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Description of Dear My Cat :Relaxing cat game

Join the journey of new virtual pet sim! Every cats from Dear My Cat embarks on a journey on the beautiful Sky Island.

Dear My Cat is a relaxing game that helps in relaxation and calm sleeping.

The game is full of endearing cats and colorful backdrops by adding a dreamlike quality to the experience.

Are you suffer from insomnia and anxiety? Improve mood, ease anxiety and stress with adorable cats.

It will fit relaxation into a busy schedule. Busy life, open mind by relaxing chill out game.

-Expand and decorate your peaceful Sky Island

>Expand Sky Island and unlock the new destination

>You can create new animals including dog, whale, raccoon by unlocking the new destination

>Each destination has various theme-thermal spring, ramen shop, campsite.

>Beautiful relaxing music for stress relief. You can change the background music for each seasons. The high quality soothing sounds will help you relieve your stress and anxiety.

-Easy and simple clicker game! Anti-stress!

>Dear My Cat is idle game, which is very easy to play and offers a low-pressure experience. No stress!

>The game allows you to continue playing game without needing to perform the initial action. Just enjoy and watch!

>The easy clicker game which is free for everyone and anyone can play anywhere.

>You can easily collect adorable cats-even when you're not playing!

>Loads of mini game and puzzle game will be updated every month!

>You can bask in a sense of relaxation while watching over the little critters as they take part in their activities-fishing, campfire, napping and so on. It create calm, mental stillness, and peace of mind.

-Relieve your stress and anxiety while decorating the Sky Island

>FREE island decoration & Island improvement game.

>Decorate island for moggies with various of deco items,

>You can freely change the theme of island.

>You can visit your friend's island. Show off your island to your friends!

>Craft accessories to gift to your furry friends, and expand the island so they can have a larger environment.

-Anyone who loves animals or pets should play! The best relaxing animal game for animal lovers!

>Do you want to have a pet, but not ready to own a pet? Do you love animals?

>If you think this sounds like the purfect way to unwind, this is the best game for animal lovers.

>Every cats go about their daily lives on the beautiful Sky Island always cherish their memories with hooman.

If you are suffer from pet loss, and pet loss grief, this game would help you.

>Playing relaxing game helps you sleep, calm your mind, satisfy your mood, relax yourself. Playing Dear My Cat before bed can improve sleep efficiency.

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- Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dearmycat_flero/

- Facebook(KR) : https://facebook.com/dearmycat.kr/

- Facebook(EN) : https://facebook.com/dearmycat.en

- Facebook(TW) : https://facebook.com/dearmycat.tw/

- Twitter(JP) : https://twitter.com/Nekoyori_JP

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[Regarding Control Your App Permissions]

When you download our app, we will ask for permission to your information to offer the services below.

*Required Permissions*

My Dear Cat does not require any special permissions.

*Selective Permissions*

You don't need to accept permissions below for playing game.

-External storage access: access when store game files and in-game screenshots

[Turn App Permissions off]

You can change the permissions that apps can access in the main Setting app on your device at any time after you turn permission on.

-Android 6.0 & up: Settings app > Application Manager>Tap the app you want to change the permissions>Permissions>You can turn off permissions

-Android 6.0 & lower: Unable to turn off permissions on Settings. Please delete the app to turn off permissions

※Note:We kindly recommend you to upgrade your android version

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lable: Simulation - Games Current Version:1.5.0 Publish Date:2022-06-16 Developer:Wemade Connect

User Reviews


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Carolina Fisher 2020-11-20

This game is basically watching ads lol. It\'s cute af, the art is gorgeous, but it\'s a grind. It has potential but the way it\'s set up rn is not ideal. You must watch ads to complete quests. The ad watching gets boring and interrupts game play flow, I stop playing when I\'m bored of watching ads, which is an odd thing to say about a game. They do give you 30 gems every 5 ads so it\'s not a complete waste of time, but it\'s still boring. It\'s also a game where you\'ll never complete an event wout $$$
Kiskoni 2020-12-22

The ads make up the actual gameplay of this \"game\". This game is notorious for relying on creating issues and selling us a solution the in-game shop. For example, people were complaining about the ads so they introduced Ad Skip tickets..which cost money, of course. The Halloween event by far was the worst addition as it as borderline gambling. Overall, this game is the kind you only play when you have absolutely nothing better to do.
Maria Schafer 2020-12-20

Absolutely beautiful game and music, but just like everything else these days, the art is completely devalued by the inundation of ads. I would gladly pay for an ad-free version of this lovely game as it\'s just not worth the wasted time of sitting through ads to make basic actions. It is so disheartening to think how hard the artists, designers, and programmers must have worked on this to have none of it valued due to the ad monetization.
Sarina Adderly 2021-01-23

It\'s like Animal Crossing but with cats. The game is simple to understand, the music is relaxing, and the characters are absolutely adorable. A big plus for me is that the in-app purchases are 100% optional. And the one thing I love is being able to purchase ad skippers. And that watching ads helps you get more rubies so you can buy accessories and things for your island\'s inhabitants. The only issue I have is the wonky camera controls, but it doesn\'t really bog down the game for me too much.
Celty Saiki 2020-12-26

Beautiful, Fun, Easy, Free! This game is keeping me entertained! (That\'s hard to do) I love this game. It\'s so cute and the cats are so fun to take care of. The story, though not the main thing of the game is very wholesome and bittersweet. You can watch ads for your gold and heart increase and can\'t easily move up in the game. No need for in app purchases. I LOVE that. Finally a game I won\'t be stuck on forever! Best free mobile game I\'ve played this year. Yes \"lots of ads\" but it\'s a free game
Eric Zurick 2020-11-10

I think this is an interesting game to play when you just need something to be chill and just play something to occupy time. I also find it interesting, if you pick up on the words, they use past-tense words like \"was\" when referring to their human. So in this game the cats are dead and have came up to a heaven-like world you\'re creating for them. Its a subtle detail, so kids don\'t exactly understand it, but adults will know what is going on with the general picture of the game.
Angel Hill 2020-09-28

Oh dear I am in love. I love the gameplay, it\'s truly relaxing. I only wish there were a price I could pay to permanently get rid of ads (but still get rewards)... And maybe that the shop-only island upgrade weren\'t only part of an $85 package. I don\'t know very many people who can just... Drop $85... And I might be a lot more inclined to buy the parts of that package each separately over time than I am to see an $85 package for anything in an app.
Maya Nguyễn 2020-11-20

This game is perfect. The graphics is beautiful. So relaxing, the game doesn\'t constantly pester you with ads, and is still enjoyable to those who can\'t afford in-game purchases. I love the home decoration update and how freely you can move items around, not just within a pre-determined grid like similar games. I look forward to more item designs in future but so far I have zero complaints. I\'ve rarely, if ever, come across a mobile game of this sort that I\'m THIS happy with!
Liv 2021-01-28

I love this game. However, recently I feel the events are pretty unfair. It\'s almost impossible to get the special event characters without paying real money! (The puzzle characters). The gacha mechanism relies mkre on luck than anything, which can be frustrating at times. I have not found any other problems/annoyances outside the events, which is great. Now for some positive stuff: I love that all the ads are optional. Every kitty has a unique backstory which makes you invested to find more.
B Wolfe 2021-01-27

I really loved this game a lot more before the last update. It was a very relaxing game with cute cats and simple gameplay. With the latest update, however, the amount of game packs you can purchase and the multitude of ongoing events and tabs is a little overwhelming. The homepage is really crowded by the event icons so I hope that they end soon so I can go back to enjoying this simple yet addicting game.