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Description of Deva & Miten’s Gayatri Sangha

Deva & Miten’s Gayatri Sangha - A gathering place for spiritual connection, meditation, mantra, songs, music and celebration.

Join Grammy-nominated Deva Premal & Miten’s online Gayatri Sangha for live meditations and Q&As, and participate in a community based on the values of compassion, forgiveness and gratitude.

Deva Premal and Miten have spent the past 28 years sharing their deeply meditative music and the healing power of Sanskrit mantras with the world. Their unique, 21st century vision of this ancient tradition has been employed as an aid to meditation, stress management, personal growth and conscious contemplation by countless devoted followers, worldwide.

In the Gayatri Sangha, you will find other like-minded kindred spirits from around the world. Share your prayers, meditation experiences, songs and stories – and recipes - with your spiritual community. And maybe even find a fellow traveller in your neighbourhood. Miracles await!

This is our Gayatri Sangha Online Community. A community based on the values of Compassion, Forgiveness and Gratitude.

Your subscription to the Gayatri Sangha gives you unlimited access to a host of features including:

- Regular app-only live music streams and regular live Q&A sessions with Deva & Miten

- App-only live meditations and tutorials with Deva & Miten including in-depth chats on music and life

- Exclusive content including visual meditation videos

- In-app events and programs

- Giving and receiving support through sharing our stories and spiritual experiences with like-minded souls.

- Possibility of establishing personal connection with other Gayatri Sangha beloveds in your neighbourhood

- Easy access to an ever-expanding library of mantras, songs and meditation practices all on your device

- Member-only offers including early access to events and discounts

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More Information Of Deva & Miten’s Gayatri Sangha

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User Reviews


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Im Private 2021-01-30

Paid app - I wish that it was stated from the beginning that it\'s about $80/year to use this app. But it\'s after you listen to beautiful welcome message and setup an account that it will not go any farther till you pay. That\'s why I\'m giving only 1 ⭐ for this app. But I still LOVE Deva & Miten and what they do. 💗
Jane Martin 2020-10-10

What an amazing App! I feel safe and at home in our new ashram. There are so many wonderful options to choose from and to help me feel relaxed and keep my energy balanced during these crazy times. I am loving the music, podcasts, exercises and recipes that are available. I am also enjoying being able to actively connect with my global sangha now that I have come off Facebook. Thank You Deva and Miten. Namaste x
Charlotte Valinotti 2020-10-06

Great app, community, mantras and more!
William Berkshire 2020-10-08

Great app, Great people. Hari Om
Love Light 2020-10-09

Heartful, I feel so happy, safe.
Alex Pantea 2020-12-06

$13pcm fee to access content. Only for true \' disciples\'
Vee Spinelli 2020-12-08

Truth seekers, truth holders, truth. I have been using this app for two weeks and it has felt like an eternity. Omline Ashram means instant access to another world, a safe place of like minds, like hearts, kindred souls, metamorphic spirits, sound, music, mantra, and friends. Access to Deva&Miten is a priceless experience. You will get out,what you put in. Sangha love instantly!☀🌼💙🌱💙🌼☀
JBS Patel 2020-10-15

Amazing experience ॐ
Dan Yeroucham 2020-12-06

pls help. I cant connect to the live Weekly Gayatri Sangha. (I am in Vancouver BC.
Peter Bennett 2020-12-06

Just money-grubbing. Aren\'t Deva Premal and Miten rich enough already?