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Description of Developer Tools

This app was originally just created for myself to make some development tasks a bit easier. I've released it to the app store hoping that someone else might find it useful too.

Using this app you can see which resource qualifiers that are being used, which system features that are available, and see details about the display and its sizes.

Also I wanted to create an app where everything I needed was just one click away. The full list of features:

- See resource qualifiers in use

- See available system features

- See screen dimensions in dp, pt, in, sp, px, mm

- Start Dalvik Explorer (third party app)

- Start aLogcat (third party app for viewing logcat)

- Start ManifestViewer (third party app for viewing AndroidManifest.xml ++)

- Start Clean Status Bar (third party app for taking tidying up status bar for screenshots]

- Go directly to the Android 4.3's permission manager (App Ops)

- Go directly to the device's developer settings

- Go directly to the list of installed applications

Works for Android 1.5 and up. Doesn't need any permissions to run. Please give me a word if there's something you'd like to see included in this app. :)

I have open sourced the version 2 of the app. It can be found at https://github.com/roys/java-android-developertools .

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lable: Tools - Apps Current Version:Varies with device Publish Date:2022-06-12 Developer:Roy Solberg

User Reviews


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Red Works 2018-11-20

App is clean and good. I love it, only premission that Exodus found was this app won\'t let TV sleep and I like that, too many times I\'m only gone for a sec and my device has gone into sleep. Thanks Roy, good app here. I\'m happy.
Sam Short 2020-06-12

Good place to start! Not my cup of tea this time. I liked having the shortcut to system-dev options .. But otherwise everything else is fairly accessible by other means, so I\'m not mind blown, but.. Im using Lineage OS(new to me ) on crosshatch xl 3, and not quite sure yet how id make use of your app , over something like a file manager. Different purposes i suppose. Thanks for allowing me to try it .
Rosangela de Jesus das Neves 2020-08-28

Hi Roy! Is it OK to say that I love you? Here is the deal: Samsung A5 2015(2016) mobile non-upgradable to the 7.1 version of android. Lots of space in the SD card but no \"Developer Tools\" possibility in my Settings. Internal memory constantly hitting the 96%-97% because I was crazy enough to set WhatsApp to back up 5 days rolling. Other \"move to SD\" apps installed before, but they would not touch Apps built as \"non-movable\" - such as WA. And there you come with this jewel. It will still not touch the useless core apps (for me) such as Samsung Health, Samsung Pay and Word, but it does a hack of a job on all the others we have downloaded ourselves and which developers had not been so kind to set as movable to SD. So all that \"beginners\" as myself need to know, is that they should tap Developer Options once the Developer Tools App is open, scroll all way down to \"Force allow apps on external\" and then they go to their Apps management windows in Settings, pick app, storage and see which has the change button available. And move them to SD. WA tested and works perfectly. So now just going down my list. Thank you. <3 this has been a hard one to crack for a while.
Randy Fabian 2017-03-03

This is the apps I was looking for. I finally found it, since my tab don\'t have a developer option.
Kylamiis Ivar 2020-07-27

Not sure why, but got forced an update to 2.1.0 on androidTV v8 (api26) and ofcourse now it is incompatible and nolonger opens? Any chance for dev to put previous gen version up as a separate app? /// edit: v2.0.9 (os9 api28) apk that i found seems to open fine on this os8 api26 tv... oh and why os reports the 4K display as 1920x1080 ? YT & NF seems to get it is actually 4K screen, why not any sysinfo apps? (4K screen is also reported correctly when connected to Windows PC with Nvidia drivers)
Tim Wesson 2016-11-10

Very useful. This confirmed my hunch that my 4K Sony KD-49XD8099 television reports 1080p to apps, reserving 4K performance for its native video app. And now you know this too.
Timothy Kist 2017-03-10

Neat dev companion app! With up to date design!
A Google user 2017-11-15

I don\'t quite get it it dosnt allow me to manipulate, I already activated developer on my s8+ please forgive me but what is the point of this app?
cian magallanes 2019-02-27

google play service is alwayz isnt responding
Mathew Hobbs 2018-10-13

You guys are just totally awesome I just love knowledge