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Description of Determine Your Success

The Determine Your Success Application is a free, interactive business resource. Learn more about the person who invited you to download this application by entering your unique login user name and password.

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lable: Business - Apps Current Version:5.3.3 Publish Date:2022-06-01 Developer:Direct Sales Mobile

User Reviews


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Marco-2AM 2019-01-19

the people i once called friends became money hungry with MLM (amway). not a scam but profit is very slim, youre better off getting struck by lightning twice on the same night.
Vladsier Records 2016-09-17

Two words ScAmway bullshit. They sent me this app before trying to rip me out of all my money, if you are approached asking if you want to be an \"independent business owner\" turn around while you can.
Rob Coates 2020-02-21

So just a note for those assuming something scammy. First, this app is FREE. Secondly, being given an app as PART of an OPTIONAL business system that is designed specifically for that system means it is being used primarily for what it was created to do. Whatever your opinion on the organization, however assumptive that may or may not be, this app shouldn\'t get bad ratings because you didn\'t click with the business. That\'s like leaving bad reviews because Walmart isn\'t your chosen employer 🤔
Brennen Raymond 2017-02-23

This is an app for people who use pyramid schemes... They\'ll try to recruit you and call it MLM or something... If you want to know more google Amway Scam... That will help you with your research.
Andres Tamez 2015-08-07

Scam - don\'t download A couple of online searches and you\'ll see this isn\'t worth your time. Don\'t believe all the fake high ratings.
Jessica V 2017-10-03

Awesome app, very helpful!! For the reviews that are saying Amway is a scam, your job is a scam... You have no security, your boss controls you paycheck and your time! Amway is the way of out the 40/40/40 plan scam.. which is called a job, so you can retire on 40% of what you already can\'t afford to live on..haha sucks to not have a back up plan, when your job no longer needs you, huh?!
WhiteNova49 2019-02-28

It a pyramid scam don\'t be fooled by the people.
corey simpson 2018-12-25

The app is amazing. When used correctly, it really helps your sponsoring ratio along with getting your Candidates started right.
Cam Best 2020-02-07

I was invited out to the Amway informational meeting last night & it didn\'t sit right. It\'s NOT door to door salesman, but moreso a 21st century version of it. Encouraged to install this app before another meeting tonight Independently researched the company, really unnerving that the first Google Search result is about Pyramid Schemes. Products are wickedly expensive. I can\'t campaign to others on something I don\'t support or believe in...
Madeline Quintero 2019-11-13

all of these reviews and comments are fake. scam. Don\'t join.