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Description of DesignEvo - Logo Maker

Logo Design at Your Fingertips!

DesignEvo is an easy and fast app that lets you create stunning logos in the palm of your hand. With 3500+ customizable logo templates, 100+ fonts, lots of graphics and powerful editing tools, you can turn your ideas into a compelling and unique logo in minutes, even if you have no professional design skills.

Whether you are looking to create an amazing logo for using on your website, social media, company wall, email signature, letterhead, business card, stationery, or T-shirt, DesignEvo helps spark your inner creativity. It satisfies everyone from newbies to professionals.




• 3500+ professionally designed logo templates in different categories such as Abstract, Animal, Business, Fashion, Letter and Technology.

• Lots of preset graphics including Badge, Decoration, Line, Shape, Banner and Symbol.

• 100+ hand-picked fonts in Bold, Modern, Traditional, Handwriting and Funny styles.

• Adjust font size, color, spacing, alignment, uppercase, opacity, curved effect and more to create unique typography artwork.

• Adjust opacity, color, flip & mirror effect for the selected graphic.

• Customize background with a preset solid color or add custom color to use.

• Undo/redo every step of your logo editing.

• Manage layers for the selected object - move it forward or backward.

• Freely move, resize and rotate any objects with your fingers.

• Duplicate or delete any objects at will.

• Save your logo as JPG, PNG or transparent PNG images.

• Share your logo via email, message or other favorite social media apps.

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lable: Business - Apps Current Version:1.0.5 Publish Date:2022-06-20 Developer:PearlMountain Technology Limited

User Reviews


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Janice Baker 2020-01-02

Found a logo I wanted during a Google search that was supposed to be available on your app. Downloaded the app & purchased 2 logo categories it should have been under, but still can\'t find it, and there\'s no way to search the app to find which category it\'s under or even if it still exists. Not happy! 🤨
Heidi Ng 2020-07-18

Really happy with this app. You could customize your logo different sizes and shapes, with no ads. When you save your logo, it doesn\'t have a watermark and it\'s clear to see. But there are limited choices to customize your logo. I understand that it\'s free, but more choices would make people like the app more. I saw some other people\'s ratings and they had problems. I am using a mobile phone, so I don\'t know what happens on a computer. But overall, this app is the best out of all the other ones.
4ever Healthy Wellness Channel 2019-02-02

The company provided a logo size that was too small and I could not use it for my website. There is no direct customer service number to call. When I found the companies contact email, I sent a notice to advise that the resolution was too small to use as a PDF. I requested a call. Someone name David Lin emailed me back stating I had to pay extra for a larger resolution. What a scam. Will never use again. Horrible, horrible service.
ROCHE PEPLER 2019-01-15

Good App for designing logos, however an option to add backgrounds and PNG\'s from your own gallery would be extremely useful. I am happy with the app, it is so useful. Would recommend this to anyone starting off in designing their own logos.
Ashleigh Johnson 2020-04-05

Bunch of liars - I found the logo I wanted through Google advertised as free. It made me download the app, to find the logo wasn\'t even on there. So then I had to pay to view all of their logos. Then the logo I wanted wasn\'t even on all the paid ones! Bunch of cheats and liars ripping people off😠
Domingo Rijo 2020-08-09

So many bugs... You can\'t import... You can\'t save for \"work later\"... I paid for the whole food package of labels, totally regretting doing it. If can\'t find what you need on the FREE VERSION, I wouldn\'t recommend spending a dime here. Tons of other apps that can do a better job for free. What a shame, I had high spectations :-(
Beryl Quaye- Kumah 2020-04-06

Does not match desktop??? How are actually supposed to purchase and function app? I fully designed a logo on the desktop version, downloaded the app thinking I could complete my purchase but when I downloaded there is no option to sign into the account so therefore cannot continue on the app. How is this supposed to work?
Mark Michael Cuevas 2018-09-29

Whenever I save the logo as a png or jpg or transparent png, the right side of the logo especially the letters are cut off. The logo looks awfull as sometimes it misses out a letter or the last letter seemed to look half-cut. Please fix it first before I submit a new star rating
Anis Tristan 2020-07-21

I don\'t recommend this app👿simply because on the web aite they tell you it\'s free online and when you try to make a logo it tells you again that you meed to install the app and when you install the app geuss what !! You will find just free 6 logos and for more logos you meed to download them again and not for free 😒if you try to be honest insted of playing with others it would be great .
wes berry 2018-07-17

Installed app but doesn\'t open on my phone. I\'m using the Google Pixel XL 2. Tried to open app 5 times but kept getting an error. When I chose to restart the app, it still didn\'t open.