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Description of Dating with singles nearby - iHappy

iHappy is all about dating and relationships for those seeking new friends and looking for love. Here you will find bosom friendships, flirt with a beautiful or handsome stranger, and perhaps even your future family. You'll enjoy spending time with new people and getting to know them. Our app is perfect both for those looking for a serious relationship and for quick dates in order to make new friends.

Men and women come to iHappy to find "the one."

iHappy isn't just another dating website: it's the best dating app for meeting beautiful girls and manly men, and for adding some spice to your life. All our tools are completely free for you to use.

What are you willing to do to hear a man or woman say those three little words? Perhaps you'd like to speed things up a bit? Start an anonymous chat for just the two of you, quickly get acquainted, and step out for your first date today!

With iHappy you can start dating for free, here and now:

*A free dating website is the best tool for finding a girlfriend, boyfriend, or simply someone who's fun to talk with.

*Pick out the most attractive single girls and guys from their profile pics.

*Chat dating — just download the app and start meeting people.

*Hundreds of thousands of people online right now available for dating. Just start a conversation with the phrase, "Would you like to chat?"

*Online dating nearby — start a chat with someone from your city or district. Easier than ever — find dates on a map of people near you!

Meet and chat with people who are looking for the same thing you are. The search for people to meet and date in order to find a long-term relationship often leads people to dating websites. It's easy to meet a girl or a guy — just write to the person you like and say, "Hi! Would you like to chat?" New acquaintances with real people are more accessible than ever before: a pretty girl or a nice man will help pass the evening in pleasant conversation.

At iHappy people find each other who share the same views and interests. Here the man seeks out the woman: he is prepared for action; his philosophy is one of personal growth and goal orientation. By nature he is a conqueror, a leader, one who is constantly striving for self-improvement. He can easily say, "I'm looking for a girl, and I'm going to find her." The woman for her part stays true to her nature: although successful, beautiful girls on iHappy pursue careers and athletic achievements, they know how important it is to be flexible and wise. Every man dreams of finding a woman like her.

What else can I do at iHappy?

— A dating website for serious relationships is also a reality. “I'm looking for a wife!” “I want to get married!” Well then, you've come to the right place. At iHappy you can find the person who will be your refuge and support. If you're looking for a serious relationship, you have every chance of finding one.

— Become a part of a large community where people from all over the country get together.

— The iHappy dating app has hundreds of new users every day — your new girlfriend or boyfriend is already waiting for you to meet and have a great time together.

— You can connect with interesting people and make useful professional contacts.

What do you need to meet men and women on iHappy? There's nothing simpler: just install the app. In this sense a dating website is far less convenient. Inconvenient search features, endless “In search of” ads — it’s so much nicer to have a single convenient app on your phone that makes online dating quick, fun, and safe. A pleasant interface, an easy-to-use chat feature — you'll have all the dating you could wish for.

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User Reviews


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Nobody Reads My Comments 2020-07-20

This is a very poorly made app for poor people. After every action you make ads pop up and it gets so repetitive to the point that\'s annoying. The interface also looks bad. The app says everyone is online but in fact all profiles are inactive or dead. Sometimes it sets the location of foreign people as if they are from your city. I also encountered some fake french hookers who spammed me. I don\'t recommend it at all.
hunter graser 2020-12-24

90% fake profiles. Ran into a group or someone who mass messaged me having each profile ask a few questions to get information like mother\'s maiden name first pet, would have been impossible to catch except whomever it was forgot what they asked on each profile and new stuff that they didnt ask on that profile. And on top of that the other 10% I spoke to after about 30 minutes of chating ask for money to help them fix there broken camera or money for a taxi so they can meet you. What a joke
Alyssa M 2020-10-12

Not my fave chat app for sure. You can\'t select which gender they would like to peruse, messages rec\'d are lame, and I would only suggest using it if you want a continuous blow to your ego and self esteem. STOP SHOWING ME EVERY GUY WHO PASSED ON ME! No one wants to see that ever! Let alone multiple times. I\'m surprised that anyone uses an app that points out their rejection all the time. Maybe I\'m just gross and no one likes me, but for those like me: NOT RECOMMENDED!! For others, happy hunting.
Courage James24 2020-08-07

This app is making me to be angry, i will message people from morning to evening, still I will have no reply. Why is like that, all messages are not sent to the people?.
Nicholas Kannemeyer 2020-07-31

She , at last and app that geniunelyout to help customer. They give u 5 free credits. For that alone would give u 10 star if I could. I hope the other dating apps follow your lead. That\'s how u bring in customers. Ur first 3 days r free. C give some thing back to customer and it will come back double. Well iny case U have me a price of R124,00 for 1 month. Although I unemploy, I gonna borrow money some where, and it all started with your fair 5 star rating ✌️. Your chicks also look pretty hot.
David Jakway 2021-01-01

This app is a scam! Fake profiles showing beautiful women with ages 60+ years old. The majority of the reviews are one star!! No way this app earns a 4.8 rating; dishonest even before installed. I couldn\'t change my location so only \"msgs\" to me were sent from \"profiles\" locatef 60 or more miles away. No support response when I requested help. Most cities available to select are in foreign countries. App is a total ripoff. Whatever you do, don\'t buy this piece of s*** app.
Darrell Gary 2020-05-07

I can say its a good app when i first open it but when i start using it suddenly it refuse to open again I\'ve tried Many times but am Fed up now sorry to say, i can\'t lie its a bad app... Another is that you can\'t send message but you can like Even when you like the person you like is another person that will like you back so i dont fall for this app, try to do something
David Moyer 2020-10-30

Too many ads. Want to view a profile? Watch an ad first. Want to send that person a chat message? Watch an ad first. Done with that, want to go back to the search results? Another ad. Want to view your own profile? Ad. Want to edit your profile or add a new pic? Ad. Want to play the like swipe game? Ad. Then more ads after every three swipes. Want to see who likes you? Ad, then they requested you to pay for premium account. Close the premium subscription sign up, ad.
Miguel S 2020-06-14

after paying for the subscription the app no longer works, just keeps loading
Siylergamer1 2020-04-26

Very good app keep battling hearts to chat with real people keep the free chat for hearts