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Description of Decor Dream - Home Design Game

If home is where the heart is, home must be just perfect.

Become a professional decorator and solve fun match-3 puzzles to win a wide variety of fabulous 3D furniture and give full makeovers to your clients’ homes!

Design your own emotional story as an interior designer, using your unique and creative decor skills to style rooms while changing homes and lives.

Choose from a large and fabulous catalog of furniture items to create an incredible array of interior styles, solving thrilling matching puzzles to unlock more decor items.

Let your creativity flow into perfect home design and house renovation projects. Make your own decor dreams come true!


DESIGN beautiful home interiors as a professional decorator, using your creative talent to give incredible makeovers to many different home spaces!

DECORATE rooms by solving fun match-3 puzzles and earning coins to buy wonderful decor items! Living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, kitchens - apply your sharp decor skills to every corner of your clients’ homes!

UNLOCK a wide variety of 3D furniture and decorations to match any style you have in mind! Look at them from all angles by turning the camera to make sure they’re exactly where you want them to be!

FOLLOW an emotional and inspiring story! Live the joys and challenges of a professional interior designer! Make a name for yourself through your incredible home design and house renovation work. Touch the lives and dreams of clients that really need your help with their homes!

MAKE your decor dreams come true and let your talent and creativity blossom in stylish home design projects!

From fancy to functional, classic to ultra-modern and trendy to totally personal, pick the perfect furniture and decor to suit your unique vision of interior home design for your clients’ homes in this home design game. Decorate houses with incredible house design and surprise them with complete room makeovers and watch their emotional reactions as they see the “before and after” pictures of their prized personal spaces and their decor dream come true with incredible interior home design!

Gather coins by matching similar colored decor pieces in fun, relaxing and addictive house renovation puzzles you can play anywhere, anytime. Use your coins to unlock and ever-growing array of furniture and decorations in house design to use on your interior design projects as you advance in this home design games. Match-3 games and puzzle games have never been this fabulous!

Are match-3 games, house games, puzzle games, design home games and decorating games among your favorite genres? You’ve just found the game that combines all their best features!

You can check your fabulous, match-3 acquired decor items from all angles with an exclusive 3D rotating camera - the best friend of every modern decorator! One more exclusive feature of this home design game!

What’s best: to just decorate houses or to decorate houses with a free view from all angles of your fabulous project? House games, match-3 games, design home games and decorating games have never been this decorator-friendly!

Discover a game that matches the best of match-3 games with the most fun features of design home games, puzzle games, house games and decorating games!

Design stylish spaces and house design for your clients and deliver them their decor dream via life-changing home and house design makeovers as you strut elegantly on your path to interior home design fame and prestige. Decorate houses, live and feel the joys and hurdles of your interior designer life, in an emotional and inspiring house renovation story filled with interesting characters, match-3 and puzzle games challenges and dramatic turns!

If match-3 games, house games, design home games and decorating games are your thing, look no further!

Your new and fabulous dream career in interior home design starts now! Make your decor dream come true in the best home design game!

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More Information Of Decor Dream - Home Design Game

lable: Casual - Games Current Version:1.13 Publish Date:2021-08-24 Developer:By Aliens

User Reviews


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Cindy Tan 2020-07-04

is a nice game although I\'m just start i couldn\'t stop playing im really enjoy myself, the game really help me to pass my time. the levels are pretty easy to pass i gave five stars hope to have more decorating games because i like decorating games keep it up.
Dompocalypse Rising 2020-07-21

Game keeps freezing and making me lose progress and lives. Sometimes several times in a row. I\'m not impressed. I\'m upset because I\'ve actually spent a lot of money on this stupid game and I\'m at level 300, and this is the thanks I get.
Colleen Beckner 2020-06-22

The match game isn\'t the only fun part. I like the decorating thru the client\'s wishes and having options to choose from; and the opportunity to change it if I don\'t like it or it wasn\'t what the client wanted. The panoramic views are nice, too.I played this game recently until I ran out of rooms. The improvements are great! Nicer decor and more options for boosters. Thanks Decor Dream!
Amanda Amanda 2020-02-19

To development team, What the hell happened to the game? I played it this morning no problem but this afternoon when loading, it said it was an old version and couldnt be supported any more. So i had to update it. Well, not only did i have to uninstall this old version to get the new one but ive gone from what is now season 2 house 3 the kidnapper to starting over from the start. I was on level over 270. I am not happy at all with this situation. Please advice on how to fix this.
Jodi Weiss 2020-07-13

I like it, but when I try to get free boosters, I can\'t. The video that I\'m supposed to see, does not download. Because this is a new game I hope I can download future videos.
Edwin Nicolaas Asberg 2020-02-08

I love puzzle games and I am used to play a lot of match-3, but this one is definitely the best one out there!!! In addition, the decoration part is a lot fun. I can\'t think of any better decorating game. If you want to play a house game, this is the one!
Weca Prince 2020-06-09

I like the \"house tour\" element after you\'ve finished and you\'re showing your renovations to the customer. I like that fact that the lead is a beautiful black woman. I adore the option to double tap power ups while you\'re playing because too often have I made a mistake and used a powerful too early. This game is great. It\'s super cute and it\'s fun. It helps that the soundtrack is absolutely soothing. I love it♥️♥️
Julie Ahn 2020-02-08

Love this match-3 game 🥰!!! Honestly, the best decoration game ever. Plus, it comes with puzzle games! You can decorate the house the way you want to...anyone who loves puzzles and decoration will fall in love with this game!
corrine mckeever 2020-05-23

Ask for to many task before you can do anything you never can finish when you have to do so many at on e time after a while you will want to give up on this game. I have to go away for days and come back and feel the same way never winning enough to do anything not even winning enough I will get do an to One so I can pay to play I can\'t afford that. I be leaving soon I know that.
Eliza Crescini 2020-08-25

I love the game. It\'s fun and amazing. But, for the base prize, I think it would be much better to make it 500 instead of 300. Because some of the materials are way too expensive! I would like to see the improvement and make it into a 5 star rating. Looking forward to it.