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Description of detikcom - Berita Terbaru & Terlengkap

detikcom comes with a new face!

Install now or update your detikcom app to get the best news reading experience and to satisfy your digital lifestyle.

detikcom app has innovated beyond providing the latest news by including a variety of services to ease transactions like purchasing Trans Studio or Trans Snow World tickets and to get information on the latest events and promos.

Highlighted Features:


Explore the latest stories from a variety of categories, such as national politics, soccer, economy & business, celebrity gossip, latest technology, healthy lifestyle, culinary, travel destinations, fashion, and automotive

Breaking News

Live stream important and breaking events

Most Popular Tags

A collection of the latest and most talked about issues


A variety of exclusive, informative, entertaining, and inspiring videos

Local News

Choose a province from "Berita Daerah" to follow the latest news from your area

Night Mode

Activate night mode for a better reading experience at night

We want to continue to innovate and improve our services. Your feedback is important to us. Send us an email at info@detik.com

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More Information Of detikcom - Berita Terbaru & Terlengkap

lable: News & Magazines - Apps Current Version:6.1.10 Publish Date:2021-03-03 Developer:Trans Digital Media

User Reviews


What's new with you? Please tell everyone.

Wahyu Priyono 2020-06-04

I install this application just to give 1 star review. 1. It used to be credibel online media, currently it becomes click bait social media news. You can see that there\'re many news with bombastic tittle but unfortunately the news body itself is not related with the tittle. 2. It used to be the fastest update online media with small portion of previous information on the news body. Current situation, it becomes the fastest posting media, with 60%-80% of the news is actually the previous news.
Renee Nooryaldie 2020-05-27

This news outlet is not like it used to be. The content is heavily influenced by right wing and religious movement. Not to mention the ads on the page making very hard to read the news itself. Most of the time one topic is divided into many headlines , really feels they are pushing for ads not content.
David Samuel 2020-06-06

i used to love detik as a professional media broadcaster, but now it turns into a clickbait broadcaster. detik often makes misleading headline that probably would trigger the readers to click on the headline, and when the readers see the body of the news they got nothing but an out of context news. the news is also heavily influenced by the opposition where the facts have been manipulated to fit a hidden political agenda.
Diana Rosary 2020-05-28

Boring and rubbish news. Some are twisted news to dissintegrated and this media take side in politics. It\'s disgusting and no honor and show low quality reporters in writing skills.
ZetaZeds 2020-05-30

Very unprofessional and biased news media. Their translation for some English sentences aren\'t accurate anymore. Soon enough they\'ll change the translation accordance to their perception and their interests.
Dewa Gede Suwandra 2020-05-27

Used to love it but now avoid it because it becomes unprofessional, too many clickbait and misleading headlines, no clarifications when making erronous or factually incorrect news
Benito 2020-05-30

In its early years, this news outlet was reliable & swift in conveying the news. But these days it seems started to twist & misleading the news against the real facts. Real Journalism is neutral and based on facts!
Oki Kuntaryanto 2020-06-06

The app is still good and user friendly. I\'ve been using since 8 years ago. Unfortunately ☹️, detik is now turning into cheap journalistic by blatantly using click bait and misleading news. I hope it will be much better in the future. Ngomong sana-sini padahal cuman pengen kasih bintang satu doang. We are punishing you...hahaha.
Luther Elia Sihombing 2020-05-27

So many false news! Click baits, provocative captions, and annoying ads.
_R K 2021-02-17

The journalist often make click bait provocative caption