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Description of Design My Room

Are you addicted to interior home design & decorating? You can play with it now to design your dream house or home with the most fashionable decor items on your mobile phone!

Design My Room is a free to play fun and casual home design game with all kinds of room interior design, house design and decoration and home remodel and renovation. There are hundreds of real estate properties, empty rooms, redesign houses, home from various locations for you to design and decorate, and thousands of up-to-dated furniture and home décor products of different interior design styles for you to choose from. Unleash your creative, design, and decor your masterpieces. Being an interior designer and designing your dream home has never been easier and more fun.

* Realistic room scenes and vivid graphics, giving you an immersive experience in your own designs. Keep up with the latest interior design ideas & home decorating inspiration

* Unlock everyday challenges in all styles of rooms, house, home. Amazing daily updated fashion decorations items and furniture.

* Follow the storyline, take on an experience of a designer’s career, designer’s office life, love stories, and affection. Feel the joy and pain of being a designer.

* Interact with designers from all around the world, rate, and comment on works designed by others and get comments for your own works. Create your designing community.

Download Design My Room now and start your design dream home today.

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More Information Of Design My Room

lable: Simulation - Games Current Version:1.21.0 Publish Date:2021-07-12 Developer:NPOL GAME

User Reviews


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Nicolene van der Linde 2021-01-09

Used to love this game but lately it\'s again messing with our ratings on our designs. I place furniture and table items, but it doesn\'t reflect in the design. Therefore I don\'t get rated for it. FIX THE GAME!!!?!!!!!
A Google user 2020-10-19

The judging in this game is terrible! Some of the top designs are a joke! You have to spend money to get a decent score but even then, no guarantees. The last update makes the game crash constantly. I do not recommend downloading this app. Another update and the game is even worse. So slow and you get a stupid avatar that takes up so much memory. They need to remove it! I am giving up playing. Cannot spend money for diamonds and my score plumetted. Rigged! Play Redecor. So much better and free!
Diane Balejo 2020-10-02

This game is not based on talents or skills. The high scores are given based on the diamonds and accessory packages you pur hase and decorate with. If none of these are purchased and is still designed it will give out low scores. This game is very expensive. In order to score high points you have to purchase diamonds and special decoration packages for approximately $1.99/$2.99 & $4.99- $19.00 every week or so. The packages are uploaded every week. Now if u design with using the special decor you are score low. It does not matter how good ur designs actually are. Another issue is that the furniture is hard to match. The Hues of the colors do not match. They do not design all matching peices at once. Sometimes it\'s even listed in two different colors catagories. Also they will introduce a Furniture piece and make you wait a couple of weeks until the matching pieces are uploaded. Then they will introduce a new decoration which may require a type of furniture for example traditional or luxury or Hughes of the colors do not match. Also they will introduce a furniture piece and make you wait a couple of weeks until the matching pieces are uploaded. Then they will introduce a new decoration which may require a type of furniture for example traditional or luxury or contemporary. When you go to look for the furniture sometimes if furniture Hughes just do not match. And sometimes the special I have furniture do not match. Other times they will upload a sofa in one hue text or color. And then upload another piece of furniture such as a chair but it is uploaded in another color so you have to go back and forth trying to figure out which pieces are actually intended to go together. Other times there are just some furniture that is uploaded that have no matches at all. I wish that they would upload complete sets before moving on to the next upload. I wish that the times where you\'re required to do the special Decor that they actually have furniture sets that would match the decor making it possible for you to complete it. I wish that if you choose something simple is white or beige or Browns or even read that you will find complete sets in the same Hue. Where you can enter match the furniture. Or complete the whole set in a contemporary which doesn\'t force you to choose one temporary sofa with a matching luxury chair for instance. Sometimes the people who are actually giving crowns when you look at their designs it does not make sense it does not follow a pattern such as traditional or contemporary. Sometime they Furniture doing that even match in color range. They don\'t compliment each other but yet they\'re given High pranks. So I wish this game with update itself and change some of these problems that they\'re experiencing with it. And no one is able to pay $5-$7 dollars a week just for diamonds on a game.
Maleigha Bishop 2019-11-14

I really like this game, but the fact that you can only use a peice of furniture 5 times before having to rebuy it is beyond frustrating. I have other similar games that I\'m happy to spend money on, because I get to keep the items I buy permanently. They keep you hooked for a few days by giving you lots of coins and diamonds, but honestly this game is impossible to play long term unless you\'re willing to spend a lot of money for something very temporary. Uninstalled :(
IsisKitt Mo 2021-01-04

Love love this game, love the rooms, the realistic graphics, gameplay is awesome!!! Really addictive!!! Awesome!!!! Please give options to change floors and walls too!! Having a little problem with the scoring now, for your 2,500$ room. It doesnt look loke it follows the same rules. I also noticed that there haven been any furniture worth coons released in a few months!!!!! Is it possible to increase the daily diamonds to like 2500 or 3000 diamonds in this new year???? Thanks!!!! Cool Game!!!
Brandi Hicks 2020-01-03

Well....I used to LOVE this game. It is really fun designing rooms. What started my dislike was when they took away the option to buy Art, like vases and sculptures, with coins and force you to have to purchase diamonds with real money. I could deal with paying $6 a month for 600 diamonds a day. But now you have taken the fun out of it. I used to get 5 star scores for the rooms that truly deserved it. I haven\'t received a 5 star scores in a long time and I\'ve designed MANY rooms that deserve 5!!
Win 2020-10-02

I had fun with this game so much however, nowadays, it\'s so difficult to get a 5 or crown ☹️ and some furniture are so expensive. Why are you like that. Why is it good and better designs are below 5 or 4.9 and yet designs that are not so good get a score of 5. But nonetheless, i love the graphics and all. I hope there will be more types of rooms to design. I tried other design room games but yours are still better. Keep it up.
Dana Glaze 2020-10-10

I loved this game at first, now it freezes up so much!! I get soooo frustrated that I\'ve almost lost any interest in it and I have played it daily for the last year. So I just did the update and it\'s even WORSE!!! I am so disgusted with this game, it literally freezes up every two to three minutes. Don\'t waste your time even attempting to play this game!!! 10/9/2020
Alicia Cramer 2020-12-10

I love the game, but the more I play I see how repetitive the patterns are. Like as far as living room areas why don\'t you use sectionals? We win all these different furniture pieces that we barely get to use. You stress on decorations more than furniture to make the design and it really puts a limit on creativity. Be a little more diverse with design patterns and I\'ll rate it to a 5 ⭐. As of 12/09/20 the designs are taking forever to load and the videos to earn diamonds don\'t want to play. 👎
Suzanne LaCour 2019-11-12

This game is very similar to Design Home and I think it is better. The furnishings are lovely, but they are extremely expensive. I have completed 4 rooms and I\'m broke. They give you some furniture, $ and gems to start with, but once they are gone you simply cannot earn enough w/o buying more. Promising game, but definitely PAY TO PLAY. There\'s simply no way to afford the decor when you can\'t make any real money even if you win the challenges. Disappointing.