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Description of Dating and Chat - SweetMeet

Sweet Meet

Welcome to Sweet Meet, an online dating app, where you will meet new people and enjoy dating the ones you like. Whether you need to find a boyfriend, girlfriend, or a soulmate to chat with about everything in the world, you’ll surely be satisfied with our offers. Don’t miss out on your chance to expand your social circle.

Let’s get started!

Online dating is cool and easy, you simply sit back and relax with your phone in your hand and enjoy chatting. We know exactly what this is all about. Our free dating website has been successfully helping people start relationships for over 10 years, and now we’ve created this app to make it more accessible to you. You’ll find thousands of men and women who can become your good friends or lovers. It’s so easy to reach them via Sweet Meet!

No registration is necessary! It’s absolutely free here. Simply write your name, age and gender, and you’re ready to go. It’s so fast and easy, you won’t even notice that you’ve already found a new friend. Or… someone more important.

This app is absolutely free. You’ll be able to send gifts, meet new people and then enjoy a successful first date with them. Isn’t that exciting? After some time of online chatting you’ll meet “the one” in real life!

Personalize It!

Sweet Meet allows you to totally personalize your dating experience! Scroll through photos, and swipe the ones you like to the right, and all the rest – to the left. Fast and easy!

Choose what exactly you need from this dating app: to create a family or enjoy speed dating with no obligations. Anything is possible!

How It Works

Wanna know how to start? It’s as easy as pie. You create your account, insert your name, age and gender and… that’s all. We don’t need your phone number or e-mail address, because we respect your privacy. It’ll take you less than a minute to register in the system.

What next? Have a look at offered profiles and make your choice. Send a message to the person you like and get a reply. Chat and get to know each other.

So Close To You!

This free dating app with help you find locals living close to you. No matter what town you live in, we’ll help you find people from the same location. It’s that easy to meet a man or a woman who lives in the same town as you do!

But if you want to start a relationship with someone from another town, that’s no problem for us. Any town, any country – we embrace people from all over the world!


- Swipe photos to different sides, whether you like the person or not.

- Exchange messages and chat about everything!

- Like photos and get coins.

- Spend coins to open new profiles.

- Send gifts and express your emotions.

- See hundreds of different people every day!

- Thousands of beautiful people in one place.

- Fast and free registration.


- Potential boyfriend or girlfriend;

- Soulmate;

- Friends to travel with;

- Foreigners to practice your foreign language skills;

- Interesting people, who will tell you something new and unexpected!

Stop being lonely, find people to have fun with! Sweet Meet is here for you. It’s here to help you communicate. We offer online dating completely free of charge, so you can enjoy your time with new friends. Find your soul mate or girlfriend today. Love and communication are already waiting for you.

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lable: Dating - Apps Current Version:1.17.31 Publish Date:2021-11-13 Developer:SweetMeet

User Reviews


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Northern MN 2020-07-12

Great app, to bad that your location dosnt mean anything, just spoke to a few girls and there location showed in my area, just to find out there on the other side of the country and that for them my profile says im near them, like whats the point of a location and a filter based of distance if its not actually being used
Allen Ortega 2020-09-02

Shows everyone is in your location but no one actually is. I have people from across the country showing they live in the same city as me. I get ads are needed to be free but every time I change screens is ridiculous. I\'m seeing a lot of fake profiles. If this was for the USA it would use English measurments. I couldn\'t tell you my height and weight in metric measurements. The only thing real about this app is the money they want you to spend.
Friday Friday 2020-04-07

This app is good but the idea of obtaining coins before you can \'meet with the person you want\' is not a good one. Make this to look mechart, fb, massenger, watsapp, etc where you dont have to obtain coin befor you can meet with you love one Ads are too much. They stop every thing just come up and cover the hole screen thereby making the app to be boring I say it again, reprogram the app and cut off the idea of obtaining coins before meeting the person that wants to meet. Please!
Josh Chambers 2020-10-12

Being able to chat with anyone for free is nice. The ads are atrocious, but its free so meh. Every dating app has tons of fake profiles so you can\'t knock it for that. I tried to delete my profile and they offered 3 days of VIP, getting access to all the features did help me meet more girls. But I could never justify the cost of this app, maybe a dollar a month but never the current crazy price.
Owolabi Albert 2020-05-20

Paying of subscription. Our banks has warned us not to release our ATM details out. why are you asking your customers to do so for subscription? since I became a member, I have no access to other members. I have the money, why not sent the account number for the subscription to be paid? I WILL NOT RELEASE MY NUMBER OUT.....it seems to me as if it is scan. That made your service bad.
Ayo Ogunlana 2020-11-29

It could be good, but too many Ads is killing the experience. I\'m a software engineer and I understand the need for monetization but greedy monetization will fraustrate users and will force them to beave. I mean I have to watch a 30 secs video Ad every 5 secs or whenever I click on a profile or navigation link. It\'s frustrating! I\'m gonna uninstall.
Carlos Dyer 2020-07-02

Outstanding app but one needs a degree of patience and steadfastness to wait until some of the people actually reply but it gets 10/10 from me its superb
Samu Juvonen 2020-05-31

This app is a scam. It pushes fake profiles in the hopes that users will generate ad revenue from in-app advertisements. Ads load after every swipe, when switching tabs, etc.
Sai Ando 2020-03-23

Don\'t install!! Warning!!! It spams you with ads every few seconds, using 1 GB of internet data within the hour ! Because of the ads ! It harasses you 24/7 with ads ! Dont install! And downrate all horrible evil developpers that support this ! We should send them the internet bill!
Arif Hossain 2020-12-09

I used to use sweet meet dating site. Suddenly, if I send a message to someone, it is not being sent.and if someone sends me a message, I can\'t see it.then I uninstalled and re-installed. To open Install again.after installing, when I open the apps.It is loading but the page is not coming.I have been trying for 2 days.now I want to know what I can do.