Destroyed all. My progress... But besides that... This game is great... It\'s very cool... Maybe... I could be a pro at this game.... Thx dev *sniff* for creating this it means a lot... For me....
Sandy Boyer 2020-06-17

I love this!! Although I don\'t see how it is like geomatry dash. I am nine years old and I have a few suggestions. Maybe you could create an avatar. That would be cool. If that does not happen I will just play as Emo. It\'s fine. My other suggestion is that you could create a level. In geo I am creating one. But the levels are awesome. There are different controls. My faves are uprise and lightspeed. I can\'t remmember its name. The music is so cool. Thanks Devs. Review by Arabella, nine year old.
sushma kolli 2016-08-20

Excellent Very good game..addictive🏆..fun ....designed very welll..with so many modes to play...I like it very very much. Music has energy levels it gives much interesting to play.....
CS-777 2016-04-14

Very good mobile entertainment. Really fun game, with a lot of cool and challenging game modes that adds something to the game so you won\'t get bored. It is also very cool that you can customise your avatar as you play and that also enables the player to not get bored and play the hole time to unlock a new avatar or cool colour and the music is great and diffrent for every game mode!
Meiko Sims 2020-07-04

At first, I thought this game would be a bad rip off of Geometry dash, but to be honest..... this feels like it\'s it one original game! Its challenging and relaxing at the same time! :D But I have a update idea for the game, maybe there should be a level maker so you can make your own original levels and share them! AND you should add levels so the higher your level is, the more stuff you can unlock! And, you should have the ability to add and make your own songs and blocks and stuff
Official Snom 2020-02-23

It\'s a very good game that gives me string geometry dash vibes, which is great
How About No? 2020-01-23

This is just a ripoff of geometry dash. And it\'s very dumb.
Selva Erika Quiles 2019-04-05

This game actually is good sometimes you have to listen to the beat to beat it