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Description of Dexcom Follow

The Dexcom Follow app is part of the Dexcom SHARE® system.

Use this app if your loved one is sharing data from their Dexcom CGM app. The Sharer will need to send an invitation to allow you to connect after you have installed the Follow app.

Dexcom Follow is the perfect companion to your loved one’s Dexcom CGM, connecting you to those nearest and dearest to you, even when they’re far away. Through secure wireless connections, Dexcom Follow allows you to view and follow the glucose levels, trends and data of your loved ones.

Whether you have a child who is in college, an elderly parent who lives in another state, or a spouse who is going on a business trip, Dexcom Follow is there to keep you connected and informed.

With Dexcom Follow, you can:

• Monitor your loved one’s glucose activity at school or across the country.

• Receive glucose information from up to 10 different Sharers – children, friends, or other loved ones.

• Respond quickly with the help of customizable glucose alerts and push notifications that can inform you when a Sharer’s glucose levels are outside the norm.

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This app store should not be used as your first point of contact to resolve technical or customer services issues. In order to protect your privacy and personal information, and promptly resolve any technical or customer services issues you are having with any Dexcom product, please contact 1-888-738-3646.

Dexcom is required to follow up with customers regarding product-related complaints. If

Dexcom determines that your comment/complaint requires follow up, a technical support representative will attempt to contact you to gather more information regarding your comment/complaint.

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lable: Medical - Apps Current Version:4.4.0 Publish Date:2022-06-06 Developer:Dexcom

User Reviews


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Brent Kane 2017-01-30

They really need Android functionality because my child still has to carry an iPhone even though we\'re an Android family. He needs to carry both Android and iPhone because of this. The G5 to iPhone is not too reliable, either. The iPhone 5S often loses connection to the G5 transmitter. I\'m not sure why dexcom thinks the entire world runs on IOS. The fact that the transmitters don\'t have replaceable batteries is both wasteful and scandalous in my opinion. At some point dexcom will have serious competition. Then what will they do?
JD Nehring 2019-11-25

I would normally give this app 5* but for the past month it has had so many glitches where I need to delete the app and reload it, get invited to follow and start all over again. PLEASE let me know how to fix this glitch. When I open the app it flashes like crazy wanting me to acknowledge something but I can\'t because it won\'t let me even tap on the box. Ugh. The Dexcom IS a LIFESAVER but recently it\'s been awfully hard to follow my son. Someone please let me know how to fix this. Thank you
Todd Wright 2017-03-02

This is the most important app I have. My wife has a device and sometimes her blood sugar levels just start dropping for no obvious, or at least consistently repeatable, reason. With this, I can act as a backstop when it starts dropping. Be aware you may need to uninstall, reinstall, and reinvite when updating the OS of the phone. This just happened to me going to Nougat (7.0). The fix was suggested by Dexcom tech support (open 24/7). LOVE this app.
Christina Heavlow 2017-05-25

I am very upset. I bought a new phone because my 12 year olddaughter has the dexcom g5 and I can\'t even use the app. I have a galaxy s7. When I called she said only support iPhone. But when I go online it supports others just not my phone. I really need you to fix it. Thanks
Amazing Strong Zadder 2016-10-21

Help I have a non verbal child who now has this machine on him. I need to be able to use this app on my phone. I have a android why the heck does it not work with android. Also the iPad mini it don\'t work on. What the heck good is this app if it don\'t work.....................FIX IT COME ON. I MEAN HECK WE PAID WELL OVER 2000.00 FOR THE MACHINE.....
Edmund Charlton 2017-03-20

I understand some of the dislike for this app since you need to have an Apple device to use the Dexcom Share App. BUT people, my family uses this app and I have an android device. Just search for xDrip or xDrip+ and you will find out how to. As for this app, it\'s hard to criticize a service that puts my family to sleep at night not having to worry about me dropping without any help. It\'s not perfect, but I\'m glad that they are trying to improve our lives and that they have produced such a great cgm.
Andy Kerekes 2015-11-23

Called dex comm company And they in fact said it does not work if you have android. They said it will be sometime after 2016 until the FDA approve the android version for use. That made no sense to me since both android and apple are linux based operating systems. Also... must have 1 apple product such as \"I something\" with Itunes account to send to an android account on Itunes. Made no sense to me again. I don\'t know anyone with an Isomething to even test it.
Jason Williamson 2019-04-10

App is junk, I was forced to update and now I don\'t get low notifications. This is potentially a matter of life and death and I rely on this to wake me up to take care of my wife. Dexcom you need to fix this now. I called yesterday and you blew smoke up my butt and said \"Oh we have an update in just minutes that fixes that problem.\" You guys really had a great thing with the prior app but this one with all the fancy upgraded monitoring is like a pig with lipstick if I can\'t get notifications.
David Beaver 2017-07-26

This app really needs adaptive graphing. Expand the scale on the initial screen and use a different background color or pattern if you have to expand it over, say, 200. I\'d much rather have a finer grained graph than a scale that catches once-in-a-decade highs. While you\'re at it, how about option error bars on the data points?
Melissa Smith 2018-01-25

I believe this app is a great concept and would love to use it. However because I am a galaxy s8+ user, this app does not support my phone. My daughter is a diabetic and i would love to be able to know when her lows are. I mean I pay a lot of money for a device that I cannot monitor. Please fix the app so everyone can use it. Diabetes doesn\'t affect only Apple users!