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Description of Deployment Tracker

A simple Material themed app intended to help people track the progress of someone's deployment.

Created because the current options for Android are quite outdated.

Now supports syncing to the cloud!

It is still in development, and will receive new features via updates. There may also be bugs. If you get a force close, please submit the report!

Completely free and open source, you can view the source on GitHub.

I would love some suggestions for a better name or icon! If you have ideas or suggestions, send me an email, leave a comment, open a pull request on GitHub, whatever! Just let me know!

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More Information Of Deployment Tracker

lable: Lifestyle - Apps Current Version:3.0.7 Publish Date:2021-03-09 Developer:Scott Warner

User Reviews


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Stephanie Lynn Bulldis 2016-05-04

Great :) I love it! And my son likes to look at it everyday to see if it\'s moved. Now... I\'m still fairly new to this lifestyle, but with OPSEC and everything, shouldn\'t the app have a more discreet title?
Aliah Reed 2016-08-09

Easy to use but.. I\'d definitely like to be able to change the color of the words. I can\'t see the title for my widget due to the grey default color. Other than that it\'s great.
Anna Kuykendall 2015-10-08

Love the app. I can\'t get the widget to show the donut though. It only shows the words. How do you change this?
A Google user 2019-01-07

awesome and unintrusive.
Nikki Scott 2013-12-17

Does what it says Still need the option of being able to hide the dates especially when idiot girls want to post this. Opsec ladies remember to keep your military man safe.
Valerie Карреон 2019-10-07

I love this app!! Thank you so much. I\'d give it 5 stars if only you guys could fix the widgets. They are really small and don\'t even fill the whole bracket they are given within my screen. Please make them bigger. Thank you!
Anne Colitsas 2016-01-22

Good but Wish there were widget size options - other than that it\'s great and just the visual I wanted for deployment!
Lexie Tangney 2019-02-26

I like the visuals and custom options for display. Screenshot mode for sharing progress. I only wish I could change between displaying days and weeks.
Louissa Jasper 2015-08-16

GOOD ENOUGH Would give 5 stars if there were more options for font color and size of widget. Other than that it works great!
tiffany collins 2015-08-13

How do you add it as a widget