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Description of Defuse The Bomb 3D

The countdown is on – can you Defuse the Bomb in time and win the game?

In this nail-biting bomb simulator game, the fate of the world is in your hands. One wrong move and BOOM! The bomb will detonate.

More stressful than a nuclear bomb simulator. This game will test your agility, skill, and nerve by cutting the fuse attached to the bomb – before it detonates. As you make that first cut – will you succeed, or will there be an explosion?

With just a few seconds to choose, this isn’t the time to play games. So, which wire will it be – red, yellow, or blue? You decide! If you think you’re brave enough

Tick-tock, tick-tock. As the countdown begins, watch out for those buttons, wires, and that all-important timer. Don’t let that bomb explode no matter what!

Do you have the courage to make the cut in this 3D puzzle game of skill? Find out now and feel like bomberman.

Get ready to test your nerve in this ultimate game of games – Defuse the Bomb 3D!

It’s time to play!

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lable: Casual - Games Current Version:1.4.6 Publish Date:2021-03-04 Developer:Gismart

User Reviews


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Unfortunate Gaming 2020-05-24

Not gonna lie, it\'s a good game 👌 and the quality and the graphics is probably the best out of any other game I downloaded. There are also not that many ads. So when you play you don\'t get an ad every minute or so. But you do have to do an ad to take the money and upgrade and they are 30 seconds long and mostly they are games previews, so maybe shorten the ads by 5 or 10 seconds.
TNT Dragon 2020-05-27

Lovely simple game, absolutely ruined by the creators want to force adds down your throat. You know it\'s bad when in order to pass a level you have to press the \"follow on instagram\" button, but add to that adds every 3 minutes, and a mechanic that allows you to win the ability to watch an add to get a reward - and you get this. I\'d love to recommend but even I have an add tolerance limit.
Peter Kereszthury 2020-05-18

It\'s like all the others. It forces you to watch ads to be able to play. And after you need to open a \"chest\" you need to restart a program. This is the worst \"game\" i have ever tried. I don\'t know how can the creator sleep at night. This thing is evil and discusting. Please do NOT download it. Thanks. :)
Nate H 2020-07-27

I recently purchased the \"no ads\" version of this game, but there is an ad banner that pops up at the bottom of the screen that covers up the \"no thanks\" option which would allow the user to continue to the next level without having to watch a video ad and collecting a multiplier bonus. This ad banner placement is not only annoying, but forces the user to wait until it flickers off for a split second before being able to click the \"no thanks\" option, if youre quick enough. Sent email to support.
TheGunguy461 2020-07-07

Ok game. There were too many adds, which wasn\'t surprising, but sometimes they make it seem like you HAVE to watch an ad to progress. They\'ll put a tiny X in the corner that\'s slightly different color from the background. There was one page I couldn\'t progress from because there was no X or continue button, just an option to watch and ad and a banner ad at the bottom, presumably covering up the continue button.
OverDrive 2020-04-24

Its pretty fun and everything but the ads need to calm down every second there is an ad and the times it just zooms out and having to click play fastest time especially when the wheel thing spins and having to wait 10 seconds for it to finish and to click \"get 25 coins\" or what ever. I reccomend Not buying/getting this bc of the ads. But if you dont care about it and dont have a life or smth go ahead it might be the game for you
Antwnhs gir 2020-06-21

The actual game is nice and fun even tho i am 17 yo. it is simple and easy to understand but the fact that they force you to see ads every single second its terrible. Literally in order to do anything you gotta see an ad, there is a part that it forces you to follow them on Instagram so you got a little extra time to finish some levels. Also in the game you get money, which you use to buy workers and upgrade your workers that will get you more money. Thats extremely pointless.
Simon Vernon 2020-05-24

The game itself I enjoyed. When it comes to ads they aren\'t intrusive. You can easily okay the game without watching ads but you don\'t get as many rewards. Give and take. My main issue with the game is I think it\'s glitched on level 15 bomb 2. I enter the number sequence it says okay but also says mistake so I have five seconds left to do everything else which makes it impossible to pass
Dyno 2020-05-29

Fun. They do the thing when it\'s a big button to watch an ad for 5x the money and you need to wait a few seconds before you\'re able to press no. It\'s not that scammy with the ads, you only get one after around 8 levels. I\'d say it\'s ok. (Also the things on the reviews with the yes and no asking me if this is a doctor game)
what Only 2020-06-12

The game is okay. No idea what is the point to obtain money. We can buy workers, a better register or enhance the workplace.. All this, to only obtain more money.. (why would we do it though??). For a casual player, just to have fun for some time this is a good game. The game is not too difficult, good for providing a challenge to kids perhaps