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Description of Deutsche Bank Mobile

Deutsche Bank Mobile offers state-of-the-art banking in a new design - combined with simple and intuitive navigation. Do banking safely and quickly while on the move and keep track of your other banks' accounts.

Convince yourself and test Deutsche Bank Mobile now without an account at Deutsche Bank in demo mode.


• Financial overview with interactive transactions

• Securities accounts and securities trading

• Finance Planner Multi-Banking

• Branch and ATM finder including an overview of retailers to withdraw cash

• Account balance, transfers, standing orders and photo transfers

• Returning direct debits

• Contactless payment via smartphone (NFC)

• Request an overdraft including a realtime decision

• Insurance Manager - keep an overview of your insurances

• Login by fingerprint

• Digital postbox for bank documents

• Security through combination with photoTAN app

• Personalization of the background

• ""Try Demo"" button

With Deutsche Bank Mobile, you can do your banking easily and securely from anywhere.


Authenticate yourself by fingerprint or PIN and get a quick overview of your transactions. Not only from Deutsche Bank accounts, thanks to optional Multi-Banking also from all accounts and credit cards of your other financial institutions, such as Sparkasse, Commerzbank, Postbank, DKB, Volksbank and Raiffeisen Bank, PayPal, VISA and MasterCard (e.g. offers from ADAC, Amazon, Miles & More etc.).

The financial overview shows all accounts, cards, and security accounts in an interactive graph. After clicking on the transactions, a detailed view opens.

In the account balance history you can then simply run your finger through the development of your balances - even in a period of your choosing.


Send money to your friends in a few clicks, without typing in recipient data. For transfers and standing orders you can conveniently use transfer templates from your online banking, the security is guaranteed through the combination with the photoTAN app. With the photo transfer, you can easily photograph invoices and transfer orders - the relevant data is recognized immediately and transferred to the transfer screen.

Leave your wallet at home and pay contactlessly with your smartphone at the cash register - simply activate your MasterCard in the Deutsche Bank Mobile App.

The securities account overview shows all securities accounts divided into asset classes, as well as further detailed information.


Use the ATM finder and find a Deutsche Bank branch near you or the closest Cash Group ATM.

Request your overdraft with transparent costs and get an instant approval with access to the money.

Fingerprint Login is a simple and secure way to sign in and make transfers with just a few clicks in combination with the photoTAN app.

The digital postbox in the app gives you easy access to your account, securities and credit card documents on the go.

Personalize the app and upload as a background a photo from your gallery and decide for yourself what your banking app looks like.

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lable: Finance - Apps Current Version:1.24.1 Publish Date:2022-05-30 Developer:Deutsche Bank AG

User Reviews


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Fabricio Brasiliense 2021-02-23

You have apple advertisement when you login in your bank account. I don\'t accept or pay the bank to receive ads!
Mitchie Suadi-Lonien 2019-08-28

The app doesn\'t work in Android 10 beta version. \"Security breach\" error message. I have problem with PhotoTAN app (asking me to upgrade to Android 10) and with the new security measure I can\'t login online to my account without the PhotoTAN. Great, now both apps don\'t work and bills still need to be paid.
Lucas Beier 2019-09-02

The final Android 10 API was released 2 months ago. Tomorrow Google will release Android 10 OFFICIALLY and Deutsche Bank still haven\'t managed to make the app work with the new version. DB keeps saying \"Google changed the API a lot\", but I don\'t believe in this anymore. I have accounts in other 2 banks, all of them working fine. When we talk about online banking, Deutsche Bank seems to be stuck in the past.
Laurent Le Brun 2019-06-16

The app was quite good, but there\'s now an important bug. When doing a transfer with PhotoTan, the \"Generate TAN\" button stopped working (I get a white page ajd an error message). It used to work when I last used it ~1 month ago. Without this, transfers are hard to make and this app isn\'t useful. I\'ll update the review once the bug is fixed.
Dávid Janke 2021-02-24

I got an advertisment today for a large streaming provider after the login. That was after a technical error was indicated for the previous attempt. That\'s an absolute no-no. My security and fraud alarms in my head went off. Please never do that again. Generally it\'s an OK app, nothing special, but gets the basic job done.
Dark Smurf 2021-03-22

Easy to use, with seamless PhotoTAN app integration, plus their IT techs react to common technical issues fairly quickly. Faster than most large corporations, anyway.
Shailen Sobhee 2019-05-29

This app kinda costs me 70 cents regularly because it just can\'t send me a notification telling me I have unread post in my mailbox. Deutsche Bank generally doesn\'t send me a any notifications like per email etc.
Nicole Schällig 2020-05-18

this is the most user friendly app I\'ve ever seen. Whenever your think \"it would be nice if clicking this would result in that\" - it\'s there. The overviews show exactly what you need, nothing more and nothing is missing. All important features are there, easy to find yet secure
dmytry k 2019-09-05

Amazing! Thanks for adoption for Android 10! Great work, so nicier to use it than in Browser ;)
M V 2020-01-24

Complete rubbish. Won\'t process transfers correctly, displays incorrect balance. I called the Deutsche Bank service desk, spent one hour on the phone, had to explain the issue repeatedly, and every single agent just told me \"well, it could be a \"system failure\", don\'t worry. Have a nice day\". Amazing how such a big bank can be so incompetent, and have such poor standards for customer service. I am closing my account with them. Will go to Comdirect