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Debt Manager and Tracker



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Description of Debt Manager and Tracker

Designed for use by both individuals and businesses, Debt Manager is the perfect tool for keeping track of debtors (money loaned) and creditors (money owed).

Both scalable and versatile, it can be used for a variety of financial activities including; commerce (the sale of goods and services), large scale loans, peer-to-peer (P2P) lending, IOU (I owe you), micro financing (microcredit), and any other situation where tracking and managing the flow of money is required.

Standard features:

• Track money owed to/by you

• Debts grouped by debtor, creditor and individual

• Multi-currency capable

• Calendar reminders

• Transaction history

• Debt summaries per currency

• User summaries per currency

Pro features (in-app purchase required):

• Ad-free

• Messaging

• PIN/Fingerprint Security

+ all future Pro features

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More Information Of Debt Manager and Tracker

lable: Finance - Apps Current Version:3.13.0-play-free Publish Date:2022-06-17 Developer:Century Egg Apps

User Reviews


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Rio Bastian 2017-10-09

Its great app!!! The way it works are just what I had imagined in my mind. Questions: how do I change the language to Indonesian? And can you change the Owed to Me and Owed by Me term to something more intuitive, like My Debts and Their Debts? Thank you!
Dineshkumar Subramaniam 2017-06-25

I really liked this app. That\'s why I bought the pro version, but I am unable to choose a back up option. Please help me resolve that issue. Thanks in advance
Stefano Carioni 2018-11-08

From some time it takes too long to launch the app, trying to loading something. Also the summary in the main view of the application shows wrong value . It was such a good app, really disappointed
zaheem schemnad 2020-12-16

App is good but. But we need more features. Like. now in this app if we pay a debt then it disappears. Instead of disappearing it will be best if it is marked as paid and paid date should be there for future reference . And if one debt is partially paid then it should be showed \"actual debt amount\" , \"paid amount & its date\" and \"balence debt amount\". Hope you will bring these features in next update.
Susan Voth 2017-12-13

Simple. Wish it had a goal date to pay off debts and a visualization of how close you are to doing it. Would also be nice to see a counter if current payments are maintained, when debt will be cleared.
ChitraRanjan Chutia 2020-07-28

Very good and simple app. No extra UI or anything. Ibam paid subscribe because of it. One suggestion :- can you please add a history tab so that i can track of the past debt details for future reference. Now when I selecte the debt paid.. It simply disappear but i want to keep a record of the paid debts. Thanks, hope you understand my problem and request.
Ryan Levander 2019-10-04

Awesome, I had compared a few, but used this one for only a day and it was my favourite hands down! I made purchase of the pro version straight away. Very happy with its visual display of balances and summary. The ability to sort the lists, add/subtract individual transactions to each account. Perfect!
Lim Li Huang Ahhuang 2018-11-21

Overall good features in managing debts. Is there a recurring debt feature?
Umesh Kumar Kavali 2017-11-02

mind blowing app I referred to many people to download this from Google Play. am using this regularly. as it is very simple to use and friendly user interface. I really satisfied. appreciate you guys
Abhinav Mohata 2017-08-25

Loved the app!!Very Useful....