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Description of Deep Sleep Hypnotherapy

Would you like to clear your mind, relax deeply, overcome insomnia and drift off to sleep quickly and easily?

Deep Sleep Hypnotherapy is the winner of Best Medical App :: Best App Ever Awards.

"The Ultimate In Self Help... The recordings relax, entrance and help get results rapidly." Yoga Magazine

"I was aware of more clarity, better mental organisation and breaking with past thought processes in a very easy and effortless way. I'm amazed that remote hypnotherapy can be so successful.” J.Feinmann, Award Winning Medical Journalist

"No longer sleepless in Seattle... I love this app! I purchased several sleep apps and this is my favorite, the one I use all the time. Not only is there a session for sleep, but the app includes sessions for relaxation. The hypnotherapist's voice never fails to lull me to sleep. I also find that the content of the sessions are more effective at inducing a state of deep relaxation, or sleep, than other apps... All-in-all, I would highly recommend this app. It has helped me get off sleeping pills!"

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This powerful application created by one of the UKs leading hypnotherapists, combines hypnotic guided relaxation sessions with non verbal sounds designed to gently guide the mind to sleep. It also includes practical tips to help you get to sleep easily, a hypnosis session to help you rid your mind of negative thought patterns and video interviews about hypnosis to help you feel really comfortable with the process.


* Powerful hypnotic relaxation and sleep meditations

* Free access to all Harmony Hypnosis apps when you subscribe to Deep Sleep Hypnotherapy - This allows you to continue to use Harmony Hypnosis to improve your life in all kinds of ways long after you’ve started sleeping well.

* Beautiful background animations

* Videos about hypnosis

* Additional tips for sleeping well

Deep Sleep Hypnotherapy Premium is an auto-renewing subscription which opens all locked sessions in the app as well giving access to all sessions in all Harmony Hypnosis Apps

Download Deep Sleep Hypnotherapy now, relax, clear your mind and drift into deep peaceful sleep today.

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lable: Medical - Apps Current Version:2.14 Publish Date:2022-06-08 Developer:Harmony Hypnosis Ltd

User Reviews


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Josh Hellcat 2016-08-15

Great product, poor execution This app worked fine before the update. Now, I can\'t listen to the tracks without internet connection. I already downloaded the tracks, but it won\'t let me access them unless I have a data connection. I was really surprised when I went out of town to a remote area and couldn\'t access the files. The tracks are absolutely great, and I had trained myself to go right to sleep when I heard it. Since I couldnt listen, I couldn\'t fall asleep. Also, the app needs to close after it is complete. Kills my battery.
April Wilkinson 2013-12-10

Sleeping Beauty I suffer from chronic pain and insomnia. This app has been so helpful in helping my frayed nerves to calm down and helping me fall asleep. Darren Mark\'s voice is so soothing and not at all creepy like some other hypnotherapists\' voices. Don\'t buy Joseph Clough\'s, he sounds like a serial killer.
Jaap Fijen 2016-01-04

This just works Open your mind to never sleep badly again. Great app nver fails me when my bouts of insomnia almost get better of me
Holly Brunell 2013-08-20

Amazing! Relax Deeply has reduced the need for anxiety medication, and sleep deeply has kicked insomnia\'s butt!
Martin Berg 2012-12-22

htc incredible s and one x i had sleeping 5 stars problems and it helped me when i listen to this i listen 2 times before i meet dreamland and make me feel safe am not scared to sleep when i listen to Darren and when i woke up its like i slept in many days. this is worth every single coin i recommended this app to any one. who has the same problem as me. martin berg. Tank You Darren Marks For helping me.,,
A Google user 2012-10-17

OMG! This app is just amazing. Very effective. However....it would be great if you could create a playlist so you don\'t have to actually start another recording.
Linda Colby 2018-07-15

I tell anyone that is having difficulty sleeping and staying asleep to try hypnosis with Darren Marks. It was a life saver for me when I was going through a difficult time. Now, it\'s my go to on those occasions where my mind won\'t shut down. Worth trying.
Gen C 2013-12-07

Great when you can\'t sleep!! I suffer from severe insomnia and this app works really well when it flares up. I have since purchased 6 of Darrens apps and an extremely pleased with them all. They have made my life better in many ways. Thank you for having such a comprehensive program as so many I\'ve tried are incomplete.
A Google user 2012-10-06

It works for me everyday If you really want to hear and feel good sensations you have to try it, it works for me everyday. Acer A500 - 5 Stars
Liz Phillips 2019-08-15

Awesome!!! Best guided meditation and hypnosis you will find. Best voice for the job.