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Description of Dating and Chat - Evermatch

We created our App for people who are looking for the perfect partner for a serious relationship and settling down.

Lots of the popular dating sites out there use standard profiles and completely ignore your personal preferences when selecting candidates. Our Dating app was designed specifically to select an ideal partner who is just right for you. Thanks to our complex, personalized profiles, we precisely select the exact person you've been dreaming about your whole life so you can finally settle down. If you're tired of fruitless searching, dealing with candidates who aren't a match for you, and wasting your time chating on dating sites, just download our unique App designed especially for people who are looking for a serious relationship and true love.

You've probably tried it all before - trying to meet someone on your own or through dating sites - but all this dating just hasn't led to a serious relationship, and the partners you've been even remotely interested in all turned out to be completely wrong for you. Don't give up! If your search hasn't had the results you want, that just means you aren't using the right tools. Compatibility between future spouses is a vital component of a happy, stable marriage. Our app selects the most appropriate candidate for you based on your individual preferences, including personality and appearance, general outlook and interests, and world view.

Our App isn't just another dating site for serious relationships - it's your guiding star. If you've spent a long time fruitlessly searching for true love and a serious relationship, you're on the right track. Just download our Dating app right now and allow yourself to finally find your soulmate!

Our dating service is focused exclusively on meeting people and chatting in order to find a serious relationship. That's why all our candidates are carefully screened during the registration process and provide as much information about themselves as possible. This ensures that the profiles you find will definitely match real people. Thanks to this approach, your chance of meeting a man who's a perfect future husband for you is much higher than on other dating sites. Want to find a man to settle down and build a life with? Download our Dating app. Take the first and most important step toward your destiny!

Our app is designed to help you easily find the woman of your dreams! Stop wasting your precious time on sketchy dating sites trying to meet a woman who's completely wrong for you in terms of social status, interests, looks, and personality. Just focus on women who deserve you! Finding a wife is a snap if you use our Dating app. Sign up right now, fill out a profile, and meet and chat with as many people as you want. The perfect candidate is already waiting for you.

Serious dating. Our App offers:

- only real profiles with a complex, individualized approach to choosing the perfect partner

- as much information as possible about every candidate to help you build a solid relationship

- exact portraits generated for every potential candidate

- chat only with people who are a good match for you

- the most accurate selection of candidates for building a strong, solid relationship

- an app designed for serious relationships and marriage

Meeting a girl or guyhas never been this easy.

Our unique online dating site is the best, easiest way to do it. Just contact the person we select and say, "Hi! Want to chat?", and love, dating, and a real relationship will be right around the corner.


Keep in mind that if you have any questions at all, we're always ready to chat and help you solve any problem 24/7.

Forget about all that fruitless searching - download our Dating app right now! Meet new people, chat, get to know each other, and only go out with the person who's just right for you. Entrust your happiness to the professionals, and we'll help you find your soulmate!

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lable: Dating - Apps Current Version:1.1.38 Publish Date:2021-12-25 Developer:Evermatch

User Reviews


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Love Divine 2020-06-21

I wonder why people complain about adverts. It cost money to develop the app and keep it permanently online. So, adverts pays what we subscribers should pay. You don\'t want adverts then upgrade to VIP; it is that simple. Very good app but needs improvements: 1. Location of the person in the profile I am viewing. 2. Personal details (height, weight, nationality, religion, ethnicity, etc.)
Robie Robertson 2021-02-06

While I love that you can message someone without a pay wall interfering, what I don\'t love is how inaccurate and essentially useless the location value is. It seems like the app gives the same location for every profile as your own instead of showing the profile\'s actual location. This can make for some awkward moments when you come to realize that your match lives 100s upon 1000s of miles away from you when you thought they lived right by you. Otherwise, this app would get a higher score.
Taofeeq Akinola 2020-03-19

This is the best mobile dating app i ever subscribed to. Everything is working perfectly well. The only issue is the app does not limit those you contact to people within your location. Rather it gives you people worldwide. But the most important thing is that the people are real and they respond. I mean for premium membership.
Stacey Bronzini 2020-03-07

This app is the worst dating app I\'ve been on! So many FAKE profiles it\'s ridiculous! There is no filter for distance, The only way to block someone is to complain.... Every guy on here is either an Engineer, in the military, or a doctor. I paid for a 3 month VIP for this stupid thing. I sent a message to support to cancel two months as they offer a one month VIP subscription and was told no.
Duane Stitt 2021-01-05

A lot of potential. I like the question matching. I wish it was mandatory to add profile descriptions. Most profiles are just shells without any details. I gave up reporting all the scam and fake profiles, it was too time consuming. This really needs to be fixed!!!
John Buchter 2020-11-13

Normally wouldn\'t even bother writing for such a horrible experience, but this is more to advise not to waste your time. First off, there is no location filter. I am 99% sure that at least 60% of the profiles are fake or bot driven; who includes a phone number in their profile? The ads are horrible. Every 2-3 profiles an ad is popping up.... For what? Disappointing to say the least. I recommend a revamp of the whole app and perhaps less ads. Don\'t bother unless you\'re looking for disappoint
GGALLIN1776 2020-09-05

99.9% fakes & bots, no way to tell where someone is from as it does not list the state or correct city. There\'s no settings for how far away to search either, the only setting is for age. This app is absolutlely POINTLESS. I wouldn\'t mind the ads every five seconds if you could actually look for someone in your area/set other search parameters. Do. Not. Waste. Your. Time!
Eric C 2020-06-11

Was great at first didn\'t mind the adds because of it being free and having free chat but now the adds are just ridiculous you literally can\'t do anything in the app because the ads will not close. If this problem is fixed I would probably give it at least a 3 star rating but for now until it\'s fixed don\'t even bother with it.
Betty Noim 2020-05-24

Bad! At first after downloading it looks interesting i can see members from my own city im in but just after i paid to subscribe as VIP member all i see is man from different countries and there is no way i can look into option or setting ..this apps is only taking money. CRAPP! I have just wasting my money for nothing..thanks but no thanks to this stupid app.
Sterbens Butler 2020-04-09

Horrible app, full of fake accounts trying to scam you or hack your computer or phone. I\'ve gotten a ton of messages from people asking my name, location, what I\'m looking for. Which is all on my profile. To top that off the profiles I look at that message me say they are in my location but they aren\'t. Dont waste your time with this app.