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Deluxe Moon - Moon Calendar, Phases and more! APK

Deluxe Moon - Moon Calendar, Phases and more!



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Description of Deluxe Moon - Moon Calendar, Phases and more!

Deluxe Moon is a beautifully crafted application with magnificent design. It's a great tool for astronomers, photographers, hunters.

As the most advanced Moon Phases Calendar for Android, Deluxe Moon introduces not only traditional concepts like Moon Days, but also Moon Void-Of-Course periods, Moon Mansions (Tropical Zodiac) and even Nakshatras with Padas (Sidereal Zodiac).

Is there a connection between the Moon and plants, human emotions, blood pressure, health or finance? Explore it with Deluxe Moon application!



+ Precise moon phases times.

+ Current moon’s age: how far along the moon is in its full cycle.

+ Percent of the illuminated moon area.

+ Moonrise and moonset times for your location.

+ Moon timers: amount of time since moonrise and until moonset.

+ Moonrise and moonset azimuths.

+ Moon elevation.

+ Moon distance to the Earth.

+ Ecliptic longitude and latitude.

+ Sunrise, sunset and zenith times.

+ NEW! Since release 1.101: Share Moon Data to INSTAGRAM!

Select date, select theme and share moon parameters with friends!


+ Moon Phases Calendar

+ Moon Days Calendar

+ Moon Zodiac Calendar

* Moon Calendar Widget included!


+ Touch-n-turn: swipe the moon vertically to change the date by a month, or horizontally to change it by a day.

+ Exact Moon Phase Times

+ Moon calendar with moon phases and zodiac signs.

+ Moon Days calendar

+ Large compass

+ Sunrise, sunset and zenith: tap on either of moon timers to see it.

+ Custom location, date and time in options

+ Widgets and Live wallpapers


+ Astronomical events and twilight for any date

+ Scrollable moon brightness diagram

+ Sun and Moon rise and set time table

+ Monthly Moon phase table

+ Apogee/Perigee table

+ Equinox/Solstice table

+ Moon Days Calendar

+ Solar/Lunar eclipses table

+ Brief Moon exploration reference


+ 4 Beautiful Moon widgets

+ 1 Moon Phase calendar widget

+ Live wallpaper with large moon images

Enjoy the Moon on your desktop!


Animated Zodiac circles: sidereal and tropical along with astronomical constellations

* Exact Moon position in zodiac sign

* Precise time when the Moon enters and leaves a zodiac sign

* Precise time when Moon changes Zodiac sign

* Moon in Zodiac when each moon day starts/ends

* Exact Moon Void of Course Times

+ Different algorithms for Sidereal Zodiac calculation

Explore the difference between Solar and Lunar zodiac! Moon changes zodiac sign every 2-3 days. See how it works!


Detailed Moon astrology: Moon day descriptions, Moon in Zodiac, Moon Mansions

+ Moon days calendar

+ Moon Days with descriptions

* Characteristics

* Recommendations

* Precautions

* Business

* Personal life

* Health

* Hair care

+ Moon in Zodiac sign

* Characteristics

* Health

* Horoscope

* Beauty care

+ Moon Mansions [Western Tropical Zodiac]

+ Nakshatras & Padas [Sidereal Zodiac]

+ Exact Moon Void of Course Times

Explore Moon Days: rate the days, collect statistics and learn what days are good or bad for you.


+ Specific gardening advice based on the current moon phase.

+ Moon gardening and Zodiac sign


- WXGA (720x1280) +



"Your location" Is required for rise/set calculation.




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lable: Weather - Apps Current Version:1.106 Publish Date:2022-06-20 Developer:LWS Research

User Reviews


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Ian Porret 2014-10-23

Separation Of Feminine And Masculine The new features of the app made a clear separation of both feminine and masculine aspects of living life. The specific description of care also puts a strong emphasis on women alone. Not only does it seem to now be not for men like myself, but I also see the specific instructions as perpetuating the vanity both males and females have problems with in society. I really hope that deluxe moon does a complete overhaul of the instructions and description of the daily energy for the next update soon.
A Google user 2014-11-03

Cool app. Been using it for years can we have a new sound or maybe a choice of sounds? ADDED 11/1/14: OMG u got rid of the flashlight? Blah! And I like the haircut area unlike most people. Our hair is sacred, and it carries the energy from the past. It\'s not about vanity... Smdh . But I want the flashlight back. And maybe some new stuff to read add some geometry info?
Tory McCoy 2015-08-21

Use it daily I love this app. I use it everyday. I read the lunar forecast to help set the tone for my day. I wonder though, it is a \"lunar\" forecast, is the information for various signs our sign sun or our moon sign. Being an Aries sun and a Taurus moon are two different things for me. I suppose it doesn\'t really matter, but it would be interesting to know the developers intent. Great app.
Ron Wynyard 2019-12-22

Great that developers have updated app. And thanks for advising this had been done
Rhonda Thomassen 2020-02-14

not updated for newer android. wont go full screen. bummed i sprnt money on this😏 updated.....works good after update.
Kat Magee 2019-12-26

I used to love this app, but since update, slams shut as soon as I try to open it. Asked for a link to an older version, no response. New update came out, supposed to fix things & work on phones w/smaller screens, nothing happened. May I please get a link to download older version? I\'m sorry I can\'t afford to buy new phones w/bigger screens to keep up w/your newer versions......I have lost several other apps due this, not much point in paying for apps if devs are going to leave you behind....
mona ll 2018-10-09

I love the app, but certain little details are wrong, which naturally makes me think the other small details may be off too..for ex: For my area, I am UTC -5:00.. this app says sunrise here right now is 6:18 am (when in reality it is 7:48am) ANDhe app says sunset is 1:55pm (that\'s mid afternoon!) in reality sunset is 6:09 pm.. Why is it sooooo off point? And if sunrise/set is so off, then moonrise/set is likely wrong too, no? What else is erroneous in this app? Because I really do LOVE it!
Devin Nocterum 2017-05-13

Update: still hasnt been changed. Seriously disappointed at the sexism this app redusrs to change. The forecast only has tips specific for women. While im a transman and may be bio xx, i find this to be sexist. Please inxlude specific tips for men also. I bought this app and would like to enjoy it fully. Otherwise its great.
Jilli Fitzpatrick 2014-10-28

Adjusting my review You had a cool flashlight app, but removed it. Then relaced it with haircare...REALLY????? Of all the vain, stupid & useless things! What\'s next, Kim Kardashian\'s shoe advice? You have a superb product! No one has anything quite like it. Why clutter it with fashion advice?
A Google user 2014-11-20

Where\'s eclipse info on android? :( After all the yrs I\'ve had paid version this app should be the only astro app I need! I dissappointed that i missed major lunar/solar eclipses last yr { 2011} Cause app didnt notify.dev answered promptly, \" it\'s on ipad\" it\'s now 2014 still no lunar or solar eclipse info.Nor solstice, equinox info. Don\'t care about hair and beauty. Please dev add these to the paid version at least, then this app is almost complete. An app that includes all planets and astro houses would make this best of its kind.