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Decibel - Threshold Sound Meter (Noise Levels)



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Description of Decibel - Threshold Sound Meter (Noise Levels)

Decibel - Threshold Sound Meter is an app that measures the environmental noise in decibels (dB) and visualizes it on a clean and tidy graph.

A loud noise will be harmful to both your physical and mental health. You should avoid exposure to those environments. Let our sound meter help you detect those environments. Don't hesitate to download Decibel - Threshold Sound Meter to protect your and your family's health.


- Decibels indicator (dB) in real time.

- Show the reference value for each type of environment as the sound level we are


- Calibrate decibels to adjust the microphone for every phone.

- Gives a real-time graph for the sound detected by the microphone.

- Gives two types of notification options to the user- sound and vibration.

You can also use the app for a handful of use cases. For instance, effectively measuring the dB levels in and around educational and medical institutions and know if they exceed the permitted levels.


120dB - Threshold of pain, Thunder

110dB - Concerts, Screaming Child

100dB - Motorcycle, Blow dryer

90dB - Diesel truck, Power mower

80dB - Loud music, Alarm clocks

70dB - Busy traffic, Vacuum cleaner

60dB - Normal conversation at 3ft

50dB - Quiet office, Moderate Rainfall

40dB - Quiet Library, Bird Calls

30dB - Whisper, Quiet rural area

20dB - Rustling leaves, Ticking watch

10dB - Almost quiet, Breathing


The value of sound meter is not as precise as an actual Sound Pressure Level Meter (SPL meter) sound meter, this is due to most device's microphone are aligned to the human voice. To fix this, use an actual sound meter or Sound Pressure Level meter (SPL meter) to adjust decibels error as close as possible before use. If you didn't own an actual Sound Pressure Level meter (SPL meter), go to a very quiet place where sound cannot hear and adjust the reading value to 20~30dB.

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lable: Tools - Apps Current Version:2.8 Publish Date:2022-05-28 Developer:Anirudh Sharma

User Reviews


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Rajeev Sharma 2019-05-26

I am an engineer. We need to measure sound to detect cracks or faults. This app comes handy when we forget SPL meter which we often do ;P. Just calibrate it using SPL meter and you are good to go. Totally recommended. Loved it.
Deepak Atreja 2019-03-12

The app is complete and feature rich with such a small size. All the features are easily accessible, the UI is stunning and intuitive. I was looking for something exactly like this. The app has more uses than you can think of. A huge thanks to the developer!
Alexander C. Closethread 2019-11-14

I\'m impressed 😯. I really found this app that has good improvements and also good quality. It\'s okay of an app that has ads, even though I\'m using it for not only on how loud it is around me but it is useful for school or universities, some students talked loudly. So, I highly recommend this app for my friends who does to avoid loud noises. Especially our hearing, we don\'t want to make loud noises, it\'s brilliant! Hopefully, more updates to come! And I love it, thanks. 5-stars, no negatives.
Marc Garcia 2019-05-02

Lots of good info and very accurate!
Enes Golgeli 2020-06-04

Compared with a calibrated decibel meter and the results of the app are almost accurate. Tried with Note 10 Plus while decibel meter shows 53.4, this app mesured 58 decibels. Despite the sensitive phone mics, result is still overrated. Not a good option if you need a precise check but still useful.
Larry Redenbaugh jr 2019-05-12

this a joke! I\'m sitting in a completely quiet house and it\'s registered 48 thanks but no thanks.
Dhruva Agarwal 2019-03-13

Makes my work easy. No need to take SPL meter to work. Just calibrate it and you are good to go.Highly accurate. Thanks
Americo Castellanos 2020-07-31

This tool is okay for a relative level measurement. From my test performed, the issue is not the app as I see it but the dynamic range of the phone\'s (or tablet) microphone. I used a better quality sound level better and tested it at different frequencies and noticed that the readings on both meters separate apart at around 10 dB or higher. You may attain a better reading if you can calibrate it at a known frequency of what you are sampling. I used a Shopvac to calibrate the app.
Shahibur Rahman 2019-09-10

Don\'t know why, but this app always stoping after opening. Please review and fix the problem.
Moto G5 2019-06-08

It was not clear that this recorded the audio until I had used it several times sbd recorded myself without realizing it.