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Description of Dayforce

Need access to your work life at your convenience? Dayforce puts you in the driver’s seat with an engaging, intuitive mobile experience to easily manage your work tasks. Whether you’re an employee wanting to submit time off, or a manager needing to action a team member’s request, Dayforce has you covered.

As an employee, being able to access work-related tasks quickly is critical, so you can focus on your job. From checking your schedule, to requesting pay instantly, to setting performance goals, Dayforce lets you manage these tasks from your mobile device.

For managers, supporting your team is a top priority. Being able to respond to employee requests promptly and connect with them when needed improves your effectiveness as a manager. Whether you’re approving a shift trade or time off, or reviewing and authorizing worked time, or simply reaching out to potential candidates, Dayforce builds upon its employee capabilities with even deeper manager functionality.

See how Dayforce can improve work life by providing secure, mobile access to your data, so you can save time, and accomplish tasks more easily.

Please note: Dayforce mobile access is only available to Dayforce customers. If you are an employee of a Dayforce client, please check with your employer before downloading the app to see if they have activated the mobile option.

Disclaimer: Dayforce mobile features will be limited to the Dayforce web version that has been deployed to your organization.

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More Information Of Dayforce

lable: Business - Apps Current Version:61.2.0 Publish Date:2021-11-17 Developer:Dayforce

User Reviews


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Carlos Delgado 2020-12-31

The app still has problems, and so far they are terrible at fixing much of anything. It took over a month of miscommunication and delays to address the issue with saving new transfers, and there are still issues with the app. For example, when entering a new transfer, the start time is always unintuitively set to 12:30PM or some other arbitrary time that\'s hours away from current. It would be more efficient if the default was set within 15 minutes of current time.
Melissa Hughes 2020-07-21

When it works it\'s great, but right now I can\'t even log in. In the past, I had the feature where I could use my phone unlock pin to open the app and that feature never seemed to work. It would keep sending me back to the starting screen. It is now telling me my password is invalid when I\'m certain I\'ve never changed my password in the 5+ years I\'ve been using this app. It will also not allow me to change my password so I have to contact my boss to figure out the problem.
Lambs Wing 2020-07-08

This app is GARBAGE! There are consitant problems with it. It crashes consistently. I had to be to work, I couldn\'t get the time. We have Dayforce. I try to log in to Dayforce Countless numbers of times but it would not log me in I then tried to uninstall it and reinstall it as I\'ve had to do multiple times in the past, this time I did this for 3hrs.I tried to verify my company ID it kept telling me I that the reason it wasn\'t working is probably due to Routine Maintenance. It still isn\'t fixed
Jesse Hamblin 2020-07-07

The \"report an issue\" button doesn\'t work, and has never worked. This app consistently has something wrong with it when I try to log in. I follow the instructions word for word, and still it doesn\'t do what its supposed to. Its truly disappointing so many people are forced to use such a half assed product.
Marilyne 2019-06-26

The app is alright but needs a lot of improvements. It\'s great to see our schedule but it doesn\'t notify us when there\'s any changes in anything, our shifts, our pay checks or our emails. Also, there is many bugs when it comes to punching our shifts and sometimes it refuses actions for nothing. It doesn\'t show information as much on the phone app as on the computer.
Hensil Falcao 2020-03-31

I do not understand how this application made till this. When I compose a message, I do not have any options to add the employees. Everytime I want to log in I have to put my password. very annoying. Also this application is not anroid friendly. My tips cannot be seen while my colleagues who carry iPhones can see there tips. Very poor architecture of this application. Rating this app after 5 months of use. Still sucks. The tips are not visible on Android although they are visible on Mac.
Jeffrey Tillman 2020-02-12

My supervisor and HR person finally got my app back working the way it is supposed to and since then I have been very satisfied with it. It allows you to see everything from your timesheet, profile and gives you a complete breakdown of your pay check. I would definitely recommend other companies start using this app for their employees. It does alot more too and even allows you to put in for vacation, sick or personal time straight through the app.
Julian Meunier-Sheppard 2020-10-31

Honestly the app is trash - my company forces this app on us because they want to go \"paperless\", in an effort (as they claim) to be more environmentally friendly. This app continuously asks you to change your password without using a previous one making it harder and harder to remember them. Eventually you lock yourself out and the entire convenience of being able to see your paystubs whenever you need to, is taken from you. I would much rather have stuck with the old method. This app sucks.
A Rooks 2020-10-19

I HATE this app. I only use it because it is required by my employer. It constanly requires password changes and regularly wont except a password that is correct. I have changed my password so many times there is 0% chance of remembering it. This app is so annoying if it was a person I\'d be in jail right now for breaking his jaw.
Heavenly Uriel 2019-05-17

straight to the point, shows me my labors hours produced, my schedule. wonderful and handy app! love it. no more writing/screen shot my schedules! it also has features to request time off.