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Description of Daum Mail - 다음 메일

* The Daum Mail app is available in Android OS 5.0 or higher.

[ Key Features ]

1. Multiple account support

Check all your messages in one app!

It's an email collector that gathers all of your email messages(from work, school, Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail, etc.) in a combined client.

2. Conversation view

Check your sent & received messages in a thread view.

To change the default setting(recent view), go to settings and turn on conversation view.

3. Filters

Easily categorize your messages in 4 types of filter.

Check all of your starred, attached, unread messages in one page by a single click.

4. Preview attachment

Check images attached in one glance by using 'attachment list.'

You can also check the file easily by using 'thumbnail view' while writing and reading a message.

5. Swipe

Just swipe your messages to archive or delete.

To change the default setting(swipe to delete), go to settings and select 'swipe' to 'archive.'

6. Reminder alarm

Set alarms for messages that need to be checked in the future such as meeting and reservation messages.

At the time the alarm is set, notification will be sent.

7. Easy reply

Reply while reading a message.

Click on the bottom of the message and reply esay.

8. Emoji

Express yourself with emojis.

Use them when writing to your loved ones.

9. Passcode lock

Keeps your messages safe.

Even though you lose your phone, your emails will be safe from others.

10. Widget

Check messages without opening the app.

Meet our new widget where you can write to yourself on one touch.

11. Tablet view support

Mail optimized for tablet environment.

View more pleasantly with a wider screen!

* Support : Google Gmail, Yahoo mail, AOL(America Online) mail, iCloud, Microsoft Hotmail, Outlook, MSN, GMX, Naver, Daum (hanmail), Nate, QQ, 163, 126 and more.

[Selective Permissions]

- Storage : Required to grant selective permissions to send photos and videos to the Daum Mail app.

- Contacts: 1) Required to grant selective permissions to email addresses registered on your device to the Daum Mail app. 2) This permission is required to obtain the Google account information registered on the device.

* You can use the service even if you do not agree to grant selective permissions.

* If you do not agree to grant selective permissions, it may be difficult to normally use some of our service functions.

* Android OS lower than 6.0 does not allow selective permissions. Please check whether your device manufacturer provides the operating system upgrade function and update your OS to version 6.0 or higher, if possible.

[Daum Customer Service Center]

- FAQ: http://cs.daum.net/m/faq/site/266

- Contact us: http://cs.daum.net/m/ask?serviceId=266&categoryId=14495

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More Information Of Daum Mail - 다음 메일

lable: Communication - Apps Current Version:3.7.5 Publish Date:2021-09-01 Developer:Kakao Corp.

User Reviews


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yeonjea Kim 2014-05-27

저도 2.0 깔았어요!! 대~~~박! 밀어서 삭제 편해요!!
김성희 2013-03-12

깔끔하고 좋네요 메일 앱나와서 넘 편해요 진작만들지.. 디자인도 이쁘고 괜찮네여
Pat Mosco 2018-04-21

Looked good until I noticed there was a gap in the emails. Two days of emails were missing! Big problem
Jayong Song 2013-03-15

강추 상대방이 멜 열어봤는지도 알려줌. 와방 편함
Leo 2018-06-02

Deleting and Moving mails not working! One of the basic features to keep the app organized, but not able to get them work. I\'ll keep it installed for now, I hope you get these fixed ASAP.
j Park 2013-03-13

넘 좋음!! 진작부터 나왔어야 하는 앱!!! 좋네요!
Won Bok Lee 2013-03-19

Good G
Yang Chae 2014-04-16

좋지만.... 전달하기 기능 사용할때 첨부된 파일은 같이 전달 안되네요.
Eric Dixon 2021-01-11

Beautiful app, but IMAP push capability is no longer available if you have Android Oreo or above. No fix coming soon according to development. Too bad, as this is a beautiful app.
Katherine Choi 2017-10-02

I really like with new design and new style, but sometime when I want to delete a email swipe isn\'t working properly.