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Description of DATA WING

Blast through a stylish, neon landscape in this story-driven, racing adventure.

DATA WINGs deliver critical data throughout the computer system, following Mother's orders without question. But when the system comes under attack, and Mother becomes irrational, something must be done!

• Intuitive two-touch controls with an arcade feel

• Sleek racing with a focus on thrusting off walls

• A +2 hour story with over 40 levels

• A competitive crown system. Own courses and the leaderboards!

• An amazing soundtrack from world-class producers. Featuring: luxury elite, 18 Carat Affair, ESPRIT 空想, t e l e p a t h テレパシー能力者, Eyeliner and NxxxxxS

"A ridiculously stylish 2D racer" - Touch Arcade

DATA WING is the solo passion-project of Dan Vogt; a 15-year veteran of the games industry.

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More Information Of DATA WING

lable: Racing - Games Current Version:1.5.1 Publish Date:2022-06-19 Developer:Dan Vogt

User Reviews


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Jared Wilkinson 2019-04-19

A game that\'s simple, yet enjoyable, Frustrating, yet, not annoyingly so, has impeccable style and fitting music, great simple plot, and to top it all off... not a single ad? If only the world had more of these games. I never thought id get drawn into this game. Hell its practically the first app ive actually wanted to review. For your sake. The person reading this trying to decide whether or not to give this game a chance. Do it.
Whibbs 2019-02-16

First of all, its a fun game, and it would have been better without the depressing and horribly relatable story!! All I wanted to do was cry for the poor girl. This game is NOT for empathetic people. Second, had you made the story longer for one, it was so short that I forced myself to stay up all night, just to beat it in less than an hour?? For such a depressing story that we don\'t even know the outcome for!! Screw The Mother, I want to know if the girls mom is ok!!
World Seeker 2019-03-14

This is first and probably the last review I will leave on a mobile game. I\'ve owned many prior but I certainly haven\'t ever liked one enough to take the time for a review. I felt this one was special, one, in my opinion, that never deserved to be hindered within a handheld device. With its music, sleek style, challenging and enthralling gameplay, and fun sci-fi story it kept me entertained to the very end multiple times and deserves every praise it receives.
inky diamond 2019-06-19

Very so often I actually take the time to actually leave a review, but only after 30mins of playtime I find myself rather swept up in the game. It has an assortment of levels that keep you coming back to get that perfect time, beautiful visuals, and fun music to sport it\'s nice 80\'s vibe. (not to mention none of those annoying pop up ads) If you\'ve been looking for that perfect offline game to occupy yourself on a plane, in a car ride, or even just to pass 10mins. Data Wing is perfect for you.
Niloc Rekkab 2019-01-18

Beautiful, relatable story that fits in with the gameplay. Controls are simple and are easy to pick up but hard to master. Levels are easy to follow with no chance of being frustrating. Has optional higher difficulty layers to some of the levels for an extra challenge and something to do when finished with the story. Exceptional soundtrack which even adds replay ability because I want to listen to all the songs. The ratings reflect this game.
Petey 2019-07-04

At the time of writing this review, the play store is a horrible mix of terrible games and money making apps, ridiculed with ads. This game, however, is none of those. An amazing, yet short story, with simple controls and game play. Everything about it is phenomenal. And the best part, is there are literally 0 ads or micro transactions. Data Wing is such a good game, that it\'d still be worth playing if it cost a few dollars. Hopefully more games will follow, with a solid experience and no ads.
Chris Tan 2019-02-27

Excellent! Intriguing storyline, simple gameplay but somehow addictive! I couldn\'t help but complete the game 100%, it baffles me that there\'s a review that says it\'s too difficult, there are additional difficult challenges that you can complete it you\'re determined enough but that\'s optional to continuing the storyline. Also this game doesn\'t cost anything, nor is there any way to pay for anything in the game, it\'s totally free! Maybe I\'ll snag myself some merchandise...
John 2019-04-07

A beautiful, short, yet difficult single player game and for once - NO ADs! No silly ads to bother the experience of such a good game. The game play mechanics are, although, difficult at first, they grow on you exponentially as you play a variety of levels that set the stage for a story that you can pick up via message files in the stage. Overall, a fun experience and good replay value with its learning curve and diverse, fun stages! I can\'t stress how much I enjoy the no ads here. Amazing.
Anthony Durham 2018-12-21

What I have learned from this game and others is that a mastermind game can hide behind simple graphics easily. This game surprised me for sure. Its a fun racing game with a funny story. I highly recommend it. Edit: I have now beat the game and will say this: It is short - I beat it in two days - but it is still definatly worth it. Also, the lack of montization is... exciting (Ooo... an emotion!)
Obabobatuneday 2019-11-03

WOW! This game is amazing, I never wanted it to end. The controls were great, the story was pretty good, levels were chalenging enough to make it not to easy but not to hard. If you are thinking about geting it, GET IT! Great music, great graphics, great characters, everything a good game needs. If this game is ever going to get an update for a longer story, I would want to rate it more than five stars.