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Description of Dasher

Enjoy the freedom to be your own boss and earn money on your schedule. Plus, get 100% of your tips, always.


Get paid right after every dash, automatically, with no deposit fees — ever.


Make money delivering with the #1 Food & Drink Delivery app, available in 7,000+ cities in the US.


Sign up to deliver in minutes. You only need your smartphone and transportation (bike, car, scooter, or motorcycle) to start.


Your app will show you where you’re going and when to get there. Plus 24/7 help is available if you need it.


Choose your own hours and enjoy flexibility over hourly, seasonal, or full-time work. Start and stop whenever you want.


Work wherever you want. DoorDash is available in 7,000+ cities across the U.S., Australia, Canada, Japan and Germany. In select markets, you’ll be able to accept orders from Caviar, too!


Make money by completing deliveries from restaurants, convenience stores, grocery stores, and pet stores, too.

DoorDash is available in over 7,000 cities in all 50 U.S. states, including Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico; over 80 cities in Canada; and Melbourne, Australia, with more coming soon.

Find out if we’re in your area and learn more here: doordash.com/dasher/signup

Caviar Couriers can sign up using the DoorDash - Driver app

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lable: Business - Apps Current Version:6.59.2 Publish Date:2022-01-21 Developer:DoorDash

User Reviews


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M3 2021-01-15

NOT SAFE TO USE THIS APP WHILE DRIVING! It has too many steps when declining an offer plus the buttons to accept or decline an offer are too small...very hard to press these small buttons while driving (which is what we are doing)! There is zero reason to ask us why we are declining an offer. There is always only one reason why- THE PAYOUT IS TOO LOW. There is literally no other reason. Why even ask? Besides do you really think we are reading thru your list of reasons while driving?! We are not.
Shey Meadows 2020-12-11

I do not think it\'s fair to lower rating for declining a order that\'s below $5 that is miles away from home. Who would want to travel far out of their way for $3!? Also it would be great to be notified when the order is READY instead of wasting time waiting. The map indicated my area was \"Very Busy\" yet I had to wait on ONE order for 30 minutes and by the time I\'ve delivered it\'s not busy anymore. I wish that Doordash would allow unlimited cash out as well.
Kariann Durbano 2020-11-12

There are multiple issues with this app. However, my main issue is being placed on pause at random times. For instance, I just completed a delivery and the app put me on pause. It\'s happened three times since then. I\'ve also had deliveries disappear without an explanation (txt message). The app also freezes a lot and refreshes when I\'ve taken a picture of the drop off, but at that point I\'ve already walked away. Now the app freezes when a new order pops up making it hard to \"accept\".
Adam Eiden 2021-02-06

1. Dashers aren\'t paid to be personal shoppers. 2. Grocery orders aren\'t worth taking, no matter which store. 3. Support has no training, power, or authority to fix any problem in real time. 4. Multiple Dashers get sent to pick up the same order. This happens way too often. 5. Explain to Dashers why and how DD figures their performance ratings. 6. No tip, no trip. Most Dashers are doing this to make money to survive. Raise the minimum. 7. Glitch free app, pls? Dashers aren\'t your beta testers.
Natnael Mousie 2020-12-28

I started dashing late November. My activation kit (bag & red card) was ordered around that time. All was fine because I was still able to dash without the kit. I noticed that every time I opened the app, I would get prompted with a message asking if I received my kit. Obviously I would simply exit from the message and proceed to the app. Now, all of a sudden, I can no longer exit from this stupid message. I think this is dumb because now I can\'t even dash until my kit comes.
N Ko 2020-12-13

This app constantly crashes, especially when you go to take a picture of an order you\'re leaving, and they give these \"challenges\" in the morning saying they\'ll pay an extra $15 if you can do 5 orders before 10:59 and then they make sure there\'s so many people on that they only give you 3 orders all morning. Then just to make sure you don\'t get it even if it\'s busy they send you Walmart orders at 10:30 so you\'ll never finish in time.
Courtney S. 2021-02-15

Making easy money for sure, but I wish there was a way in the settings as to how far you are willing to deliver. I\'ve delivered in the city for less than $6 several times that was a 45min drive for me one way. It\'s not like I can refuse it, since it\'ll bring down my rating. Also, with how the weather is in Central America (7/14/21), we are in the middle of a freaking BLIZZARD! Yall have people on the road that are dangerous! A peak pay should be beyond $15+ and tip... if that!
Deana M.Chamberlain 2021-02-20

If this app fails, we fail. I don\'t expect it to be perfect, nothing is perfect but I would expect the developers to want to strive for greatness as most of us do when we are out there driving in the rain and ice, snow and heat down dusty broke down dirt roads way out on the edge of our starting point praying for a cash tip so we can keep dashing in order to pay a bill or eat - maybe it\'s not that bad for some but for alot of us it is. Yes some of us strive to survive. Can\'t you strive, to help?
Erik Knutson 2021-01-14

App never works. Can\'t schedule times to work, can\'t use dash now, and driver support is the most useless service I\'ve ever had the displeasure of using. Describe the problem in 2 minutes to spend nearly an hour waiting for them to give you no solutions and send you to the app development team for a bug report with absolutely no workaround so I can, you know, work. You\'re better off just sitting on a corner with a cup than using this garbage, at least you end the day with money in your pocket.
Alanna Guilbault 2020-12-12

I can\'t give it 0 stars. The app has been getting worse and worse since I started using it at the beginning of this year. The pay keeps plummeting down to the point that legitimately 85% or more of the orders you\'ll receive are absolutely not worth it and unacceptable. It seems to crash at least once a week. And its honestly offensive the pay the offer you for base pay anymore. This company doesn\'t value it\'s workers in anyway. Don\'t expect help from the support chat. 0/10 hate using this app.