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Description of Design Masters: House Makeover

Always felt a strong passion for house design? Want to try yourself at home restoration and design the home of your dream? Dreams come true in this home decorating puzzle game.

Welcome to the most addictive offline interior design game! Get inspired by famous designers and artists, such as Philippe Starck and Jackson Pollock, practice in room design and various decor matters. Get ideas for your own mansion and learn the design basics in an easy game manner. What Makes Design Masters so addictive? Well, for starters, that's what you'll be doing in the game:

- do a complete home makeover and decorate your dream mansion;

- create realistic 3d interiors: a loft-style living room, a French eclectic bedroom or a modern hall;

- select exquisite decor items to match your unique style

- combine various furnishing and lighting to design your dream home;

- choose the best art objects and home decor elements for your dream house;

- meet fascinating characters and follow the story development;

- solve puzzles in match-3 games, beat levels, and create your unique home design makeover.

And of course, don't forget to join our weekly event - compete with other players for valuable prizes and bonuses!

Play the best home restoration story game anywhere online or offline, without wi-fi or any Internet connection. Enjoy the best home design game, beat match-3 levels, dive into house design, and discover your designer's skills. Play Design Masters and become a real house interior designer!

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lable: Puzzle - Games Current Version:1.7.7783 Publish Date:2021-11-02 Developer:Playgendary Limited

User Reviews


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Cheryl L 2020-12-27

I am absolutely sick of all theae \"Pay to Play\" games on here! These games start out easy to draw you in and as the levels progress it becomes harder and harder to win...unless you\'re willing to pay real money to complete the level! I\'ve decided that once real money is required to win it\'s time to delete it and move on to something else and that\'s exactly what I plan too do!!!
deborah Thorp 2020-07-12

Would be much better without the match 3 part and make it like Design my room please. I hate those match 3 things, or make them the same when starting each room. Some of us not so brainy after cancer . Spend way too much money on trying to do match 3 game this game sucks .
Moiz Khan 2021-02-28

Redoing my comment and review. I\'m tired of playing candy crush this was a good idea for those who can do something interesting but the game has its own difficulties to keep it going. It takes hell lot of lives and time and efforts to get through to next level. Just so you can earn little amount of cash and things get expensive by the time . I will recommend make it free to play the levels
Noella Hab 2021-02-25

I\'ve been playing this for a while. I enjoy the game and the 3d design effect to decorate. But why can\'t we access rooms that we have finished designing? Once you move on to the next design it locks the previous one. You should re-work that. And personally I preferred the square-ish design interface to the roundish one you\'ve updated.
Andre Keirouz 2020-07-11

My phone updated and now I have lost all my designs for the rooms. Please explain what is the purpose to be linked to Facebook and then not to be able to use it. One star is my review for your glitches. 👎
ilyahna 2021-01-26

I love this! I\'ve downloaded and deleted so many home decor games and this one is a keeper. The graphics and effects are great, the furniture is unique and fun. Even the music isn\'t annoying which is a rare quality in match 3s. The puzzles have a few different elements from most match 3s so it\'s not the same old game. I hate that I have to go to bed instead of play this more lol.
Maree Keirouz 2021-03-06

I\'m updating my previous review. Ive reached a stage in the game where I can\'t play any further, so now waiting for the next update for more levels. The design of the game was much nicer before the latest update but now its easier to collect diamonds and scoring makes more sense. Great!
chon Tous 2021-02-25

Designing is awesome very interesting but the real big problem is that game that you have to play to earn money.. I\'ll tell you i have reach level 32 but it\'s much more difficult.. Candy crush saga level 201 is easier.. They should not make it so difficult.. It annoy me real bad have to uninstall it..
J Rod 2021-01-31

Great styles to choose from, and you don\'t have to pick a \"theme\" in each room since all the options work pretty well with each other. The match 3 games are easy enough to be relaxing but challenging enough to keep you engaged. They also have their own spin on some elements, so that\'s fun. And if that\'s not enough for you, it seems like they want you to enjoy playing more than they want your money, unlike most of the other design apps I\'ve played. That point alone is worth 5 stars in my book.
Sam Winchester 2020-09-17

Gave the game another chance but still can\'t rate it more than one star. There are far better match three games out there. This has way too many \"hard\" and \"super hard\" levels and so few chances to earn tools they are basically non-existent. I have no problem with developers wanting people to purchase in-app extras and will spend on games when I want to advance faster. What I won\'t do is spend on games that are pretty much impossible to advance at all without spending. Cash grab.