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Description of Dating App Cheat for Tinder

Do you have NO CLUE what to write in that first message on Tinder? Are you frustrated with girls not responding? Then this is going to be the most important app you'll ever download!

- Free Tinder guides show you how to hookup and date the kind of girls you want – in 4 messages.

- How to keep any girl interested in you… even if you suck at flirting.

- 100+ clever conversation starters to copy and paste. Just one of these Tinder openers can easily triple the amount of numbers most guys pull overnight.

- Secret word-for-word scripts to get a girl's number and a date.

- How to turn ice cold conversations into hot dates.

This app goes way beyond pickup lines. It can help you start a conversation which changes your dating life forever.

Stand out from the pack – download Dating App Cheat and start impressing girls on Tinder or OkCupid right now.

Created by the founder of the world's most popular Tinder dating blog TinderSeduction.com

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User Reviews


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LeninBolshevik 2019-05-15

Lame, out-dated drek that wouldn\'t work on any woman older than 21 with half a brain. They seem to be written by a bunch of really stupid \"Frat Bros\" so naturally all of the pick up lines are juvenile and lack any trace of wit. Read a couple for yourself for an embarrassing and cringe-worthy experience. Oh, and on top of that, they expect you to give them money.
Christopher Lawrence 2020-06-25

As an all honest review, this app is great. Not only does it give me some options that I can copy and paste, but it also provides templates that I can fill in to make it more personal for the other person I am talking to. After a few go arounds, I\'ve even been able to make witty and bold openers and conversation starters of my own. For the people who just quite don\'t know how they should start a conversation or keep it going, look know further then this app. P.s. I bought the full version.
Larry H 2020-08-13

I NEVER leave a review for a dating app related but I have to with this one because it is AMAZING and the author really put his time into it. I were clueless on starting conversation with girls but now with this app and more research, my rating of getting phone number is 80% now! I highly recommend this app to all the guys!!!
A Google user 2019-01-15

that is not tinder app cheat. thats an app about howbto approach girls on tinder. cheat means unlimited swipes or something. its shameful that you are trying to get followers that way!
roland michael majcan 2020-07-29

Its a small price to pay for some great ideas or copies of what guys should use for tinder. This is not always an exact science and nothing compares to meeting in person but getting there is easier said then done. This app will absolutly help those chances and allow your brain to free itself to process a broader strategy for getting that date planned. Thanks
Steven Ridge 2019-03-05

Well so far I\'ve tried two openers. No response as of yet. There\'s a lot I want to try provided I get the matches on Tinder. Openers look great. I even laughed at a few of them. My only suggestion would be to offer more scenarios of conversations or another category of sending a second text of they don\'t respond that could prompt them to respond and start a conversation.
Jonathon Bell 2020-10-17

So far the app is great. I have always had a difficult time talking to women. So finding a way to start the conversation over Tinder has always been almost impossible. This has helped me come up with some openers of my own.
Kim Hussein 2020-04-03

Good pointers to open conversation. Ive had same ideas but this app gives you suggestions on how to improve them. Some land some dont. I appreciate the effort gone into putting this together. I will probably give the full version a try. Only gave 4 stars because i have not used it long enough and the free version is very limited with suggestions. Atleast one of each category would have been nice to get an idea what we would be purchasing. Worth a try though.
TJ McViegh 2020-12-04

I was skepticle at first but after browsing through all of the available information to make you more noticable and attractive to good looking ladies, I did not hesitate to spend the .99 cents. Not even one dollar. The site is easy to navigate to the exact information you are looking for. Two thumbs way the hell up!
King ReDxSmITTy 2021-01-12

I read the comments and thought it was too good to be true. Next i downloaded the app to see what it was about then thought all the examples were super cheesy and they could never work but weirdly enough....They work! I\'m laughing at the responses and the phone numbers just rolled in!